Plies Sued for Allegedly Stealing Mixtape Song

December 10, 2010 07:01:51 GMT

A songwriter named Romell Caldwell files lawsuit against Plies, accusing the rapper illegally sampling his song.

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Rapper Plies is at the center of a copyright infringement lawsuit over allegations he illegally sampled a track written by a songwriter in North Carolina. Romell Caldwell, from Charlotte, filed suit in a New York court on Monday, December 6, claiming Plies' 2008 mixtape tune "Bond Money" used parts of his song, "Dim Hits", which had been submitted to the star's label mate Trina four years prior.

Plies, his record company executives at Slip-N-Slide and UDigg Records have all been named in the suit, although female rapper Trina was not. Caldwell is seeking a court injunction to put a stop to sales of Bond Money and is requesting compensation for damages and losses for missed licensing and sales revenue, reports

Plies himself has released at least four studio albums with the latest one "Goon Affiliated" making its way out in June this year.


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posted by boosie on May 17, 2011
i want u n we goin 2 have 5 kids 2gether
posted by ladybug on May 17, 2011
i luv u plies

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