Brad Pitt's Exes Juliette Lewis and Jennifer Aniston Bonded

August 13, 2010 09:44:12 GMT

Lewis, who dated the actor for four years, said they have instant connection to Pitt's ex-wife, Aniston, whom she shares screen with in 'The Switch'.

Brad Pitt's Exes Juliette Lewis and Jennifer Aniston Bonded
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Juliette Lewis bonded instantly with Jennifer Aniston on the set of their new movie "The Switch" - despite sharing the same ex-lover, Brad Pitt. The actresses play best friends in the romantic comedy and Lewis claims their on-screen chemistry extended into real life.

But she insists the pair never gossiped about their separate experiences with the "Fight Club" hunk. She says, "There's an obvious history we share but while we didn't share stories about Brad, we did have an instant connection and mutual affection. I love her."

Lewis also admits she never expected her four-year relationship with Pitt in the '90s to last - unlike his ex-wife Aniston. She adds, "For Jennifer, being with Brad was profound as it was a marriage. For me, it was only like a high-school relationship. Brad and I were on a journey together at the start of our careers. Then he became this sensation in a whole other way. I always knew I'd stay an outsider."


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posted by Helena on Nov 29, 2010
Heidi Klum is the supermom NOT whorelina. Klum is class just like Aniston. Jolie is crass. Brad is an ass.
posted by jared on Sep 01, 2010
Brad pitt has gone downhill since he left jen. The way those kids are being raised they are going to be weird and miserable. Just like angelina
posted by Bratt on Aug 14, 2010
Its to late for Brad the damage is already done and there is no going back...Only forward you can see the stress and strain he is under 10 yrs of aging in less than 5 yrs..Pathetic
posted by MADEL on Aug 14, 2010
I think brad pitt hurts to Jenn very much, and for that my opinion about him has changed. He didn't mind to injured his wife. Angelina is a lascivious woman. she hunted brad and she manipulates him. but NOONE COULD BE HAPPY MAKING UNHAPPY OTHERS. BEST WISHES FOR JEN. AND BRAD DOESN'T DESERVE FORGIVENESS. HE LIKES MERETRIZ ANGELINA. HER LAST PICTURES TAKING DRUGS IS TERRIBLE.
posted by brad is stupid on Aug 14, 2010
Brad is stupid. Brad pitt is stupid. His movies are stupid. All the fake do gooder stuff is stupid. Take him off my screen as he is so very stupid
posted by bekky on Aug 14, 2010
due to angie's past and irrational act she will eventually drag brad down. Anyway he is no longer the golden boy we use to love and admire. Angelina jolie will be his downfall. In my country we dont feel like watching his movies again unlike clooney who rules!
posted by troy trannie on Aug 14, 2010
Salt was cool, except when she talked. Her emotions or her acting is a little "off".
posted by lisette on Aug 14, 2010
These two girls should team up with paltrow and stage a intervention to get brad off whatever angie dopes him up with. Salt was boring and that chick is CRAZY
posted by folly on Aug 14, 2010
angie is a bad influence who had no scruples in sleeping with a man who was still married. Brad is under a lot of pressure and he is looking older than his age.
posted by Rock Quarry on Aug 13, 2010
these two rock! i'd hang with either of them anyday over angelina. these two seem a lot more fun.
posted by Vania on Aug 13, 2010
To be quite honest I am your girl, Vania and you met me at a Pepperdine party. I love you baby. My name means God's Gracious gift.
posted by carly on Aug 13, 2010
Brad deserves everything he gets i hope angelina jolie is very mean to him he deserves it i bet his family is very ashamed of his actions i dont like him at all brad is the worst kind of man spoiled and no integrity i hope he suffers he deserves no happiness
posted by brads mom on Aug 13, 2010
Please get rid of that stupid slut. son and go back to your wife. Love mommy
posted by truth on Aug 13, 2010
Angelina jolie is a whore
posted by freddy on Aug 13, 2010
These two are very nice girls. Unlike angie. She makes me so sick. She is the biggest whore of all time. Brad should dump her before she messes up his kids.

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