'Munsters' Star Butch Patrick Set to Marry Big Fan

July 30, 2010 04:54:20 GMT

The actor has recently proposed to Donna McCall, who has a crush on him since he appeared in the 1960s TV show.

Butch Patrick
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"The Munsters" actor Butch Patrick is set to marry a fan he met at a Dracula convention in May. The former child star, who played the son of the monster family in the 1960s TV show, originally began corresponding with Donna McCall when "The Munsters" became a big hit in the U.S. and she would send fan mail to him.

The pair lost touch for decades but McCall reconnected with Patrick a few years ago and they agreed to meet for the first time at DraculaCon II in Pennsylvania earlier this year. They embarked on a whirlwind romance and McCall, a former cheerleader for American football team the Philadelphia Eagles, recently accepted Patrick's marriage proposal.

McCall, 55, tells the National Enquirer, "My first crush was Butch Patrick. I met him for the first time, but I feel like I've known him forever." She adds, "It's a great love story. We're very happy together."

Patrick, 57, has since set up home with McCall in West Chester, Pennsylvania after packing up his homes in Florida and Los Angeles.


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posted by adams family way bet on Jul 19, 2015
"...anyone who knows Butch Patrick knows he uses people. It's his M.O. Just found that out myself. BIG mistake.
posted by tony on Oct 01, 2013
this is a very old story but anyone who knows Butch Patrick knows he uses people. It's his M.O.
posted by g cole on Jan 13, 2013
"He even bragged to me once that he's ruined the finances of everyone that tried to help him. He thought that was funny... Helen and everyone before her were used as toilet paper by Butch. He's not a nice guy. He has perfected the art of lying. He's a perfect example of child star tragedies."
posted by grecko on Aug 28, 2012
The Angry Dummy hates Butch Patrick you tube video hits the nail on the head about BP.
posted by jlipton on Apr 10, 2012
any new butch patick scams lately?????
posted by stan the man on Nov 05, 2011
He's the boy that crys wolf-wolf. Karma's a bitch isn't it Butchie boy.
posted by truth now on Oct 27, 2011
He and his reps/agent conned Helen Darras, Donna McCall and others. McCall caught on early to the games played and didn't lose money to him that others had.
posted by from Eddie Munster f on Oct 12, 2011
PopCultExaminer: Butch Patrick engagement is a hoax & publicity stunt. FACT: Desperate for PR Donna McCall was the 2nd girl Butch proposed to, as the first girl was on July 1st. Why? He had no place to live, no money. He owns no "homes in FL or CA" as reorted by media. Devoid of conscience that his first proposal was declined he, with the gullible Donna, happily moved into the former Mr. McCall's home to continue the con game that has been Butch's lifelong lifestyle & M.O. August 10,2010 at 9:36pm
posted by hunter b. on Oct 09, 2011
he was planning a wedding in 2006 too, to the married woman who wrote his book The Howard Stern Show for February 15, 2006 "Butch announced that hes getting married this year and that his soon-to-be wife is writing a book about him."
posted by truthnow on Sep 26, 2011
Sam Dracula is correct. There was no marriage or proposal. Story was given to the tabloids by Butch's reps knowing it wasn't true.
posted by Sam Dracula on Nov 27, 2010
And another "total B.S." Edward Wolfgang story.
posted by lucilamaria on Jul 31, 2010
one of those childhood dreams coming true,such a great story...better late than never.congrayulations!
posted by JBB on Jul 31, 2010
Wow, I have the Munsters on auto record.....that's how much I love that show!!! Congrat's guys!!! :)
posted by dderas on Jul 31, 2010
That is really cool! I just met up with someone I knew in Kindergarten,(Iam 48 now) and it is a feeling like you have known them your whole life. Congratulations !! Debra
posted by Theresa Colasont on Jul 31, 2010
Wow CONGRATULATION!I loved you in the THE MUNSTER" I hope you two have a blest life together.
posted by Arby on Jul 31, 2010
I saw them @ Dracula's Ball earlier this year. They were pretty much to themselves. She had big Jersey Mall hair. Total DoWC2: MetYrs Look. Just from the at 80s Kelly Bundy hair alone, I should've know she was from Philly. Anyhoo, Congrats to both. Live Long & Prosper.
posted by no1zamman on Jul 31, 2010
she 55...Why does everyone keep commenting about children...jeez
posted by d_latten on Jul 31, 2010
May God Bless you both on that special day. It was truly meant to be, because after loosing touch you were still able to reconnect. Years have gone by and still the love is there. Remember one thing and that's let no man or woman an divide what God has joined together. Best wishes to you both.
posted by sherry on Jul 30, 2010
great to here there is still , true love that never ends happy for you both , it's real hard to fine something like that
posted by bobrhodges on Jul 30, 2010
Why did the reporter of this story not post a photo of the future Mrs Patrick?
posted by robin on Jul 30, 2010
congradulations on your long lasting relationship & marriage.butch you were very scary in the munsters & it was one of my favorite shows growing would be horrific wedding if you have it on halloween & you dressed up as eddie munster & your bride a the munsters theme song for your wedding march.that would be awesome!!! oh im also a year round halloween collector & i love everything scary
posted by mytwocemts on Jul 30, 2010
Its never to late, I wish you all the luck!!!
posted by Jake on Jul 30, 2010
If they have children, however unlikely that may be, I wonder if he'll give them the same werewolf doll he had from the series.
posted by dprocantone on Jul 30, 2010
That photo of you Butch, brought back classic memories of "The Munsters" tv series that I watch as kid. CONGRATULATION MAN! ...owl-woooooo!

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