Nick Cave's Novel 'Death of Bunny Munro' Coming to Small Screen

July 09, 2010 07:03:46 GMT

The rocker initially planned to turn the book into a film, but movie producers were not interested in the idea.

Nick Cave's Novel 'Death of Bunny Munro' Coming to Small Screen
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Rocker Nick Cave's novel "The Death of Bunny Munro" is to be turned into a TV mini-series - and British tough guy Ray Winstone is desperate to land the lead role. The Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds frontman has revealed his second literary work - about a sex-crazed cosmetics salesman whose wife commits suicide - is being adapted for TV.

Cave tells EmpireOnline.com he initially wrote the story as a film script but resorted to publishing the tale in book form after failing to win over movie producers with his idea - even though "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" star Winstone was on board to bring the main character to life from the start.

He says, "Ray Winstone is dying to do it. He really loved the script when we first handed it to him. He was really excited about it, and (he was) really distressed when it kinda tanked and never got made." Cave has also tipped director John Hillcoat to take charge of the series.

It won't be the first time a Cave story has been filmed - he penned the screenplay for 2005 film "The Proposition".


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posted by miau on Jan 28, 2011
i agree with rofl, would love to see this book adpted on screen :) i just can't image Ray Winstone as Bunny o.O? i had a very clear image of Bunny in my head while reading though, something closer to Matthew Lillard maybe but not as psyched (in most parts of the story lol)
posted by rofl on Nov 13, 2010
have you seen the sex and stuff in the book, of course he wants it! Nah, I'm just kidding, the book was great, and Bunny was a cool character, not that I would like to know him in real life, I mean, he was a well designed character.

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