Bankruptcy Forces 'Hell's Kitchen' Star Gordon Ramsay to Shut Down London Pub

Gordon Ramsay

'The Devonshire pub has not been meeting our expectations for a while and we have taken the decision to close it while we consider future plans,' the chef's spokesperson says about the move.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been forced to close one of his pubs in London as a result of falling profits. The "Hell's Kitchen" star's business empire has suffered in the recent economic downturn and in 2009 he was advised to file for bankruptcy because of his spiraling money issues.

Ramsay managed to stave off the debt-collectors momentarily by pumping $8 million (5 million pound sterling) of his own money into his businesses in a last-ditch bid to keep afloat, but has subsequently been hit with a series of bills and legal issues. And now the TV star has shut down gastro pub The Devonshire in the British capital, which he opened in 2007, as a result of the recession.

A spokesperson for Ramsay says, "The Devonshire pub has not been meeting our expectations for a while and we have taken the decision to close it while we consider future plans." Ramsay's company Gordon Ramsay Holdings reported a loss of $6.5 million (4.3 million pound sterling) in 2009.




    Jul 19, 2010

    The problem with Hell's Kitchen is they film people smoking cigarettes just before they walk in a kitchen and i am not sure about you but it makes me want to throw up cause i have seen many cooks in average and expensive restaurants go smoke and get nicotine all over themselves and their apron and obviously their fingers without washing hands cause somehow they believe only the washroom requires it or certain meats but in fact when smoking you get carcinogens and saliva etc etc all over your food witch is welcome to shittyville diner no matter how nice the studio may look or how talented him and the sous chefs are he deserves better after all it's his business in the end and should demand more!get rid of nasty smokers or make them specially wash their hands in front of the camera like for real what a disgusting thing to let happen throughout a TV series . Now i am no pro or even a higher quality chef but i know one thing this cannot continue so get this aspect of your show together and be a smarter rude bastard and cool and cool dude :D

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