20 Doctors Connected to Corey Haim's Death Receive Subpoenas

March 25, 2010 10:05:04 GMT

Following new finding which mentions Corey Haim used up to 20 doctors who might have connection with his death, the medics have been handed subpoenas.

Corey Haim
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The investigation into tragic actor Corey Haim's death is stepping up - approximately 20 doctors have been handed subpoenas which will force them to give evidence in connection with the tragedy. The "Lost Boys" star passed away in Los Angeles on March 10, after collapsing at his mum Judy's house.

The cause of death is still unknown, but California's Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. has fueled speculation Haim died from a drugs overdose by revealing the actor had obtained an illegal order for painkiller OxyContin. Haim was linked to a drug ring and could have had up to 20 doctors unknowingly writing prescriptions for him.

Officials at the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office have identified the medics and sent them subpoenas, according to TMZ. The doctors are reportedly from Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County in California.

It's unclear how helpful the medics will be to the investigation because seven of them have reportedly claimed they never met Haim or prescribed medications for him. The leaders of the apparent San Diego drug ring stole prescription pads from the doctors and wrote out illegal medication orders for clients. One such client is believed to be Haim.


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posted by Mistress_Lola on Apr 09, 2010
Why can't they just leave Corey alone already? He's dead! So why continue to drag his name through the mud and torture his family and friends? Seriously though, so what if he obtained drugs illegally. What are they gonna do...dig up his body and throw it in jail? The poor guy's memory has been tainted enough as it is by the media, just leave him alone and let him rest in peace!
posted by witchcircee on Mar 26, 2010
sad, but not surprising:{ corey feldman: don't you go there!! heartfelt sympathy for CH's family and friends.

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