Rosie O'Donnell Stands by Her Lindsay Lohan Diss Through Poem

Rosie O'Donnell Stands by Her Lindsay Lohan Diss Through Poem

Comparing Lindsay to the late Whitney Houston, Rosie writes that the 'Liz and Dick' actress is 'worth saving' before adding, 'i hope she can finds her value - off camera.'

Rosie O'Donnell is adamant that Lindsay Lohan needs help before she goes back to work. The host of the canceled "The Rosie Show" was met with criticism from the younger actress and her father after questioning her ability to portray Elizabeth Taylor in "Liz & Dick", but she has since defended her comments through a poetic post on her personal blog.

"i don't get it/it seemed pretty clear to me/'what do i think about her playing liz taylor'/the same thing i think about her playing anyone," wrote the 50-year-old TV personality on the April 25 post. "to me/working right now seems like a bad idea/it is not about her talent/it is about her health/lindsay lohan needs help."

Rosie then recalled meeting Lindsay years ago when she was still a rising actress. "smart adorable and full of light," so the comedienne described the 25-year-old starlet before comparing her to the late Whitney Houston. "long way from there to here/the exact feeling i had/watching whitney houstons funeral in newark/we all should have spoken up for her too."

Having written "we believe in u/u r not alone/help is available/u r loved," Rosie went on to note at the end, "lindsay lohan is worth saving/she is the only one who can do it/before it is 2 late/i hope she can finds her value - off camera/and then - when she returns - on camera/she will wow us all/once more/peace."

Rosie stated during Tuesday's "Today" show that Lindsay shouldn't get the Liz Taylor role in the upcoming Lifetime TV biopic. Later that night, Lindsay fired back at Rosie, telling Access Hollywood, "It's funny that someone you don't know at all can say something so intrusive and so knowing. You know, I did one of my first interviews with [Rosie] when I was little. I was so excited."




    Apr 27, 2012

    What Rosie said is so obviously true. Lindsay needs to rest and get strong. She was out every night during "SNL" rehearsals ... and failed. She was out at a party the night before she filmed "Glee" ... and was late to work. ... She should be so grateful for these chances, but she keeps screwing up. She's just not ready.

    Jimmy Legs
    Apr 27, 2012

    How the abomination that is Rosie O'Donnell gets any air time at all is beyond me. She was a decent actress and was funny. Now she's just pathetic.

    reality bites
    Apr 26, 2012

    Rosie is so right. So many celebs die because of drugs and unhealthy lifestyle- everyone always says afterwards "if only there were something i could have done" - well Rosie has the motivation to actually say something and try to help Lindsay. Lindsay once had a promising career but she pissed it away, and she shouldn't ecpect to just jump right back in with no real rehab or therapy. There are many more serious actresses waiting in the wings who deserve a shot. Lindsay had a shot and blew it.

    Apr 26, 2012

    Rosie's brassy opinions are adding to the ruin of The Today Show. The "Professionals" segment is a train wreck, and one that the producers insist on repeating ad nauseam.

    Apr 26, 2012

    Possibly Rosie's mouth is moving due to envy. As they say,,,"It is better to remaim silent and let everyone think you are a fool, than open your mouth and confirm it" Good advice for Rosie.

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