Lisa Rinna Calls 'Celebrity Apprentice' Firing 'Embarrassing'

March 15, 2011 01:31:32 GMT

She also revealed to Ryan Seacrest that the boardroom is staged and conditioned so that the people inside it are 'heated'.

Lisa Rinna
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As soon as "The Celebrity Apprentice" aired the episode where she's fired, Lisa Rinna is talking. Calling Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show, the actress dished out that she was embarrassed of the firing and that everybody in her team ganged up on her the minute they told her to be the project manager.

"I'm humiliated. I thought I was a really tough chick. I thought I could handle it," Rinna said, before admitting "I'm a wimp compared to these women." Regarding her feud with one particular contestant, Star Jones, Rinna commented, "As Donald said, 'Some people just don't like each other.' And that's OK."

Rumor has it, Mark Burnett Productions and the Trump Organization had to step in between Rinna and Jones' fight. "Since the show wrapped, there's been no love lost between Star and Lisa," one of the contestants told Pop Eater. "Things got so ugly between them that NBC legal had to get involved."

As if to affirm that everything is still not well between them since the taping last year, Rinna sent a message to Jones through Seacrest's show. "She has a new book out, what's the title, Satan's Sisters? Perfect title," Rinna said.

During her call, Rinna also revealed the secret of the show's 'heated' boardroom. "There's sleep deprivation, they starve you and they do not have water have for you. Your basic needs are not getting met," she said. "When you're in that war room they turn the heat and they don't open the doors."


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posted by lol on Mar 31, 2011
You 'threw out' your Warwick CD's?! Who the F buys D Warwick CD's? LOL
posted by Jeaneli on Mar 15, 2011
Tomorrow Star Jones will be Dr Oz. After seeing who she really is on Celebrity Apprentice..I can't stand much so..that I can't watch Dr. Oz tomorrow....and I threw out my Dionne Warwick CDs. Lisa was a classy lady and did a good job as team manager. What was the Donald thinking ?????
posted by Annette on Mar 15, 2011
Lisa is CLASS act!! Dionne Warwick is a rude, vile BULLY. I can't believe that Trump kept her. What a mistake. Lisa will go on to better things. Warwick & Star Jones will not. Who wants to watch mean hasbeens!
posted by nancy on Mar 15, 2011
I thought that Star and Dionne were nasty bitches and do not care about anyone or anything but them selfs,Nasty,Nasty,and were was the rest of the team to let these two bitches get away with does not speek well of the I can't say ladies so I will just say female team.
posted by joan on Mar 15, 2011
Why cant we look at it as a cat fight. Woman dont play nice. Keep racism out of it.
posted by RJK on Mar 15, 2011
I think Lisa was a lady and that the women of color should be ashamed of themselves! THEY were the individguals who pushed and push a BAD idea. They wanted credit on the book until Mr. Trump siad "You lost", then they were quiet. I am SO GLAD I don't have to work with back stabbing people like that!
posted by MN on Mar 15, 2011
I thought that Star Jones was tough but she was playing a game.Rinna attacking Jones outside Apprentice..very tacky.
posted by Gina on Mar 15, 2011
Lisa don't give that show another thought. Those two women were arrogant bullies with chips on their shoulders. I do agree with Donald on one thing, you are prettier than ever.
posted by Jerry Washington on Mar 15, 2011
Star and Dionne are disgusting to watch.. Another reason why Apprentice ratings have gone down hill...
posted by fire tump on Mar 15, 2011
The fact that Lisa got fired only shows Donald's inability to make a wise decision and how GROSS Star and Dionne have to present themselvies in front of a national TV. We will not watch this show anymore.
posted by Gloria on Mar 14, 2011
Star and Dionne had a racial fight against a white woman. That was very easy to see. I'm suprised the Donald let it go on as long as he did. Shame on you Donald!!
posted by MaryAnn on Mar 14, 2011
I will never buy another Dionne Warlock CD again.
posted by scout1124 on Mar 14, 2011
Lisa has more class in her little finger than Star or Dionne will ever have. It was the worst case of racism I have seen, thise two ganged up on her. If it had beem the other way around you would have never heard the end of it.
posted by mmacau on Mar 14, 2011
Lisa is a classie lady. During the boardroom meeting I watched as Warwick and Jones continuously attacked her, she sat there and took it with diginity. She was a terrific project manager despite the drama and conflict she had to continuously battle.
posted by Mickie woo on Mar 14, 2011
Lisa you did great. You were set up. It's OK. You have a wonderful husband and two wonderful daughters. I am DISGUSTED with Star"Bridezilla"Jones and Dionne"Psychic"Warwick two totally disgusting prima donna's can't wait to see them fired.
posted by j miller on Mar 14, 2011
I thought Lisa handled herself with grace. She was set up and Donald was a player. I will never watch the show again.
posted by ed6402 on Mar 14, 2011
Lisa acted like a lady and a team player. I cant say the same for those two vipers: Star and Dionne. What a bunch of arrogant hasbeens. Hang in there Lisa. They are the ones who looked like asses.
posted by Marina Suze on Mar 14, 2011
I felt bad for Lisa and thought both Dionne Warwick and Star Jones were very nasty! I think it was sooo tacky they even thought to have their names on the book.
posted by Yeah Lisa on Mar 14, 2011
I am on your team anytime!

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