Lisa Rinna Fired From 'Celebrity Apprentice'

March 14, 2011 04:33:55 GMT

The reality show star complained that everyone pushed her to be the Project Manager then threw her under the bus.

Lisa Rinna Fired From 'Celebrity Apprentice'
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The second episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice" makes it even between the men and women team. Donald Trump, who fired David Cassidy last week, chose Lisa Rinna this time in the battle of the sexes to prepare and present a children's book with a positive message.

Rinna took the role of Project Manager for ASAP and Meat Loaf led Backbone. There was a fight between Marlee Matlin and Dionne Warwick regarding the former's suggestion to create a sign language book. Star Jones urged Lisa to take action when things got ugly. Lisa went with a happy and fun book about a kid who emerges from being shy. She was also in charge of the reading with Marlee signing the story.

In the boardroom, Marjorie Kyler and Holly Robinson Peete reported to Trump on each team's achievement. The men and women also gave each other's books criticisms and the women's book is deemed too repetitive with fonts that are too small. Trump agreed and asked Lisa to bring back two. She picked Dionne and Star and said that everyone was trying to throw her under the bus.

After much arguments, Trump sent Lisa home and sent a check of $20,000 to Meat Loaf's choice of charity, The Painted Turtle. The winning book would be published with proceeds going to another charity.


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posted by varnay on Mar 16, 2011
I heard today that Starr is suing NBC for being treated badly by Lisa... What a joke !!!!! Starr should have been voted off for her bad book and bad font. and attitude.or dione for her bad idea!!!. too bad Lisa didn't fight about it!!! Dionne really surprised me I am old enough to have been a fan but after i saw her attitude on this show that ended!!!
posted by KitKat on Mar 16, 2011
Just goes to show racism cuts both ways. I just dont feel being a strong woman has to equate to being a back-stabbing, self-centered biyatch like Star, NeNe and especially Dionne showed themselves to be. Definitely lacking in class.
posted by Objectivist on Mar 15, 2011
I think Star and Dionne should be ashamed of themselves. They disgust me on a basic level of humanity. They are nothing but irrational bullies. Too bad the other girls are too scared to stand up.
posted by misstobaj on Mar 14, 2011
I think they need killers on the show and am glad Lisa is not one of them You go girl and keep on being the girl with the golden heart. You didn't need to be on there with all those biotches and the wimpy ones who didn't back you up. You would have been one I wanted to watch week after week. I used to be a fan of Dionne and never a fan of Star, but they have turned out to be not team players and only into themselves.
posted by dd on Mar 14, 2011
how are her lips a problem???they've been reduced to their normal size!
posted by nicoletaylor on Mar 14, 2011
what the heck i was so mad when she got fired! They all set her up I wish someone else went home I love Lisa!
posted by jewjew on Mar 14, 2011
how is it racist? it's a trainwreck is what it is..
posted by Dog on Mar 14, 2011
Am so glad she got kicked off. I could not look at her for one minute longer. She really needs to redo her face. Her lips make me want to puke.
posted by jim bradley on Mar 14, 2011
most racist program on tv
posted by back stabbers on Mar 14, 2011
dionne nenne think that starr has their back ha ha she will take you down too she is a snake with a very poison tongue she will strike you with her nasty self you both deserve all that she will give you
posted by kathy760 on Mar 14, 2011
lisa you are to much of a lady with class to be on a show with such low class women like star dionne and nene be happy that you dont have to be in the space as them they need to take notes from you on how to be a beautifull lady inside and out i will not watch show again
posted by patrisha on Mar 14, 2011
starr should just quit and go back to her plastic surgen for another tummy tuck her fourth i think dionne quit and go kill yourself you old crack whore cant even get good looking false teeth black bitch lisa i love you and hopefully you and harry can get pregnant cause you do make beautiful kids but if you have a girl dont call her starr or dionne cause she would probably grow up to be a real bitch!!! we love you lisa when i grow up i want to be like gorgeous and strong
posted by evrethngstaken on Mar 14, 2011
The first episode, Dionne was WORTHLESS on the register, and now she has that ..."attitude"..."YOUR day" is GONE - go sit in your rocking chair and have a little respect for the deaf. Star - give up your "career - you didnt make it as a lawyer, on Hollywood Squares you got ALL the questions wrong about law. Go find another...husband.....and stay out of the public eye.
posted by evrethngstaken on Mar 14, 2011
What a miserable episode - Dionne - I am NOT a fan anymore - Star? I NEVER was! They "ganged up" and attacked you. If they aren't booted out soon, I will stop watching!
posted by jb on Mar 14, 2011
Wow! In this day and age the bullies win. What does that tell our young people?. Have class, brains, work hard, and "Your Fired". Oh, and what would have happened in the tabloids today if 4 white ladies had ganged up on one black?? How absolutely disappointing to see our society crumble before our very eyes on television in these types of "made for ratings" shows. No Trump for President. Starr Jones and Dionne Warwick are sad, vicious human beings in my view. Lisa definitely had the most class and dignity. Where were the other ladies in Lisa's corner? I don't usually take this stuff this seriously, but this is our future Trump. Wake up. Lisa is the lucky one - she can go home.
posted by smileyface on Mar 14, 2011
I don't like Lisa nor do I like Star and Dionne. So would like to see those 2 gone in the next few weeks. Star was so much a better person when she was on the View and heavy set person. Mr. Trump has lost his mind too. So glad the men won and on a children's project...
posted by varnay on Mar 14, 2011
I think the same as most I hated to see Lisa Renne leave but she should have stood up for herself that is what Trump was looking for to save her.. She should have said how it was Dione's Idea and Star wrote the book that they critizised about the font etc.
posted by Magistrate on Mar 14, 2011
Dionne and Star and Ne Ne Leakes couldn't handle a white woman speaking up to them. The moment Lisa dissagreed with them in the first show they had it out for her. What monster bulldogs.! UGH!And those other mealy mouth women are a sorry bunch for not speaking out. They are afraid of the black women.LOL!
posted by scooter on Mar 14, 2011
i can.t stand star and dion vote them withches off.
posted by Oneputt on Mar 14, 2011
I was appalled with the way the 3 black women ganged up on Lisa, and made her job impossible. I'm not a Lisa fan, but to see those racest black bitches run ruffshod over Lisa, without the other "white" ladies voicing their displeasure was humiliating...they are all scared to death of them...Now without Lisa, who did stand up to them, they are at their mercy...I for one will no longer watch the many blacks and too much racist activity!!
posted by STUPID OUTCOME on Mar 14, 2011
Lisa ... America loves you for who you are & don't fret on what happened on the show. Now you can go home to your wonderful family & be in a good space. Those ugly mean nasty woman suck . Trump is NOT a good leader for allowing the bully cramp to happen by saying THEY dont have fight. Who wants to go there? You did a good job sticking up for your self & its hard when your set up. Now we can see if Trump were President what kind of man would be running our country NO WAY DONALD YOUR FIRED BEFORE YOU GET HIRED.
posted by sunshinelady on Mar 14, 2011
I just stopped watching the show..Lisa is an amazing true Lady, Star is a Witch and Dionne needs to just go home and hide in shame of how she acted!!!
posted by BullyHater on Mar 14, 2011
That will be me last time watching that show and I've never missed an episode. Good thing I don't have any Dion to delete from my ipod and "Star" jones is a joke, a sad, sick joke.
posted by Apprentice Junkie on Mar 14, 2011
Donald was right to send Lisa Rinna home!!! She is weak and this is not the place for her to practice. Like Star said, this is a business and they are trying to make money and win for their charities. It is clear that Mrs. Rinna has never "played" with sistah's. I'm starting to wondering if she even has any sistah friends. She was out of her element. I suggest Lisa continue to watch for the remainder of the season to learn something.
posted by KC Trish on Mar 14, 2011
I thought Richard Hatch bullied David last week and yesterday the "sista's" bullied Lisa. I think Starr and Dionne are nasty botches. I have no respect for those ladies - they should play the "game" fair & not gang up on someone. Next it will be Marlin.
posted by Apprentice Fan on Mar 14, 2011
Bosses have to be tough, but NOT MEAN... Star (she's NOT) and Dionne will get bad KARMA back; hopefully soon. Lisa is a true lady with dignity. To the two witches... have you ever heard of "treating people the way you'd like to be treated?" Obviously NOT. Dionne's SMUG LOOK at the end. I wanted to SLAP her face. Star looked like she KNEW she was wrong. The rest of you women better watch out. Marlee, hang in there; too bad they didn't let you finish with your side; I know you tried.
posted by ELAINE on Mar 14, 2011
posted by Allabouttvrates on Mar 14, 2011
Wow.... what bullshit that they turned on Lisa... jealous bitches set her up & she is not the type to see it. Lisa looks for the good side in peeps. Donald is a A$$hole for sending home the nice folks & keeping the dirty playing loosers just for TV rates. I am not watching the show anymore!! I will not vote for Trump just by handling of the season. Ha!
posted by LazerusJaz on Mar 14, 2011
I'm so sad to see Lisa go, she has a heart and was set up. i don't even want to watch this biotch Star and Dionne can suck it
posted by Hitlady on Mar 14, 2011
In a world gone mad, The Donald just lost it too. Those pumped up divas are exactly why Americans are so bored. The Bullies win again. As far as those other ladies. How do they walk if they can't stand up? I do not believe I will be watching until those spinless twits get a grip and realize that they will be taken out a piece at a time. Little dominos on the Star and Dion (yes I know I mispelled, they have lost my respect), show just sounds to much like the busch-chainy show. Bullies..when will we ever learn?
posted by nice wins on Mar 14, 2011
they are horrible on this show...can't wait to see star and dionne get booted. both are self serving. maybe that is what this show is all about.

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