Pictures: Joe Jonas Dresses Up as Captain Jack Sparrow on Halloween

November 02, 2010 07:42:35 GMT

Sporting beard, mustache and long wig, Joe Jonas celebrated Halloween with his 'Twilight' actress girlfriend Ashley Greene in Ecuador.

Pictures: Joe Jonas Dresses Up as Captain Jack Sparrow on Halloween
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Joe Jonas has channeled his inner pirate on Halloween. The middle of the Jonas Brothers sported a long wig and dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp's eccentric character in Disney's movie franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean". 21-year-old Joe celebrated the Halloween with his girlfriend Ashley Greene.

He wrote in a series of messages on Twitter, "Ecuador! What an amazing show! 30,000 + people tonight. Till next time buenas noches! Halloween in Ecuador yesterday. Had a blast! I was Captain Jack Sparrow. Post a pic in a bit!" In line with Joe's excitement, Ashley also seemingly had a good time at the celebration, tweeting "Such a huge crowd! Ecuador rocks."

While Joe Jonas went all out at the party, his brother Nick Jonas didn't dress up and kept low profile. He posted, "Thanks to all the fans outside the hotel. Fun night. didn't dress up... haha but still fun. Ready for the show here in Ecuador tomorrow!"

As for the oldest brother, Kevin Jonas posted on his own page a picture of him dressing up as Super Mario Bros complete with his fake thick mustache. His wife Danielle Deleasa was on his side, wearing Princess Peach costume with her gold tiara.


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posted by JoeJonas9Inchh:D on Nov 17, 2010
posted by ilovejoejonas. on Nov 04, 2010
joe is allowed to live his life. you guys are pathetic enough to actually comment about how much you hate the guy. so what? i doubt he cares. ashley is beautiful, and joe is gorgeous. let them be happy, and stop being jealous. douche.
posted by MannyG on Nov 03, 2010
demi is so hot! Joe's a piece of sh-t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Jolissa V. on Nov 03, 2010
Ashley is desparate or something...Joe is not that good looking and he is 2 yrs younger. Why doe she bother with him? She is more famous .
posted by conga joe blows on Nov 03, 2010
HA!Ha! Conga Joe blows. Hey Joe man ,you suck! Why don't you go back to Africa and stay there!
posted by leelove on Nov 03, 2010
Joe, you are a sad and selfish individual, and you and your cougar girl friend have caused much pain and embarassment to your family, Demi, and most of all your fans! It is because of the fans that you can live the life you live. We all deserved better from you! You and Ashley ought to be ashamed of yourselves carrying on the way you've been. Kevin and Danielle have so much more class and dignity and the fans adore them for it. I'm so sorry for your parents. I'm sure they tried to raise you to well. Demi Lovato seemed to be a true friend of yours and you really treated her with disrespect on this tour by parading Ashley all around. Everyone is disgusted by it! You have damaged the good name of the Jonas bros by removing your ring and making your personal life so public. I hope you are satisfied with what you've done!!!
posted by Tabitha on Nov 03, 2010
@ Sandy haha you're so right! Man he needs to shave and grow his hair back, he's starting to look like a hairy back mary
posted by Sandy on Nov 03, 2010
He looks like a gay pirate

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