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Famous as :

Singer, songwriter

Birth Name :

Anastacia Lyn Newkirk

Birth Date :

September 17, 1973

Birth Place :

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Spouse :

Wayne Newton (her bodyguard, since 21-Apr-07)

Claim to fame :

Single "I'm Outta Love" (2000)


Spotted performing at Monaco's Red Cross gala in early August 2005 while also was busy to hold her 2005 Summer Encore Tour around Europe, Anastacia set out to hit the U.S. market through the release of her self-titled album on August 30, 2005. As she already came up with some music videos which featured 4 tracks of the upcoming album, it was expected that this particular piece of work would repeat the success of her two previous albums. Looking upon her accomplishment in making collaboration with Ben Moody on "Everything Burns," the soundtrack of the 2005 blockbuster superhero movie "Fantastic Four," the road ahead would surely run smoothly for her.

Born on September 17, 1973 in Chicago, Illinois, Anastacia Lyn Newkirk is the second daughter of Robert Newkirk and Diane Hurley. Since her parents were deeply involved in the entertainment industry, she gradually developed an interest in arts, especially singing and dancing. "I come from a very artistic family," she said. "My father was a singer on the Catskills hotel and East Coast nightclub circuits. My mother is an actress who worked in musical theater and on Broadway. It wasn't as though I've wanted to be a singer all my life, but I grew up in an atmosphere of artistic expression and encouragement."

Latest News

Singer Anastacia Undergoes Double Mastectomy

October 02, 2013 08:20:24 GMT

, who is popular with her hits such as "I'm Outta Love" and "Paid My Dues", revealed that she had undergone double mastectomy following a battle with breast cancer. The singer gave update on her condition in a statement which was released on Tuesday, October 1.

Anastacia Cancels Tour After Diagnosed With Breast Cancer for Second Time

February 28, 2013 15:20:53 GMT

has just found out that the breast cancer which she was diagnosed with in 2003 comes back. The American singer, who makes it big outside the United States with her 2000 dance hit "I'm Outta Love", is forced to cancel all her scheduled gigs and appearances to focus her energy on battling the illness for the second time.

Anastacia No Longer Ashamed of Scar

August 12, 2010 03:25:30 GMT

Pop star was too embarrassed to show off her scar from surgery for Crohn's disease until she turned 30, when she realized the mark was a sign of her survival. The "I'm Outta Love" singer was diagnosed with the illness - a severe inflammatory bowel disease - when she was just 13 years old, and had to undergo an emergency operation to remove an obstruction in her digestive system.

Anastacia Won't Shun Botox

July 14, 2010 08:42:22 GMT

Singer refuses to give up her Botox shots, because she looks "scary" without the face-freezing injections. The 41-year-old "I'm Outta Love" hitmaker first began having the jabs to her forehead in 2003 and now regularly turns to Botox to smooth out her wrinkles.

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