Video: Selena Gomez Calls Justin Bieber a 'Dork'

October 02, 2010 07:48:09 GMT

Making an appearance on BBC's 'The 5:19 Show', the 18-year-old beauty reveals her thought about the 'Baby' hitmaker, saying 'He's a dork. He really is.'

Video: Selena Gomez Calls Justin Bieber a 'Dork'
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It turned out that Justin Bieber is nothing but a "dork" for Selena Gomez. The "Wizards of Waverly Place" star used the term to describe fellow teen star Justin during an interview with BBC's "The 5:19 Show" on Friday, October 1.

"He's a dork," Selena stated with a laugh as hosts AJ Odudu and Tom Deacon urged her with a question about their relationship. "He really is. Everytime we hang out I love it because the Bieber comes off... You see that he's just a 16-year-old kid who's really enjoying what he does."

Though she and Justin, who is two years younger than her, have been friends for quite some time, Selena again added without hesitation, "He's just not cool. I get it - when he has his swag on, he's definitely cool, he's got it going on - but when he doesn't, he's just funny."

Later, when AJ and Tom asked about whether or not she and Justin have love in the air, Selena simply said, "He's like my little brother." And this wasn't the first time Selena used the "little brother" term to describe Justin. She called Justin that way when making an appearance on "Lopez Tonight" back in July and again on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in September.

Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber "Is a Dork":


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posted by loviedovie on Aug 30, 2011
He is not a dork he's to cute to be on TOODLES :)
posted by shantel on Dec 26, 2010
justin you are not a dork some of them or justin jeaslous of you i would do anything tomeet you i agree with miley i was a fan of selena but she just lose on i am in jamaica i use to leave at enlang but now iam spending holidays in jamaica then i am coming back to uas i your biggest fan and i am not crazy ok i will just cry if i meet you you are not a dork ok call me or text me at this number
posted by shantel on Dec 26, 2010
justin is not gay some of youguys are just jealoues of the boy i agree with miley hi justin you are not a dork i was a fan of selena but you jus lose one i hate i love justin i who do anything to meet you i amnot crazy callme or text at thisnumber 4189342 i am in jamaica now but s callme i am a american
posted by h and m on Dec 21, 2010
look Mr.bieber: your not a dork. don't think about anything they say and your not gay. ta yawa norband boy ho.means your a handsome boy.selena is two years older then you.leave her. bye
posted by burn in hell justin on Oct 17, 2010
Justin Bribery is a filthy fucking DISEASE just wait at his winter concert in 2011 I am going to publically assasinate Justin beiber so for all of you beiber fans out their your in for a treat. Get ready
posted by Jessicarocson on Oct 08, 2010
Justin bieber is not a dork but i dont know why u are doing this bieber, justin u know selena is older than u please justin dont let her break u down and u know u are the one ontop,there are girls like ur age out there looking for u please justin u know u so cute and famous please don't let her tarnish ur image please.WE ALL LOVE U JUSTIIN
posted by joshni on Oct 06, 2010
selena is such a fucking bitch. his not a dork, he is the coollest, hottest and the most handsome guy in this universe
posted by Kimy on Oct 06, 2010
She's the damn dork!
posted by Janeth Frausto on Oct 05, 2010
Justin bieber is a HOT!!! boy he is a dork, but he is hot and i will do anything to meet him. <3 ~:0 :)
posted by misslittlejb on Oct 03, 2010
I can tell who can go together justin bieber goes with selena gomez just look at justins and selenas face they definitly go together
posted by Kaylee on Oct 03, 2010
Justin is just being him self. HE is not like some other stars who try to be cool. I love justin because he does not chage for nobody and he is always him self...
posted by ANTI-DISNEY on Oct 03, 2010
SELENA GOMEZ AND JUSTIN BEIBER ARE FAGS'. daisy mùst be SO ashamed....
posted by Me on Oct 03, 2010
Justin is just being himself...thats wat i like about him, he doesnt change for noo one...
posted by daisy on Oct 03, 2010
thats not true selena justin is very nice ,he is my brother
posted by I dont know wat my s on Oct 03, 2010
Seriosly?!?!?!??!?!??!???!?!?! dont be mean to either one of them if ya dnt hav anythn nice to say to jb or selena dnt freakin say it JEEZZ U JUST SAY DAT CUZ U DNT HAV A LIFE SO JUST GO AHEAD AND GET ONE
posted by BI on Oct 03, 2010
eu estou do lado do Justin ele é lindo fofo adorá eu disser td oq ele é vou ficar um ano escrevendo. eu não gosto e nunca gostei da selena.Essa é a minha opnião,talvez alguns gostem dela mas eu não eu acho que ela se acha de MAIS... EU AMO O JUSTIN E O DEFENDO!!
posted by Belieber on Oct 03, 2010
posted by Mady on Oct 03, 2010
OMG is she serious!! I think she's the Fuckin Dork
posted by bailey04 on Oct 03, 2010
selena is so right he his a dork because he acts so cool and not him self like selena she acts like her her jb is just ;ike miley cyrus well he he id and freaking dork
posted by tj on Oct 02, 2010
are you crazy selina jb is not a dork plus i went to his consert so hahaha and to jb xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.
posted by amy on Oct 02, 2010
ok c'mon most of you at like you don't have a friend thats act like just like him
posted by Justin Bieber on Oct 02, 2010
I'm not a dork,ok? These are only your opinions.
posted by priyanka on Oct 02, 2010
i think selena jeleous of justin.
posted by hi on Oct 02, 2010
:) i'd go with justin than selena any day. :)
posted by i iz bored on Oct 02, 2010
justin izn't a dork,he's really cute... SO SHUT THE F**K UP ABOUT HIM BEIN' A DORK! *ss holes...
posted by justin bieber on Oct 02, 2010
I was just on a website and I see this lol I am not a dork
posted by margarita on Oct 02, 2010
looking so bad
posted by peace on Oct 02, 2010
omg she is cool selena n jb righ JANINA
posted by Anonymous on Oct 02, 2010
I lov justin and u guys need to stop getting freaked out she meant it the possiblest nicest way ever wen ur friends call u dorks u dont get mad about it u just laugh along well same here
posted by Rebecca on Oct 02, 2010
Selena Gome you are a BICH.
posted by peace on Oct 02, 2010
i think jb n selean like each other
posted by Rebecca on Oct 02, 2010
Selena Gome's you rae a BICH.
posted by Janet on Oct 02, 2010
both you Bieber fans and haters are mentally challenged. did any of you actually *read* the article, or did you just read the title and filled with passion just "had" to write a ridiculous comment. i don't know what you think "dork" means, but it's usually an *endearing* term- it means silly, sweet and funny. being a dork is much more appealing than having swagger! i prefer hearing him being called a dork in contrast to being called cool
posted by lucy on Oct 02, 2010
your wrong Selena. i like him
posted by justin bieber on Oct 02, 2010
iz not a dork
posted by noneyah on Oct 02, 2010
thank you selena for being the only brave one to fucking say that on a tv show(: i respect you!<3
posted by kaylynn on Oct 02, 2010
justin bieber is nor gay and besides andyone who says someone is gay that means that person is gay ha im talking to you priyank
posted by Spookie on Oct 02, 2010
Al you out their it is treu he is a dork but it is ok and no need to sweer Selena because she is cool and .I am sure Justin is not gay.
posted by Marie on Oct 02, 2010
Aww. That's cute. It's nice to know celebrities act like dorks too. :) Selena and Justin are pretty awesome. :)
posted by Dc duke on Oct 02, 2010
Yea u go girl he is a huge dork and 35 degrees gay
posted by fiona on Oct 02, 2010
all you bieber fans should calm down. if you guys watch the video properly then you guys will get what shes saying. yes selena gomez called justin bieber a dork but in a good way , so shes actually saying his a sweet and funny guy !
posted by Chocolate on Oct 02, 2010
I love Justin bieber more than everybody else does!!! He is so hot and sexy!! But Selena Gomez was just kidding about that!
posted by GIRL U DONT KNOW on Oct 02, 2010
when she said justin bieber is a dork she meant he is sweet I LOVE SELENA AND JUSTIN BIEBER
posted by $esshoumaaru on Oct 02, 2010
rofl...grow up she said that like a joke... u guys take the term of being a 'fan' too seriously
posted by lol on Oct 02, 2010
jb is like a dork but he might be a gay but again jb quite fun if u get to know the person well:D
posted by LoveMiley4eva on Oct 02, 2010
Justin bieber is,sexy and a great singer and that bicth selena she is a whore i just hate her love justin bieber and miley cyrus
posted by chris on Oct 02, 2010
oh my god seriously grow up she was joking when she called him a dork there mates like she sed in the video seriousl you justin bieber fans are so pathetic grow up seriously !!
posted by taya on Oct 02, 2010
yes he's really a dork and he's gay too?! :P
posted by callum on Oct 02, 2010
yes justin is a dork lol
posted by mistery on Oct 02, 2010
never heard anythingtruer in my life
posted by bieber hater on Oct 02, 2010
not adorble an annoying short person wit a squeaky high voice. A DORK IZ HE IZ
posted by bieber hater on Oct 02, 2010
all yall who actally like jb iz a bum on crack &coccaine. all yall who dont like him yea for yall!love alwayz some1
posted by justin bieber lover on Oct 02, 2010
seriosly selena god your messed up he aint a dork you got such bad taste!!!!!!!!!!
posted by 1234 on Oct 02, 2010
he is not a dork
posted by Urvashi on Oct 02, 2010
Your taste is so bad selena........u r realy a very bich n justin is not gay priyanka.....priyanka u r kutiya.,
posted by Priyanka on Oct 02, 2010
You are so true,he acts like he is gay
posted by myara sixtos on Oct 02, 2010
i hate u bich cuz u dont like jusin bever
posted by Kaiti on Oct 02, 2010
posted by Jemima on Oct 02, 2010
Hahaha dat iz so true justin bieber iz a dork
posted by LittleMs.biEbeR on Oct 02, 2010
I loveee Justin Bieber he is HOT, SEXY, CUTE, AND ADORABLE and definetly NOT a dork! txt me at 520 335 4158 ;)

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