Robert Pattinson Visits Kristen Stewart on Film Set, Caught Snuggling

August 14, 2010 03:07:27 GMT

Robert has paid a visit to his long-running rumored lover Kristen on the set of her new movie 'On the Road' in Montreal, Canada and the actor was seen nuzzling her neck.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart
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Photo credit: Apega/WENN

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might always play coy about the nature of their relationship, but the two were recently caught canoodling - and pictures speak a thousand words. On Thursday, August 12, Robert and Kristen have given paparazzi a buzz when he was spotted nuzzling the 20-year-old beauty's neck.

The PDA moment was caught on camera when Robert paid a visit to his long-running rumored lover Kristen on the set of her new movie "On the Road" in Montreal, Canada. And although Robert and Kristen were seen smiling and enjoying each other's company during the break from the filming, the two didn't give camera frenzy a further stir, like smooching.

And apparently, an "On the Road" extra was also excited when seeing Robert and Kristen. Sharon Lea, aka Sexy Cherry, tweeted, "OMG OMG OMG... i came out of the bathroom n at less than 2 meters from me were Robert n Kristen. I was so in shock... i left!! lolll but wow. I can't believe i saw Robert Pattinson. Nerver thought i'd see him n Kristen in real. So there's the proof. THEY R 2GETHER."

However, Kristen might not be the only reason why Robert paid a visit to "On the Road" filming as his best friend Tom Sturridge is also a cast of the upcoming movie. As for his time in Canada, amid his own busy schedule, Robert benefited his time by having a romantic dinner date with Kristen at Le Club Chasse et Peche, E! Online reported.

Although Robert and Kristen were accompanied by a couple pals during their time at the restaurant, a source told the site, "They were smiling and looked really happy, laughing through dinner. It's just so clear they are a couple."


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posted by Melissa on Sep 11, 2010
Rob and kris are such a cute couple but come on people give them a brake i don't know about you but some people don't like being followed all the time if you all want to see kris and rob in more movies i would give them some privacy cuz sooner or later they are gonna get tired of it and leave filming forever.
posted by jing on Aug 23, 2010
wish you both a happy life together forever and ever
posted by nikita on Aug 22, 2010
Speculations, rumours etc. will die down soonest this couple confirm they are together simply by hanging out together, loving each other as any other couples do, stars or not. The more a couple wants to hide or deny their relationship, the more people want to pry. It is so simple.
posted by yaz on Aug 21, 2010
I love them together! They make a perfect mach! What ever makes them both happy. I really wish i could get an autougraph from them though!
posted by sexychick on Aug 21, 2010
love them both together.wish they stay together forever,happy and have lots of kids
posted by MH on Aug 19, 2010
rob is so hot in that pic!!! ROBSTEN 4eva
posted by bella on Aug 18, 2010
love it!
posted by MY on Aug 16, 2010
posted by ruby on Aug 15, 2010
Nobody would fly and visit someone unless it was your significant other.
posted by KrisNJ on Aug 14, 2010
Leave them alone already! Whether they are together or not, it's just good to see Robert happy
posted by jen on Aug 14, 2010
Saw the picture on another site - they looked so cute. Definitely a recent pic as her hair is light... Love them so happy for them.
posted by jen on Aug 14, 2010
This has gotten soooo boring. Media game they both are playing. So over exposed.
posted by Linda on Aug 14, 2010
I am so pleased to hear and see them together... but, here is a idea... if we delay before we let everyone know we see them maybe no Paps.... just a day late and a dollar short I would still be happy realy I would...
posted by love on Aug 14, 2010
posted by daizy on Aug 14, 2010
omg i just love them they are such a cute couple

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