'Breaking Bad' Renewed for Season 4

June 14, 2010 02:57:08 GMT

AMC and Sony Pictures TV apparently have reached the middle in settling the financial issue to bring the drama back for another season.

'Breaking Bad' Renewed for Season 4
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Walter White and Jesse Pinkman get to live another season. AMC, in a somewhat predictable move, has officially renewed Emmy-winning series "Breaking Bad" for a fourth season. The renewal news is confirmed by THR following Variety's report that AMC and Sony Pictures TV are "on the verge" of announcing the pick-up.

With critical acclaims that the series have achieved and the constant rise in rating, the series is a power to AMC. The only hesitation in producing another season is the cost. One episode is roughly taking $3 million which is comparably high for basic cable dramas. Thus, AMC and the studio had to arrange the budgeting before landing a decision with the agreement of AMC paying for budget overruns.

"Breaking Bad" wrapped up its third season on Sunday, June 13. It chronicles a chemistry teacher who chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime in order to secure his family's financial security. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul star as Walter and Jesse respectively.


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posted by on Mar 03, 2012
love affair continually keeps me enthralled. The story lines are unique and intense.
posted by Blacksoul on May 30, 2011
<3 show Dexter + Breaking Bad best Tv Shows realy
posted by Jose on May 21, 2011
without doubt the best series ever seen. I am a long time waiting for the 4 series ... lool is painful ... Greetings from Portugal
posted by Shaggy on Apr 08, 2011
This is quite simply one of the best TV series I have ever watched. The acting and cinematography is 100% amazing. It is better than anything that has ever been released for TV. Cant put my finger on what it is that makes this program great but it is addictive. Make Series 5 and 6 too please.
posted by skopi1234 on Mar 08, 2011
The best show I ever watch!! go on guys, great team!! :)
posted by thatguy on Mar 04, 2011
I usually hate tv... but I LOVE THIS SERIES! JUST BRILLIANT!!
posted by Dbones on Mar 02, 2011
Summer 2011 is too far.
posted by Eagerly-Awaiting on Feb 25, 2011
CERTAINLY catches my attention at so many levels.a OUTSTANDING SCRIPT and they chose the best of bestest actors. Great team work. Cheers
posted by sashko on Feb 13, 2011
when release season4?
posted by Kwakatarry on Feb 07, 2011
I'am hooked on this Show just Love it,Hurry up with season 4 etc, Cheers from Down under Australia
posted by my name in lights on Feb 02, 2011
im so glad they're making a fourth season thought it got canned! this is a much better show then boardwalk empire or as I call it porno empire all that show has going for it is nudity and sex. if I want that I'll just watch a larry clark film! long live breaking bad better then porno empire will ever be! too bad I bought the book for porno empire oh well can always sell it!
posted by NOYPI on Jan 30, 2011
posted by BLUEMAN on Jan 28, 2011
Very good Tv Show, recently I've enjoyed great new series, such as Boardwalk Empire and the Breaking Bad, I not sure wich supporting website is this, but I love both of them. Definitely a fastidious work from a TV production. Good luck for get the budget and going on. Greetings from Beijing, China
posted by Scot from Down Under on Jan 27, 2011
70 years young and loving this series. Acting is impeccable and storyline gripping - even had me googling stuff about meth. I learned a lot! Eagerly awaiting Season 4!
posted by panjok2 on Jan 23, 2011
Walter (Malcom in the middle/dad) is the best actor out there today in my opinion! He completely amazes me to the point that when I am watching BB I cannot see Walter as Howe from Malcom in the middle anymore! I cannot even see the Walter in the beginning and I know that that is what they are going for but most actors could never pull that transformation off! I think this story is true of america today and how easy it is for good people to get wrapped up in drugs though it's most usually them using drugs and meth is such a powerful drug that it takes all kinds of people with no prejdice!
posted by slither on Jan 23, 2011
cant wait to see season 4!!! rocks
posted by pinkman don\'t shoot on Jan 18, 2011
S04 . Guess: Heisenberg will bring pollo Gus so down !
posted by Heisenberg on Jan 02, 2011
Get Season 4 in the making. Love from Norway
posted by miteysamo on Jan 02, 2011
I hope they don't drag this out to were B.B. looses it's sizle
posted by Thizzled on Dec 28, 2010
I do have something on my mind.. Who were the 2 bodybags in the intro to a few shows, just airplane victims?
posted by Hurry season 4 on Dec 28, 2010
I luv the way, even when you know what happens next, BB finds a way to top it off.. Exp. The kid on the bike, I knew he was going to be there when combo got shot, but the twist of him being the shooter... I thought he would be shot on accident.. Also the way the cameras are ran... Perfect.. The floating up out of bed, Or the fast foward of wendy's life.. You know what wendy's do but in that fastfoward, well I will tell you thing.. If what happens in vegas stays in Vegas is true.. After that scene you can have Vegas
posted by Willow on Dec 25, 2010
Hey there. So glad to read other people comments, right the same as I feel. Best show ever, brilliant performance from all the cast (really ALL THE CAST : CONGRATS!) Greetings from France. I found this site after typing "Breaking bad can't wait season 4" on google lol. Let's make a petition maybe?
posted by j on Dec 22, 2010
best series iv ever watched cant wait for nuber four im sure it will be great,
posted by Koletis on Dec 18, 2010
Please dont kill it! Huge fan from Estonia.
posted by JamesIsADildo on Dec 18, 2010
James, you're such a retard for that. Shut up, quit your bitching and tit sucking and try and enjoy a masterpiece like you're supposed to. Stupid fool.
posted by n0n4p5 on Dec 17, 2010
more or all your base are belong to us!
posted by matt on Dec 16, 2010
im from scotland,uk i have just watched all 3 first series in 2 weeks, it was unbelievable, intense and possibly the best show i have seen pretty much ever. can't wait for 4!
posted by BREAKING BAD on Dec 15, 2010
posted by an english gent on Dec 15, 2010
cant wait for season 4 of breaking bad absolutley BRILLIANT.
posted by Ivette on Dec 14, 2010
I am almost absolutely positive that Mike and Victor die while they are on their way to get Jesse to prevent him from killing Gale but my gut feeling is that while they drive over there with Walt in the car something goes terribly wrong for those two. This is going to be an amazing start to a season 4 I believe it will go that way. :)
posted by Adeo on Dec 13, 2010
Get on with S4 already!
posted by kimmyj on Dec 13, 2010
i am just a little bit pissed off that such an award winning and wonderfully thrilling series has to be put off, which is almost painful, to persons such as myself with whom look forward to that one evening a week when i can watch it.
posted by gina on Dec 13, 2010
totally amazing! love it
posted by Norway on Dec 11, 2010
Just started watching BB, it rocks, realy cool! Keep it coming!
posted by Crowdawg on Dec 08, 2010
This shiz has the Sopranos beat!!! Walter White is the new Tony Soprano. Brillant series. I cant wait till season 4.
posted by tj on Dec 05, 2010
amc pleasee keep this show going...this show is legendary
posted by bez327 on Dec 03, 2010
me and my mate were watchin it from the start all the way to the end of season 3 and we were that addicted i nearly cried when they announced season 4 was not coming out till july!!! this programme is fucking amazing its just not big at all in the uk me and my mate are the only ones in britain who have ever watched it i swear COME BACK SOON shout out to the chicken man lol.....
posted by Lover boy on Dec 02, 2010
more more more . . love it
posted by Jess on Nov 28, 2010
Great show, don't know why is costs so much to make tho? Wish they had their shit together and made season 4 already...
posted by JT on Nov 27, 2010
Oh, also by waiting, unfortunately, Breaking Bad and itís cast will not be eligible for the 2011 Emmy Awards. So that kinda sucks for Bryan and Aaron Paul. Bryan could have gone for 4 in a rowÖ but it will finally give Michael C. Hall a chance at best lead actor.
posted by JT on Nov 27, 2010
This and Dexter are my two favorite shows on right now, but Breaking Bad is on another level. Most people here agree that this is one of the best shows ever made (quite possibly THE best). So have patience, good art takes timeÖ though thatís not why they are waiting until July. I read somewhere else that by waiting, they can put it into a better time slot to maximize ratings. And I have no issue with that, itís an expensive show to make, and Iíd hate to see it canceled over money before the whole story is told.
posted by Fthefireman on Nov 26, 2010
Go ahead and film season four while starting to film season five. Seems there is no organized producers nor managment, Tighten up, with my experience you need to keep the seasons close together, not to want to show us you want to prophet from your seasons' DVDS' too the point you have taken this, someone needa do their job, take it to another network and show them your support on this great series you all have worked so very hard on, we are anxiously waiting on. Thank you for bringing the big screen to cable, have fun filming perfection, Pensacola, FL.
posted by norwegian on Nov 26, 2010
love the show. Cant end like this !!!!
posted by El pitudo on Nov 24, 2010
Fancy idiots, why dont you make 200 episode's seasons like we do in ol'mexico PS: Cant wait for S4
posted by aussie boy!!!! on Nov 23, 2010
MATE this show Rocks , in many ways Cheers from down under ... ps james eat a dick!! haha
posted by sniki on Nov 22, 2010
This show is as addictive as its content. Every episode just keeps blowing me away. It makes Weeds look so lame. The scene with Jesse smacked out and rising to the ceiling would have to be one of the greatest depictions of a drug-induced high ever filmed! Keep it going!!!
posted by Blak on Nov 21, 2010
posted by Panthon on Nov 14, 2010
Breaking Bad is at ''The Godfather'' level when it comes to photography, story, actors and good, healthy learning. ''The War at Home'' was one of the best comedy's I've ever seen, but then it was blown of the air. Please don't let this happend to Breaking Bad too!
posted by sebalegenda on Nov 04, 2010
naja&#269;a nadaljevanka v zgodovini vseh nadaljevank.thanks to jessie and walt
posted by heisenberg on Oct 31, 2010
it really is the best tv- show ever. it took me only two weeks to see all three seasons. addiction risk: close to 100%. greatings from germany
posted by KidCanada on Oct 28, 2010
Best show ever!
posted by voith on Oct 28, 2010
Best TV show ever. Do not kill it please.
posted by breaking bad in aus on Oct 26, 2010
hurry up i want more im hooked
posted by besttt on Oct 26, 2010
best show period
posted by Roams69 on Oct 24, 2010
Best show ever .Even my strighty 180 wife loves watching it. Cant wait till july 2011 ..I dont want the seasons to stop ......
posted by dogdigitiydoo on Oct 22, 2010
Anyone feel like cooking
posted by Wexican on Oct 19, 2010
I must admit that james is the no1 bigot in NM. I can imagine how much satisfaction he got out of writing that little book of nonsensical criticism. Genaralising a show is a very difficult task for any amount of writers and you need to realise james that it isnt just americans that watch the fukin show. Im from ireland so the show has swept across the atlantic too. Depicting the show exactly how it is in real life in Alb'e would just be pointless. Who fukin cares what its like there. I cudnt give a shit. Im here to watch the show and its characters perform. Finally, nice way to end season 4. Walt is some smart fukr but im sure Gus will be pretty pissed off with that maneuver
posted by deezy on Oct 17, 2010
i am so tired of all this crap. the prob is that u need to get your shit together and put season 4 on the air. assholes
posted by jcpd on Oct 14, 2010
james from albq, u r a tool great show keep it up....pleez 11
posted by Jamalz on Oct 13, 2010
Great show great plot !! Hell ! Everything about this show is awesome. Too bad we can't get our weekly fix toll next year! This is a bad case of "cold turkey" Greetings from kenya Do us a favour bring the show back before we "drink wet cement and get stoned """!!!'
posted by Stoneman on Oct 07, 2010
I love the show. Quality writing, cinematography, acting, music, etc. 10/10 from Halifax, Nova Scotia!
posted by Incredibly dissappoi on Oct 03, 2010
July 2011??? This is the ONE AND ONLY SHOW my husband and I bother to watch each week. The cast, the writers, the photography is outstanding. Maybe AMC should put money in quality programming rather than the cheap junk ... AMC is OFF my network list until Breaking Bad returns.
posted by tv lvr on Sep 27, 2010
Not till July 2011? WHYYYYYY? One of the best shows on tv...why so long till season 4?
posted by Rafat on Sep 22, 2010
Breaking bad is one of my favorite show becasue it has all the inspration factores such as emotion, tragdy, and happiness.
posted by beezy on Sep 22, 2010
best fuckin show ever. now im stuck watching the wire and other shit, literally SHIT compared to breaking bad.
posted by Scotty! on Sep 20, 2010
Awesome show!... also if you haven't watched "Sons of Anarchy" you are missing out
posted by mark on Sep 20, 2010
cliffhanger Question? Does everyone think jesse shot the guy? because the camera pans and looks like he may not have..backed out and shot over his shoulder as a warning to stop working at the lab or definate headshot?
posted by sania on Sep 15, 2010
cool i love this show so much. from italy
posted by Icegirl on Sep 15, 2010
This show is awesome! Here in Australia the show is only in it's second season and shown weekly couldn't wait so I bought the DVD online, real life characters the more you cringe at these superb actors and plots the more everyday life it is!!
posted by Terrie from SA on Sep 15, 2010
Love walter white what a funny meth. cook great show can't wait for season 4.
posted by Will from Venezuela on Sep 14, 2010
Great show. I love Bryan Cranston; I loved Malcom in the Middle and I love Breaking Bad, he's just one of the greatest actors I've ever seen. I love this show because it is real. It shows what people are capable of when they or their families are at risk. All of us are capable of everything when our lives and our loved ones lives are in jeopardy. Great show. I hope it goes on for lots of more seasons. I also hope that someday Walter White becomes the new Boss in New Mexico's Cartel. It'd be interesting. My best to all Braking Bad watchers. Will
posted by already badd on Sep 13, 2010
cant believe show doesnt have more viewers then mad men,,,,i luv breaking bad
posted by BB addict on Sep 12, 2010
Hey James from Albuq if you really want people to know about albuq tell them to tune into Cops, they have several episodes about real life in Albuq!
posted by linzann on Sep 09, 2010
Yo church. get the new season rollin.
posted by jandi on Sep 06, 2010
posted by breaking em in, bad on Sep 06, 2010
james you tosser ZZzzzzzzz.
posted by ♥2Cook on Sep 05, 2010
this show was my inspiration to start =D... not many people seem to be intrested in buying meth ovr here in the uk, sum1 bought some from me thought it was mephedrone, then he seemed really pissed at me for "not telling him"... i didnt realise that he didnt know, and well... he aint stopped buying it :)
posted by Mike d56 on Aug 30, 2010
@ James From Albuq......Good lord man get a grip. Are you actually offended by a fictional omlette. I dont know you at all but I do know that life is too short to be worrying about whether or not a fictional show with fictional characters has displayed the correct amount of cultural accuracy in regards to an omlette. FYI a tv show's # 1 purpose, above all else, is to get high ratings and this show is exceeding in that regard so stop pretending like the show's writers are jerks for not hiring u as a cultural accuracy consultant. And the few things u pointed out were so trivial that for u to be mad is just nonsense what do u expect? absolute perfection to ur standards, u epect everything should go ur way and get 'offended' if it doesnt
posted by Big Red on Aug 30, 2010
What can I say? This is such a great show. Strange how I saw and ignored the show logo on itunes so many times and took a chance one day. Now I own all three seasons. So many areas of life are addressed in the show, trust, family commitment, dying and desperation to live, cancer, drugs and junkies, late pregnancy, money management, kleptomaniacs, race relations, lies upon lies, infidelity, law enforcement, and on and on. Oh yeah, Albuquerque culture? Who cares?
posted by Annoyed with TV on Aug 29, 2010
One more thing dollars spent here are targeting professionals (with money to spend with your advertisers). We are about to "tune out" will be difficult to sell us something if we don't turn on the TV anymore.
posted by Annoyed with TV! on Aug 29, 2010
My husband and I are getting ready to give up watching TV...we are tiring of having smart, thought provoking shows like Breaking Bad, taken off the air...not all audience's are stupid. Please stop "dumming down" television! We have a DVR, but never record Breaking Bad because that would mean we have to wait longer to see it!
posted by smart guy from outsi on Aug 26, 2010
what,if we wanted reality from the location of tv,then every show made in CA would be about superficial whites and the wetbacks that are their underpaid servants.
posted by James-is-a-dumbass on Aug 21, 2010
Nice essay James. If I were an English teacher of the ninth grade, you'd definitely get a "B". On the other hand, while your views are subject to only what I can call " hypothetical experiences", you're missing the whole FUCKING point of the show. It's not representing your hole of place...yea I said it. It's WHOLE purpose is to show the viewers what great lengths someone will go to to protect their family. It shows the viewers that even the "good guys" can go against their own morals when in a dyer need of satisfaction when their wiped off the face of the earth by an unexpected death sentence. Why don't you continue writing essays for critic reviews though; You would be the right asshole for the job.
posted by benifits cheat on Aug 21, 2010
This is a superb show and I hope to see at least one more season.
posted by jake on Aug 19, 2010
Please i need i need to see more of this show! this is my favorite show of all time! I need for vince gilligan to make season 4 and 5 and 100 I love this show and need more of it please make more shows this is seriously the best show ever! better then family guy and angry beavers so i am begging you please make more of this show please!!!!!
posted by M from Everywhere on Aug 18, 2010
James you are either naive or stupid. Just because you have never heard a cop use the word "beaner" does not mean that it doesn't happen. You also have to understand that the dialogue is meant to reach people across the nation not just those from ALBQ so when the word chili's is used its meant to reach the masses. I don't even know what other word would be used for chili's for cryin out loud but apparently there is a special word for chili's in NM. You act like hispanics, whites, and blacks only intermarry in ALBQ and that it never happens in other states or cities. Good god man are you living under a rock? You say you have lived here in SoCal so how can you say that NM is unique in this respect. I understand that you love you place of birth but you are acting like you have never lived anywhere but NM and that every other state and city is full or racists and bigots whereas NM is just a happy and joyous place where no one fights or calls each other names. Wake up.
posted by James is a FAG on Aug 18, 2010
@James from Albuq.. just shut the hell up and continue being a Justin Bieber fan..
posted by Jerry on Aug 18, 2010
Please, continue producing Breaking Bad, at least 4th and maybe 5th seasons. It will approve all the invesments. Greetings from Russia.
posted by coka cola on Aug 16, 2010
yer momsa hore
posted by That James guy aka 5 on Aug 15, 2010
First off your taking about 2 different comments from two different people dumbass, second I said "It makes me proud to be from there, but I live in Vegas now. Third I was just trying to imply in short that I'm glad NM is finally coming out into the mainsteam, becoming a huge state for movie production. Thus bringing more jobs and money to my home state. Yea , like I said my pops sells cars for the show and my bud is part of the crew. So piss off, and don't reply to someone's positive comment unless ya have something worth while to say! Bitch!!
posted by zero2hero on Aug 14, 2010
After reading the comment made by "James from Albuq" I want to scream dude are you F'in kidding me who give a dump about albuqurkee see nobody in Oregon does or i would have learned to spell it right that's how insignificant it is the show is awesome i got into after the end of the 3rd season and i just got done watching every episode im sad that its over now and i have to wait to see more but before this show i pretty much forgot Albuquerque,NM even existed and if you have never been called or heard and police officer say the word "beaner" you must be the most sheltered person ever cause i bet that word gets used in your city probably 100 time a min there. And to say that there are no towns in Texas or California that don't co racially exist your high dude most towns not citys but towns in both of those states live in peace most of the time every town and city has its bad days and so does new mexico I would really love to see everybodys faces that read your comment cause you made yourself sound like a douche a smart douche that knows what your opionion is but come on even people in Albuquerque are probably pissed its a show and nobody really even cares where the show is based its in a desert city that could be a number of places in the south west even in the northwest heck anywhere anyways this way to long i would rather just have a live debate take out some of my frustration after reading that comment Breaking Bad Kicks Ass hands down Futurama does to!!
posted by 505Jonny on Aug 11, 2010
No but for real, Storyline, Acting (Its crazy how real the characters seem!)Every single second of the show. Incredible!
posted by 505Jonny on Aug 11, 2010
This show makes ME proud to be from Albuquerque! I love it! Best show ever. The movie crews actually buy alot of the cars from my Dad, and my tattoo artist is the set designer/meth specialist! I live in Vegas now , but it makes me miss the good ol Duke City! Cheers Breaking Fuckin Bad
posted by Jamesisadumbass on Aug 09, 2010
Yea, James, you are. Listen, the show isnt about New Mexico, its about the characters. Not all of the characters are even from New Mexico, and the way they have all been brought together in the show is absolutely fantastic. You are so vain thinking they were gonna make a show and depict all the little nuances of your city. Who cares really. It would not make one difference to me if they made one little mistake about your town, because thats not what the show is about. Get over yourself dude. But you did help, now we all know theres at least one little whiny baby beaner in New Mexico. Says all we need to know about "your" town.
posted by Cruz on Aug 09, 2010
@James from Albuq Even if the show is entirely misrepresenting what you know of your city and culture it doesn't change the fact that the things written in your post are real to you. You're watching a show that is created purely for entertainment - its purpose isn't to educate its viewers on a factually accurate depiction of Albuquerque. If you think it is, you've missed the point. Furthermore, who's to say no residents of New Mexico once lived in Los Angeles and therefore still display characteristics of LA culture? And do you honestly believe no one in NM's existence has EVER created/named the dish described in your post? Be wary of generalizing the people in your area, putting your culture in a box, and letting your opinions and feelings of your home be swayed by a drama series. If all the positive things you say about Albuquerque in your post are true, they will remain true in real life whether or not they are portrayed truthfully on Breaking Bad.
posted by commander on Aug 07, 2010
posted by Der Tommissar on Aug 05, 2010
James, I lived in New Mexico (Santa Fe), for four years. In that time, I've repeatedly been to Albuquerque, and many other spots throughout the state. Let me tell you what the one major problem with Breaking Bad is: it glamorizes the place. Honestly, it makes New Mexico and Albuquerque look much MUCH better than it really is. loser, you're right. There is nothing else to do down there except write a book criticizing the producers of Breaking Bad.
posted by loser on Aug 05, 2010
@ James from Albuq , just shut the hell up and enjoy the show you moron... there must be nothing better to do in albuquerwyuqe than to write a book criticizing the producers of breaking bad, its a good show enjoy it you idiot, your dumber than jesse pinkman!
posted by armyprivate on Aug 05, 2010
What I love most about this show is the detail. One seemingly small irrelevant little detail can change the whole story an episode later. Despite all the foreshadowing, some subtle, some obvious, I find my self constantly guessing what will happen next. Thanks for the great show! (and thats church yo)
posted by D Money on Aug 04, 2010
posted by what?? on Aug 04, 2010
@James from Albuq wall of text vvvvvvvvvvvv
posted by James from Albuq on Aug 03, 2010
I'm not usually one to speak when I have nothing nice to say, especially about things that may seem petty or insignificant. However, I feel that I need to stick up for my culture and beloved city of Albuquerque. I must admit that Breaking Bad has an interesting premise, and also features many other characters that make for very interesting and entertaining story lines. The best thing about the show is that it takes place in Albuquerque, and features many recognizable places and businesses around The Duke City. However, when it comes to capturing the culture and flavor of Albuquerque, the show falls embarrassingly short, sometimes to the point of being pretty offensive. I was born and raised in New Mexico, and have lived and worked in the southern, central and northern parts of the state. I have also lived in Los Angeles, Texas and Arizona, and can testify that I have become a pretty astute observer of the southwest and its many cultures. I have always been fascinated by how the peoples of one community or town are very different from another community (sometimes not even a day's drive away). One finds differences in attitudes about race relations (between Caucasian, Latino, Native, African and Asian Americans); differences about religions, dialects and colloquialisms, celebration rituals of traditional holidays, and lifestyles. When I watch Breaking Bad, I cannot help but cringe when I hear one of the main characters (a Caucasian man...think Darren White style) repeatedly use the term "beaner" to describe an Hispanic person, or an object that might be associated with Latino culture. I cannot help but cringe when the main character invites someone into his home to share some egg-omelettes he made..."Christmas style...with red and green chilies". I cannot help but cringe when I hear language and dialects that aren't distinct to The Duke City. Breaking Bad has a very typical Los Angeles flavor, and is trying to pass it off as Albuquerque culture. I must say that I truly admire the actors Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and RJ Mitte (they are the chemistry teacher and his immediate family). These actors are so good that it seems effortless the way they physically typify an Albuquerque family--but, it seems they are the only ones. Everyone else seems from somewhere else--they look, talk, and project Los Angeles. Perhaps this isn't the fault of the actors, as it seems the writers have not done their homework, and have failed to capture the essence of the Duke City. So why should we care if someone in Omaha tunes in to watch Breaking Bad and hears an Hispanic described as a "beaner"; or, if someone in Poughkeepsie turns on the show and hears words and expressions that aren't distinctly Albuquerque?...I mean, come on...."chilies"??? I care because I come from this city, and I've never experienced such occurrences--I have never been called a "beaner" by anyone. I have know many good people in law enforcement and have never heard or witnessed such behavior. Can anyone imagine if our own Darren White used such terminology? I don't believe Mr. White or any of our Duke City born and bred would ever be capable of such degrading behavior, yet the show has us believe that our own law enforcement agents use offensive terminology like that--maybe in L.A., but not in the Duke City! One of the things I'm most proud about is that our own city is so very progressive when it comes to race relations and integration. Hispanics and Caucasians get along so well in the Duke City. We live side-by-side, inter-marry, share and build community...try finding this trait in some cities in CA, AZ or TX, or even other parts of NM. I am outraged that someone else gets to write and misrepresent my reality, my city and pass it off as truth. Do I care if someone in Columbus turns on the tube and sees my city so blatantly misrepresented? I do. I love my city, and I want it to get the respect it deserves. I call on all producers, writers and casting directors of the show--please, I am begging you, incorporate some more local talent, do your homework, get to know your environment, and do us proud. You've got a very entertaining show as it is, just give it the right flavor: Christmas and green chile.
posted by dustin bunbar on Aug 03, 2010
i say this is the best of the best tv shows in the world i hate tv shows this is the only one that excites me so pleeeeease come on u now there is alot of ppl that watch this show because its fucken awsome
posted by albie1969 on Aug 02, 2010
I've been watching television drama series since TV was invented. The only series that comes close was Rich Man, Poor Man. When it was on Nick Nolte was unknown pretty much like Aaron Paul. If after this people don't know who Aaron Paul is they have no clue who they're watching 'cuz he is off the hook terrific! Not to mention Brian with his fantastic performances. OMG, if you aren't hiding in the closet somewhere you've got to see it from start to finish or you'll be missing the best show on TV since Rich Man, Poor Man!
posted by stephoha1 on Aug 01, 2010
When does season 4 start. Why havn't you answered any of these post
posted by Mehmet Soylu on Aug 01, 2010
It is fucking awesome! Can not wait season 4 I am only living to watch breaking bad! Pleaseeeeeeeeee I wanna season 4
posted by Damien M on Jul 29, 2010
The best show on television period.... just please keep it going, but can anybody tell me when season 4 starts??
posted by Brandon on Jul 29, 2010
I can't wait until season 4!!! From Canada!
posted by The office worker on Jul 28, 2010
I hope it returns with more drama then ever. It is addicting.
posted by ani-yo on Jul 27, 2010
Amasing show! I can't eat. I can't sleep. All I can do is to watch BB. Is that addiction?
posted by asargent1 on Jul 26, 2010
Hey YO. I have watched the first three Seasons 4 TIMES already... I am so incredibly sad.. that they would make us wait until 2011??!!! boo AMC. BOO!
posted by Dave of St Kilda on Jul 26, 2010
This show sets a whole new standard in TV drama. It is compelling, the characters strangely real and one cannot help but to emotionally invest in these fictional people. It will be a long wait for S4.
posted by Rachel on Jul 26, 2010
I heard season 4 will not be on till summer 2011!! I can not believe AMC would make the fans wait a year! They know BB has a huge fan base so they are trying to get the ratings up for their other shows which are no where near as good!! Starting the 4th season ASAP AMC!!!!!
posted by joe0478 on Jul 26, 2010
It sucks! I'm off the "Meth" until 2011. Thank goodness for "Weeds", I can still get my drug fix!
posted by yo dog on Jul 26, 2010
Totally excellant series, its the bomb all in. I hope season 4 lives up to the quality of the show. Like the product it better be pure and real, no skank TV just to make a buck pleeeeeeeeeze.
posted by CRO on Jul 25, 2010
Damn,guys... If I from Cakovec, Croatia and all of my friends love this show,it must go on... :)
posted by atook on Jul 24, 2010
Great show! Beats anything else out there now. Bring on season 4......Bitch!
posted by amethystfondant on Jul 22, 2010
I know this is coming, the internet is too predictable a place... *you're
posted by amethystfondant on Jul 22, 2010
if you think the wire is a better show than Breaking Bad, you'r a straight-up idiot. Breaking Bad is the best show ever.
posted by Classy on Jul 21, 2010
AMC PLEASE TELL US WHEN IS SEASON FOUR??? I read somewhere it started July 25th,2010 but not so..cannot find info anywhere on AMC site..
posted by TomCat2112 on Jul 19, 2010
This show is the shit! I didnt' event start watching it until a few weeks ago, and I've already finished watching all 3 seasons within that time. Can't wait for the 4th season...BITCH!
posted by MacD on Jul 19, 2010
So do we have to wait another year before season 4 starts .... this is bullshit the way we loyal viewers have to wait sooooooo long between seasons.
posted by rogpog on Jul 19, 2010
best show on tv right now... thanks to the people that make it possible to enjoy this AWESOME shoe... if they cancel it without giving it a proper ending... i might just do somem real real bad ;)
posted by rshector on Jul 19, 2010
money it´s not a problem anymore "let´s cook".. waiting season 4
posted by wearethestones on Jul 18, 2010
"posted by Heisenberg on Jul 06, 2010 This is in my opinion the second greatest show ever produced for television, behind only "The Wire"." AGREED!
posted by HOLLY on Jul 17, 2010
I absolutely LOVE this show, I cant get enough. Jesse Pinkman-Aaron Paul = GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Hanks da man on Jul 15, 2010
I dindn't watch due to scheduling. I have bought seasons 1 and 2 and watch 3 online. This IS the best show on TV. And that's church YO.
posted by The_Man on Jul 15, 2010
This is the best show created ever for a multitude of reasons. If your a Breaking Bad fan you already know them. In a nutt shell, this show has everything it takes to make a great movie....which is even better, its a show!
posted by holysht on Jul 14, 2010
where in the world is my show?yo.i am addicted and need season 4 now.looks like i might have to call saul.
posted by Chemistry on Jul 13, 2010
"Yo, tell the AMC brass that pulling the plug on Vince would be like killing the cook...Bitch".....Maybe Saul could strike a deal with some of the other networks.....I am hooked on this show and missed worked today because of it!!
posted by Anthony on Jul 13, 2010
Best show ever created period.
posted by Pedro on Jul 13, 2010
posted by Alex on Jul 12, 2010
Great Show, keep it coming, when does season 4th begin ?
posted by 4356 on Jul 11, 2010
i liked how season 3 ended. i dont like that it ended. now im stuck with crap again. work your writing monkeys harder - demand is outpacing supply.
posted by Ajax on Jul 10, 2010
This is the coolest show on TV. I'm Totally addicted. From the moment season 1 started and my wife told me this is a good show babe. I was hooked. I hope the writers give the entire drug empire over to walt and esp. Jesse after all the crap they've put the poor bastard thru.
posted by Ali on Jul 10, 2010
I was never the type of guy to be able to watch a series without getting tired of it, but after watching the first episode 4 days ago, I couldn't leave my living room. I've been glued to my tv screen watching episode after episode, night to morning watching all the seasons... The storyline is fucking genius. I just finished watching the last episode of season and already want to watch it all over again. I can't wait for the next season.
posted by fab on Jul 07, 2010
This is the only show I watch, AWSOME
posted by Heisenberg on Jul 06, 2010
This is in my opinion the second greatest show ever produced for television, behind only "The Wire".
posted by ta2rush on Jul 06, 2010
When does season 4 begin?
posted by me on Jul 06, 2010
the best series ever
posted by Duke on Jul 06, 2010
The way season 3 finished, I don't see the writers moving passed season 4. It is too bad; ever since 24 and lost have concluded, there is no other show on TV I watch. Maybe Dexter and Californication
posted by kokemcgruff on Jul 05, 2010
hey juie, if you like this then definitely you need to watch all 5 seasons of The Wire from beginning to end!!!
posted by STEVE 5150 on Jul 04, 2010
This is by far the best television series that has ever been made. Virtually every character deserves an emmy. I had not watched almost any television for years but I am counting the days till season 4 start. Also I intend to watch the reruns of season 3 despite the heavy load of commercials. The makers of this series and AMC deserve the loyalty and the money it brings in! OUTSTANDING!!!
posted by Angel_E on Jul 04, 2010
This is an amazing show...actually the only series I watch on television!!!...Characters and storylines are great and I can't wait for season four...I hope it won't be the last season!
posted by MIke on Jul 03, 2010
really good pice of shit. i`m waiting to see 4 sezon. greetz from Poland
posted by jessemp3 on Jun 29, 2010
this is the best series i have ever seen on tv. i wonder when season 4 will air its first episode?
posted by juie on Jun 29, 2010
I love this show, but know it will end. Is there something similar on standard cable that I may be missing? Anyone?
posted by Owen Tucker on Jun 29, 2010
I Am Mesmerised, I Heard About Breaking Bad Not Even a Month Ago And Purchased All Three Seasons. After Watching Full Mesure I Had To Re Watch The Whole Series Twice Just To Get My Mind Off Of It. As Much As I Think This Is The Most Original TV Series Since Trailer Park Boys, And That Vince Gilligan Could Continue This Show Until His Imagination Seces To Exist, I Beilive Sadly Enogh That This Will Be The Last Season. I Dont Even Want To Know What This Man Is Brewing Up For The Next Season, Or Even Another Show. Simply Amazing.
posted by Ed on Jun 28, 2010
My god i just got into it and everything is great. Acting, story, drama, action, suspenese. IT freaking keeps you guessing whats going to happen next and when it comes to it, the result usually is way better than you could have thought up. It also has a dash of comedy. And hell it even has none of that pointless filler. As far as i've watched, everything is connected and is explained eventually
posted by Walter White on Jun 28, 2010
Incredible good show!!! Greets from Germany
posted by uk joe on Jun 27, 2010
the forth should be the last season but should be very interesting and jam packed with lots of excitement cant wait!!!
posted by Love it. on Jun 27, 2010
I just love it. I read somewhere the fourth season doesn't start till July 2011. What a shame. How do you expect us all to wait this long? For Gods sakes I wana know what happen after Jessie fires that shot!!
posted by Brian on Jun 25, 2010
This show is the reason I still enjoy TV.
posted by YO D.J. on Jun 24, 2010

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