Chris Brown Wooing a Lady in 'No Bulls**t' Music Video

May 25, 2010 04:39:03 GMT

Directed by Colin Tilley, the new music video is filled with steamy scenes in which Chris Brown is seen making out with a lady.

Chris Brown Wooing a Lady in 'No Bulls**t' Music Video
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Chris Brown is working his charm on a girl in a music video for his track "No Bulls**t". Directed by Colin Tilley, the same man who directs his "Deuces" clip, it follows the 21-year-old R&B singer as he is romancing his on-screen leading lady in the shower, bedroom and even rooftop.

Unlike the "Deuces" music video which features Tyga and Kevin McCall, this new one has no cameo. "No, no, I can't be in that video," Tyga told MTV. "That's like a dude being in 'I Invented Sex' with Trey Songz. What are you gonna do?"

Both "Deuces" and "No Bulls**t" are taken from Chris Brown and Tyga's collaborative mixtape "Fan of a Fan". While many people suggested that Chris Brown dropped a mixtape because of the lukewarm acceptance of his latest studio album "Graffiti", Tyga said they did the project as a dedication to their devotees.

"[It] is basically our dedication back to the fans," he said. "I feel like a lot of people is not doing it for their core audience. These are the people that come to our shows, these are the people that call these radio stations and fight for us all day. So why not give them something for free?"

Chris Brown's "No Bulls**t" music video


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posted by neci on Jun 07, 2010
i like the video, so who cares what most of you all think at the end the day chris still going to making music.
posted by Carmen B on May 29, 2010
Oh my gosh,what has happend to da sweet Chris Brown and his music?he used to appeal to girls of all age groups and now he's just promoting sex and being bitter!!!He needs to get back on track b4 he loses it completely!!Let go of da past Chris pls.Luv u!
posted by Chris is back :) on May 28, 2010
I love the fact that he continues to play into his dancing. This is wonderful, and to be honest, I can't call the people posting negative posts about him haters, but i can call you all losers because you insist of wasting your energy bashing him. LOL. who does that? you like him, you like him. You don't, you don't. Simply as that. Don't get on blogs to post if you really DON'T care because obviously you care enough about him to post something. Just in hope that he'll read it and cry or something, and he's got so much money, he can wipe his tears and move on. So how about we all sing kumbaya and get along for the better and hop off his tip. :)
posted by quale on May 25, 2010
posted by ayana on May 25, 2010
Loving and Respecting the artist's wonderful art form. Excellent and nobody is better.. Infinity a circle upon itself - Chris Brown
posted by Tracie on May 25, 2010
The video is INCREDIBLE...both Deuces and No sexy and well done.
posted by Oh Shut up on May 25, 2010
Some people are so contradictory and hypocritical with their statements. If you like the video, then you like it. If you dont, then you dont. But please dont add in the extra bullshit. Videos are nice and present an element of creativity.
posted by Stupid on May 25, 2010
posted by NO on May 25, 2010
No NOO NOOOO!!! this is not acceptable this is soft porn and he looks ignorant.
posted by What? on May 25, 2010
Youre kidding right? A 3 am booty call and if you dont come to give it up your bull shi*t? Say it aint so that you people are condoning that, because if so thats messed up. Hiv/Aids is rampant and low self esteem hoes aint. What kind of ish is that.
posted by Yes on May 25, 2010
Job well done Chris.. Song and video is the hottest!!

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