First Music Video From 'Camp Rock 2': We Can't Back Down

April 26, 2010 08:02:50 GMT

Demi Lovato leads Alyson Stoner, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle and the other Camp Rock members who invade the cafeteria for a number.

First Music Video From 'Camp Rock 2': We Can't Back Down
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Demi Lovato takes the lead in a new music video which is promoting "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam". Titled "Can't Back Down", the song is the first track coming out from the TV movie. It has been released on Radio Disney on Sunday April 25, featuring vocals not only by Lovato but also by Alyson Stoner and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

Disney Channel has not announced the premiere date of the sequel to "Camp Rock", but said it would be part of the summer program. Shane Gray and Mitchie Torres discover that some of the students and instructors in Camp Rock have ditched it for nearby rival Camp Star.

To MTV, the Jonas Brothers, who each has a role in the movie, said, "We upped the romantic scenes." Joe Jonas chimed in, "The story line is really great ...the songs are really cool," adding "[we shot] at so many different locations this time."


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posted by jessie poo on Sep 30, 2010
i cant wait to watch the camp rock 2 & nick is so hot i wish i see him real life not just on tv love u nick sooooooooooo much xxxx
posted by swetie kiss on Sep 22, 2010
i loooovvvveeee camp rock! i watched that movie 16 times and cried 12 times!
posted by oce on Sep 15, 2010
oh,trop cool. je suis trop contante de voir camp rock 2
posted by Ema Jonas on Sep 02, 2010
joeeeeee you are so cooooooooooool and sexy i love you so moch my boyfriend baby i'm your biggest fan
posted by miss Jonas on Sep 02, 2010
hey Joe my love i'm your big big big big big big biggest fannnnnnnn i love your sing joeeeeeeeeeeeee you rokkkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!! <3 big kisssss for my mery
posted by Shrutvinda on Aug 09, 2010
I love you Nick
posted by kevin on Aug 06, 2010
i love cccccccaaaammmpp rock
posted by basket52 on Jul 28, 2010
Jonas Brother ur have some crazy fans who are sico and are really scary some of the their post i weird. i can't wait to see camp rock because i want to see u and demi kiss.
posted by ____ on Jun 27, 2010
i love camp rock and camp rock 2 :)
posted by mimi on May 28, 2010
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuu nickkkkkkk and joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
posted by mimi on May 28, 2010
i loveeee camp rock soooo much that i can't wait to watch camp rock 2, i love jonas brothers and demi lovato there are soo cool and cute especially nick. loveeee them and camp rock and camp rock 2 kisses bye
posted by Nicholas <333 on May 25, 2010
Omg!!!I so love camp rock can't wait to see thiz one & ii so agree w./bubaloo nick jonas is so freakiing HOT!!I<333 Nick o yeah babii he iz the best !!:)
posted by Bubaloo!*=} on May 21, 2010
I love camp rock can't wait to see the other one and nick it's soooooo hot! I love you nick!
posted by widescreen on Apr 29, 2010
You suck.
posted by 123nessa12 on Apr 28, 2010
camp rock is my favorite movie i love it camp2 is going to be beter wow 1# camp rock fan /nick jonas you rock
posted by sai vaddi on Apr 27, 2010
i luv camp rock i am so exited to see camp rock two the final jam
posted by kristyn hoagland on Apr 26, 2010
I love you camp rock
posted by ica on Apr 26, 2010
i luv you joooooeeeeee
posted by J-bear on Apr 26, 2010
Oh my gosh I am really a big fan. And to me it is really excited to see camp rock to the final jam

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