Video Premiere: Lady GaGa's 'Telephone' Feat. Beyonce Knowles

March 12, 2010 02:59:30 GMT

After staying in jail for a while, Lady GaGa is finally freed by Beyonce Knowles and together they make a sweet revenge.

Video Premiere: Lady GaGa's 'Telephone' Feat. Beyonce Knowles
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Finally, "Telephone" music video is premiered. It starts with Lady GaGa put behind the bars and stripped down by two guards to her fishnet stockings. "I told you she didn't have a d**k," one of the female guards told her friend. What follows next are her locking lips with another inmate, stealing a cell phone and many other bizarre scenes.

Beyonce Knowles's part is not shown until GaGa is released from the prison. "It's your lucky day. Some idiots bailed you out," so the guard tells her. The "Poker Face" singer is then picked up by Beyonce in a "P***y Wagon", the same vehicle used by Uma Thurman to shoot Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" movie.

"Telephone" music video is directed by Jonas Akerlund and becomes the continuation of "Paparazzi" music video which ends with GaGa poisoning her leading man played by Alexander Skarsgard. Beside featuring Beyonce, it also has a cameo from actor Tyrese Gibson.

The video is described as "gritty, erotic and wildly fierce, this nine-minute, visually stunning, cinematic masterpiece" which features GaGa's bizarre outfits, hair-do and make-up. Putting coke cans and telephone on her hair and wearing glasses made of burned cigarettes are some of her unusual stylings in this video.

Lady GaGa's "Telephone" music video


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posted by ma mate n all! on Jun 10, 2010
i ant seen it wish i av! </3
posted by ma mate on Jun 10, 2010
its ace !!! <3
posted by candy on Jun 10, 2010
gaga n b are ace n i luv the ny costume!!!
posted by nikki on Mar 30, 2010
charlie harris is such a cow she is up her own ass and thinks she is a hit with all the lads but she has to go with year 7s i hate you GET A GRIP AND DONT GET PEOPLE INVOLVED
posted by somebody on Mar 20, 2010
I love Gaga and Honeybee!
posted by metalheadMortimer on Mar 19, 2010
Amazing colourful vid, Lady gaga looks fit in that American flag costume at the end. Just when you think she has done her best boom another good one. I like the refrences to kill bill too. The poster WTF has no clue about POP culture and Icons.
posted by sexy mimi on Mar 18, 2010
this video is awsome i luv definetly watch it!!! =D
posted by christelle on Mar 17, 2010
u are a bitch
posted by cortishia on Mar 17, 2010
what you at that hair from
posted by fatu sankoh on Mar 13, 2010
i love the video and the song gaga and beyonce are the best i love them
posted by kthen on Mar 13, 2010
what the hell was that.
posted by yourridiculous on Mar 13, 2010
awesome video-horrible article. Lacks grammar and structure. Your use of the word "fierce" exudes obvious homosexual qualities...
posted by regio333 on Mar 12, 2010
i love this video, it's amaizing .... i hearth gaga
posted by L!Z V. on Mar 12, 2010
I love her dance moves. shes just one of a kind. . . in a weird way.
posted by dean on Mar 11, 2010
the video working.dont worry
posted by nett on Mar 11, 2010
it's perfect
posted by disneykittie on Mar 11, 2010
As a Journalism major, I understand the rush, please edit your work several times before publishing.
posted by Capricorn7 on Mar 11, 2010
Well it say's I can't watch it! So I'll check YouTube!
posted by Rabbita on Mar 11, 2010
This is the best video ever!!! Love it!!!
posted by WTF on Mar 11, 2010
LOL! All hype. She looks exactly like a tranny Blond Ambition Tour Madonna is this video (Remember Justify My Love??? and the eyebrows??)
posted by winromeo on Mar 11, 2010
what's with the ending outfit?? it looked horrible! I love Gaga and B, but I think the video is just trying too hard to stuff in too many styles.

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