Adam Lambert Sings for Ellen DeGeneres, Offering Signed Underwear for Haiti

January 27, 2010 06:39:29 GMT

Beside performing 'Strut', the 'For Your Entertainment' singer also gives a signed portrait and underwear on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to support Haitian relief effort.

Adam Lambert Sings for Ellen DeGeneres, Offering Signed Underwear for Haiti
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Adam Lambert visited his pal Ellen DeGeneres on January 26 to help her celebrate her 52nd birthday. The "American Idol" alum performed live with his band, delivering "Strut" which is written by him with the help from Kara DioGuardi and Greg Wells.

At the end of the performance, Adam handed a special signed picture of him to the talk show host to be auctioned for Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund. Moreover, the openly gay singer also gave a signed underwear which he claimed "a bit sweaty" to raise fund for the cause. The auction reportedly will end in the first week of February with the current bid price for the underwear is over 2,000 dollars.

In addition to Adam Lambert, Ellen DeGeneres also welcomed Harry Connick Jr. and Will Arnett as her guests on the Tuesday show. In a video montage prepared by her show's staff, she received birthday wishes from such celebrities as Jeff Bridges, Oprah Winfrey, Clint Eastwood, Paris Hilton, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban and Queen Latifah.


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posted by Luca on Jan 27, 2010
Get a life Elisabeth. Adam is an amazing guy. He thinks about others. He is a great singer and very nice person.
posted by Deb on Jan 27, 2010
Stop with the "openly gay singer" we say openly straight, openly bi, openly whatever about other performers? PLEASE...GIVE IT A REST! He is a singer and a fantastic singer at that. There...use that adjective..fantastic. Let's help you out with some other adjectives: versatile, sexy, beautiful, energetic, expansive range, out of this world, wildly entertaining, wildly inviting...if you need more adjectives, please call. And regarding the underwear donation. How cute was that? The look on his face. Ellen was clearly in on this. They both played it well. They both had fun with it. We should too! The a little sweaty comment was Adam being Adam...just a little naughty...a little bit of a tease. Love him! If only I had the money to have the highest bid!
posted by Jenny on Jan 27, 2010
I think a lot of his fans will be bidding to get his underwear so that makes it ok with me, all for a good cause, helping out to the needed can be fun too!
posted by thebest4adam on Jan 27, 2010
Please stop with the openly gay stuff he is a singer period.
posted by B. on Jan 27, 2010
@Elizabeth, Without a doubt,Ellen and Adam were in cahoots about the underwear. Do you actually think he just randomly decided to auction the undies off? It was listed on E-Bay - new,never worn - btw (along with the signed picture). Do your homework next time!! Your lack of humour is clouding your logic. Get a grip!!
posted by zainab Ab on Jan 27, 2010
adam knows how to strut his stuff and i love the way he says Solo. this is one of my favorite tracks on the album.
posted by Ann on Jan 27, 2010
It is clear how warm hearted Ellen and Adam feel about each other and people in general. I love them. Great singing Adam, terrific performance; happy birthday Ellen.
posted by imrah on Jan 27, 2010
Hay Elizabeth, what are you doing to help for Haiti?Adam is asking people to help donate for haiti with Red cross,his fan alredy donated 300,000 for schools due to Adam's request insted of sending gifts to Adam.He is pleading his fan to donate for Haiti, so stop being hatefull and do something positive.
posted by musicfan on Jan 27, 2010
Loved Adam's song. I downloaded the performance.The audience went wild for it too.
posted by zainab Ab on Jan 27, 2010
adam is the sweetest most down to earth special guy. everyone in my house loves him my brother me and my mom is crazy about him, and the only pop star i've ever seen her crazy about was Michael Jackson may he RIP. we wish Adam a happy birthday and many more years of success and a good happy life. We love him so so much this performance was sexy and wild Adam never dissapoints and all those haters you people should stop wasting your time hating cause he's going to be here for a long time, he's a legend in the making he's private life has nothing to do with his music or personality. and always saying in the media open gay singer is not right yes he's gay but no need writing it in all the articles or saying it. do people say straight singer so why gay singer people should stop discriminating. adam we love you with all our hearts and hope to meet you someday. happy birthdAY.
posted by Tagrid on Jan 27, 2010
Wonderful performance - great song! Adam looked GORGEOUS! I hope STRUT will be his next single - it's so energetic and danceable. But it's REALLY time to stop referring to Adam as "the openly gay singer!" He's a SINGER! Do you refer to Ellen as the openly gay talk show host??? No? Then STOP! A person's sexuality is NOT the definition of the person!
posted by Cycoblitz on Jan 27, 2010
The openly stupid author of this piece just hasn't quite gotten that flaunting that "gay" word just isn't going to make a difference except to steer readers away from here. Grow up.
posted by ayleah on Jan 27, 2010
Great to see Adam perform 'Strut'. His birthday is Friday, hope he gets to make more music videos. Happy birthday to Ellen and to Adam. God bless both these good-hearted entertainers.
posted by Kim on Jan 27, 2010
Ellen and Adam are so sweet.It looks like Adam had fun performing on her show.It was a blast to watch too.I like the song he sang on Oprah too.
posted by fupup on Jan 27, 2010
I love this song. I hope it's one of the AOL music videos Adam made. Looking smokin' too.
posted by Tracy on Jan 27, 2010
Wow! Great singing/performance by Adam for Ellen's birthday. Missed the show, knew I'd find it though, my guy is irresistible to the media too. Happy birthday Ellen. Adam's birthday is Friday. Aquarians.
posted by Kelly on Jan 27, 2010
Adam was fantastic and had a great time singing 'Strut". His fans are here, as are the jealous hateful foes-who also are obsessed with him. The signed Ellen underware are merely a pair Adam signed so relax, seems they are a different pair. both the rare Ellen item and Adam's autograph make them special enough.
posted by shorty35 on Jan 27, 2010
really you all need to just freaking read the stoy about it there brand new but if they where worn then i could see but they r brand new once again LISTEN TO THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Stacey on Jan 27, 2010
I love Ellen and Adam. They are adorable together. Adam's performance of 'Strut' was fantastic. My love and prayer to the people in Haiti!
posted by Toto on Jan 27, 2010
Openly gay singer?...and you are openly what...not thinking with your brain? Adam was amazing and I m glad he finds a way to help
posted by shorty35 on Jan 27, 2010
hey Elizabeth you need to stop talking about adam he is a nice person
posted by sue on Jan 27, 2010
Elizabeth get a life . I see Cookie fans are at it again.
posted by ashleigh on Jan 27, 2010
Hmm..underwear. Not my thing, exactly. I guess if it's for a good cause, who cares, right? Two thousand dollars is a lot more than that signed picture would make and he knows it. I steer clear of drawers, but hey, whatever works.
posted by Catman on Jan 27, 2010
Oh Elizabeth you typical tight conservative. You'd be amazed at what people buy, especially if it's a fan. How is Adam be found mocking Haiti's grief? He put out a PSA on getting people to help the people in Haiti. You call that mocking?? Geez, Elizabeth, you're the digusting one.
posted by Jess on Jan 27, 2010
Adam was Fantastic on Ellen. Loved the song Strut...Wow! Don't understand why you have to preface Adam as "the openly gay' performer. He is a performer artist. Do you say 'openly heterosexual' performer??? Really..get over it.
posted by Elizabeth on Jan 27, 2010
How can this person mock all the grief in Haiti by flippantly mentioning underwear as something to auction for? He disgusts me.

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