'American Idol' in L.A.: The Pastor, Adam Lambert's Clone and Dirty Song

'American Idol' in L.A.: The Pastor, Adam Lambert's Clone and Dirty Song

A pastor impressed the judges with a song he wrote himself, an Adam look-alike barely opened his mouth while singing and a man made Katy Perry felt dirty.
Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne took turns assisting "American Idol" judges to pick diamond in the rough in Los Angeles. From this city, the guest judges, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson issued 22 golden tickets including to a pastor, a guy who has been a foster child, and a father who wants to give everything to his young son.

Pastor Jim Ranger who has three kids tried out with a self-penned song called "Drive". Although Ryan Seacrest said to his family waiting outside that impressing the judges with his own song will be difficult, Jim managed to put a smile on Simon's face. Avril lectured him about how hard life on the road could be and said no to him. The other three judges however, said yes. His ticket was the first issued on the L.A. audition.

A bunch of yes and no after, a guy named A.J. Mendoza auditioned with "Cult of Personality". He was one of the contestants who dressed up looking like Adam Lambert but he was the only one who admitted to have a connection with the runner up of season 8. The problem with A.J. was how he sang through clenched teeth. "You didn't even open your mouth," Kara said. Avril added, "Definitely not."

Simon had his eyes on one man named Andrew Garcia. A son of a former gang member, Andrew wanted his son to have everything in his life. Picking "Sunday Morning", Andrew had Simon saying "I can tell you like music. It was a good choice. It's a very difficult song to sing in this kind of situation. I think you're really really a good singer. I'm glad I met you. I like you." Giving her vote, Katy said that Andrew gave her chills.

Then came the ridiculous audition. Jason Greene who believes in magic, gave one sultry and sexually-charged performance of "I Touch Myself". Deemed as entertaining, his performance made Katy feel dirty although it didn't qualify him to go the next round. Once out, Jason handed Ryan his phone number.

A contestant with sad story was next. Chris Golightly had been in about 25 foster homes since he was 18 months old. He found music to be the only thing he connected to. "Stand by Me" delivered him two yeses from Katy and Simon with small 'y', and another two yeses from Randy and Kara with big 'Y'.
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