'The Killer Inside Me' Unleashes Extended Promo Trailer

'The Killer Inside Me' Unleashes Extended Promo Trailer

Take a peek at the feature adaptation of Jim Thompson's novel which features Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson among others.

An extended look at "The Killer Inside Me" has come out in the form of a promo trailer. Almost six minutes in running time, the sneak peek unravels what this drama thriller is all about and gives out a look at Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson in characters. Some footage in the trailer are quite NSFW.

In the movie set in the 1950s, Affleck stars as Lou Ford, a West Texas deputy sheriff who spirals downward. Starting as a bored small-town cop, he slowly turns into a ruthless, sociopathic murderer trying to cement his innocence when the evidence looks suspicious. Alba and Hudson, in the meantime, portray a prostitute and Lou's girlfriend respectively.

"The Killer Inside Me" is based on Jim Thompson's 1952 novel which is described as "one of the most blistering and uncompromising crime novels ever written." Michael Winterbottom, the director of "A Mighty Heart", takes on the helming part, and Simon Baker, Ned Beatty and Bill Pullman are among the supporting cast. While no distributor has signed on just yet, the movie aims for a summer 2010 U.S. release.

"The Killer Inside Me" Promo Trailer:

Video has been removed as requested by Muse Film/Wild Bunch.

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    Luke Easter
    Jan 21, 2011

    Jessica Alba & Kate Hudson 'The Killer Inside Me' Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, surely two viable movie stars, However, this time even these actress/ladies have gone too far, By allowing themselves to be savagely beaten in a movie flick, The fist pounding on Jessica’s face will simply make you sick. But first she gets spanked to tears on her butt by a leather belt, The kind that masters would use on slaves to bring about welts, She plays a prostitute, who is bludgeoned by a psychotic killer, In this movie with Casey Affleck billed as an upcoming thriller. Shown at the Sundance Film Festival in the state of Utah no less, Looks like the headquarters of Mormonville is in a state of regress, She allegedly left halfway through the screening for excessive gore, 01/24/10 but her rep says that’s not true because she’s seen it before. Well, I too have seen her in the series “Dark Angel” as she played Max, She was a champion for the defenseless, always cool, calm and relaxed, But this character assignation was so out of sorts, a bitter pill to swallow, Supposedly left early to catch a plane to be with family, that’s so hollow. Who in the world would want their relatives to see this or take any pride? It is these kind of sexual exploits that make those involved run and hide, Any sensible person would have left maybe to catch a rocket to the moon, Yet knowledge and wisdom could not allow a role in such gloom & doom. My, my, my! Has no one ever heard of Domestic Violence & spousal abuse? To have the nerve to make and promote such a feature with morals that loose, Oh yeah, she had already seen the screening and Jessica was very well pleased, Bet it was the same Satan who told Eve it was OK to eat from the forbidden tree. Anyone who wants excessive gore join the military, go to Afghanistan or Iraq, We’ll see how pleased you really are minus your limbs from that motor attack, Oh yeah one more thing, after the spanking her abuser claims that he was sorry, Well, she says not to be, it’s ok, and now it is really time to have a sexual party. And this is not the real sickening part from, “The Killer Inside Me” just wait, She’s pulverized about three full minutes, fist to face, fist to face, fist to face, Her eyes are swollen shut, jaw’s exposed and part of her face smashed away, But, she and obviously everyone else involved in the film is pleased you say? Michael Winterbottom’s film is definitely paving a road to the bottomless pit, As later on in this work Kate Hudson as well is taken on a similar sadistic trip, Still, we can’t place all the blame on the producers, directors, writers or studios, Because the bottom line is, an actress has to agree to play the part of the, “Ho!” So, I’m not talking about a woman with her cheeks & boobs hanging out, Nor of one where profanity freely flows like Niagara Falls from her mouth, Definitely not a female who is known by her favorite smoke and/or drink, And her designer clothes cost more than ten teachers make. You think? Three well know names in feature films that many classify as acting first class, And yet they read and accepted the script instead of saying, “no thanks I’ll pass,” Get some B movie actors, has-beens or new comers struggling to make the grade, Because, I am into quality material and not just interested in simply getting paid. Hey! On second thought not even a B movie actress should have taken this part, Because violence against women needs to stop once & for all, not continue start, I saw a picture of Jessica and Michael standing together with a smile on their face, Proudly no less, when they should have been somewhere hiding in total disgrace. Does Satan own every production company? Not quite, God still sits on the throne, However, it’s still up to the actors and actresses to reject, leaving these parts alone, Although someone will agree to it like there’s always someone willing to sell drugs, But, it is not the classy cream of the crop bunch, just the bottom of the barrel thugs. There are many bible scriptures against this kind of material, where should I begin, James 4: 17, “Any person who knows what’s right but does not do it, to him it’s sin,” Verse 1: 21, “Get rid of all moral filth, evil, wickedness and humbly accept the word,” Okay, here’s two of hundreds and to make sure there’s no confusion here is a third. My Sister Vic pointed out Psalm 101: 3, “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes,” These abusive movies & those like them should never be made, word to the wise, However, “wise” is not something that’s relevant or it is in extremely short supply, Because this never should have been written, produced or directed and that’s why. This reminds me of Charlie Sheen when asked by reporters about a project he did, Some slinky crap as he viciously shot back, “Hey! Can’t you see I’m with my kids?” Yeah Charlie! But, it’s millions of kids who make your butt-wipe show what it is, So, it’s okay for other parents children to watch but not yours. Ha! That’s show biz. I wonder if 15 or 20+ years down the road as a mom would she want her kids to see, Or even be proud of the violence, language, sex scenes from, “The Killer Inside Me?” It’s utterly amazing how many of the “stars” will not allow their children time after time, To see certain seedy characters they portray in film but it’s okay for your kids & mine. Here’s 1 final observation that’s extremely important no make that critical to note, Here are people in position to detract violence toward women, yet they promote, Is it any wonder that many domestic violence victims feel there’s simply no hope, Many movies & television series like this crap treat abuse like it’s an artistic joke. This or any poem is not meant to condemn any child of God just their behavior, Especially when contrary to the teachings of Jesus our only true Lord & Savior, Like it or not, those in the public eye of entertainment will always be role models, Be it acting, sports or politics just ask yourself “what do I want my kids to follow?”

    Mar 15, 2010

    i want to see it .

    Nov 24, 2009

    This book was incredible. Can't wait to see the movie!

    Nov 05, 2009

    Holy crap. I'm sold. Looks to be a must-see.

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