Bootleg 'New Moon' Trailer Comes Out

August 15, 2009 01:37:51 GMT

Here is the bootleg version of the trailer for 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon' that has been shown in theaters attached to 'Bandslam'.

Bootleg 'New Moon' Trailer Comes Out
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A brand new trailer for "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" has been released in theaters across the U.S. attached to another Summit movie "Bandslam", and its bootleg version has been passed on. Nearly two minutes long, this leaked trailer contains similar footage to the French trailer version. It offers a look at the wolf pack, Volturi member Jane and many more.

Clearly made for the Team Jacob's satisfaction, the trailer focuses on the growing relationship between Taylor Lautner's Jacob and Kristen Stewart's Bella. In parts of the intercepting comments from Lautner, the young actor is even heard explaining, "Bella's in such a deep depression when Edward leaves, and Jacob is the friend that will always be there for her."

"The Twilight Saga's New Moon" is penned by "Twilight Saga" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and directed by "The Golden Compass" helmer Chris Weitz. It centers on the personal conflict Bella experiences following Edward Cullen's abrupt departure. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner return to reprise their roles as Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black.

Those three lead actors will be joined by many of the original cast members, including Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed, as well as new additions that consist of Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen among others. "New Moon" is targeting a November 20 U.S. release.

"The Twilight Saga's New Moon" Bootleg Trailer:


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posted by Lycan Lover on Aug 22, 2009
Wow how hot is that, Well how Hot is Jake to be exact.Man I wish we didnt have to wait so long, Its going to be so much better than Twilight, Yum
posted by MyReSsA on Aug 20, 2009
I luv Twilight Jacobs Hott!!!!!!
posted by BRANDY on Aug 17, 2009
They almost kiss in the kitchen but the phone rings and it's Edward posing as Carlisle right? Wow what a difference a few million in the budget can make. Edward really looks like he's ready to die. Can't wait!
posted by KatieLea11202 on Aug 17, 2009
WOW!!!!! OMG!!! It's so close to the book it's scary! I can't wait until this movie comes out!!! I'm glad they are filming one right after the other in this series...only one hope remains....original cast in Breaking Dawn!!!!
posted by ms midnightsun on Aug 17, 2009
I'm sorry Bandslam's ticket sales went down bc of the leak, but i'm glad the New Moon Trailer is OUT!!!! :D 11.20.09 CANT WAIT!!!!!
posted by beth on Aug 17, 2009
it looks great. way much better than the first. i'm really anticipating the part where bella has to go save edward in volterra. omg, this movie will be amazing. the colors are brilliant.
posted by sassa on Aug 17, 2009
I can't wait until New Moon comes out, I am sooo excited.
posted by bella and edward on Aug 17, 2009
bella and edward allll the way:)
posted by YES! on Aug 16, 2009
posted by Twilightlover on Aug 16, 2009
OMG I cant wait to this movie comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Baybee on Aug 16, 2009
Can't wait. Looks way better then Twilight!!
posted by abcd on Aug 16, 2009
I'm flipping out right now. If you watch the trailer slowly, frame by frame, you'll see that jacob and bella are so so so close to kissing! I figured they would get really close to kissing but this is way too close. If they kiss in New Moon, Eclipse will be shot. That movie wont be has good because it wouldn't has big a deal.
posted by Happy Girl on Aug 15, 2009
OMG OMG OMG OMG ! That just looks TOO Good ! I cannot wait till november to see this !!!!
posted by Miss Roxy on Aug 15, 2009
Can't wait!!!!!
posted by angel on Aug 15, 2009
omg cant wait til it comes out!!!
posted by Mrs.Cullen on Aug 15, 2009
OMG new moon is going to be like a billion times better than twilight i am so excited!!!!!!
posted by bring it on Aug 15, 2009
One word for this "WOOOOOOW" bring it on cant what
posted by twilight rocks! on Aug 15, 2009
i am SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! its gonna b awesome!!!!
posted by dayyyuuumm! on Aug 15, 2009
daYUUMM! bro` this looks so intense, i wanna watch it now..
posted by NEW MOON-LOVER on Aug 15, 2009
posted by Bianc on Aug 15, 2009
Cant wait!!!!!! WOW it looks like it going to be WAYYY better than twilight because they actually stayed close to the book
posted by oh yeah on Aug 15, 2009
" dont get me upset" ahhhhh oh my god im so excited jacob gos loco cant wait cant wait cant wait i want it out now

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