New Trailer to Lindsay Lohan's 'Labor Pains' Unleashed

July 15, 2009 08:07:47 GMT

Nearing its TV premiere, 'Labor Pains' gets a second trailer that shows the chemistry between Lindsay Lohan's Thea and Luke Kirby's Nick.

New Trailer to Lindsay Lohan's 'Labor Pains' Unleashed
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There is another trailer to "Labor Pains", a TV movie which was initially planned as a theatrical movie. The comedy starring Lindsay Lohan is premiering on ABC Family this Sunday, July 19 with the DVD and Blu-ray coming out next month on August 4.

Telling the story of lies developing into something serious, "Labor" is a drama comedy that follows a secretary on the verge of being fired. Thea Clayhill uses the excuse that she is pregnant in order to be kept in the job. Unfortunately, the plan works and Thea is forced to go on with the fake pregnancy.

Things start to get more complicated when the boss is out of town and is replaced by his cute brother, Nick. Under his supervision, Thea is appointed as the editor of a new parenting division. But the question is, how long until everyone finds out the truth?

The movie directed by Lara Shapiro is supported also by Kevin Covais as Thea's co-worker, Chris Parnell as her nasty boss and Cheryl Hines as her supportive friend.


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