Taylor Swift Feels Insecure About Her Eyes

July 01, 2009 08:23:18 GMT

"I get insecure about my eyes because I once read a blog comment that said, 'Her eyes are so small.' I thought, Are my eyes small? Oh no - they are!," admits Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift
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Body insecurity is one of the personal topics that Taylor Swift addressed during a recent interview with Glamour Magazine for its August 2009 issue, to which she admitted "I get insecure about my eyes." Revealing the reason, she explained, "... because I once read a blog comment that said, 'Her eyes are so small.' I thought, Are my eyes small? Oh no - they are!"

Asked if she does read blog comments despite the fact that many celebrities claim to avoid them, Taylor opened up, "I've stopped reading the comments below news articles and on gossip blogs because those are the ones that'll ruin your day in a second." She was quick to add, "But I read my MySpace comments because they're awesome. You just have to be careful and filter the information you give yourself. Do you want to open the slam book today? Nope."

Addressing on weight insecurity which has become something common among Hollywood celebs, Taylor told Glamour Magazine, "I think the reason a lot of celebrities feel insecure and want to stop eating altogether is because they see so many pictures of themselves on a daily basis. It's unhealthy how many times you see your own image - it's just constant. When you see something enough, you're going to tear it down to the point where some days you feel like you're not even pretty."

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posted by hg on May 27, 2014
I don't think Taylor Swift's eyes are small.I think its the best eyes i've ever seen !So don't get upset, I Love You Taylor
posted by bleh on Jul 11, 2013
posted by bleh on Jul 11, 2013
posted by um NO on Jul 06, 2013
In my opinion, she's cute and pretty.. not exceptionally beautiful but pretty.. and not really ugly. And whoever says you need to have big eyes to look beautiuful?? LOL Look at Nicole Kidman, Adriana Lima, Megan Fox and Catherine Zeta-Jones, they have small, slanting eyes, but they're one of the most beautiful women in the world.. And well, look at the likes of Emma Stone, or Amanda Seyfried.. they're bug-eyed girls with really big eyes, but I'd bet most people will agree with me that they're not that beautiful. I'm not being cruel, just stating my opinion.. I've seen more cruel persons who said Amanda and Emma are ugly. I don't find them ugly, but the point is, not because you have big eyes, the world will automatically find you beautiful.. It's all about the shape of the eyes, the color, and of course the emotion they convey, and the "look"..
posted by crazy_fan on Mar 31, 2013
Your eyes r damN prety taylor..i lov u..nd plse igre dat bloody cmmnts..! U r beautiful..
posted by BrunetteBombshell on Jan 23, 2013
small? i think they look big and chinky..all that eye makeup she wears makes it worse. I agree she's just popular because she is tall skinny and blonde
posted by Bigeyedindian on Jan 20, 2013
Taylor, if you are reading this, I want you to know your eyes are amazingly beautiful and who said small eyes aren't sexy? Your eyes aren't even that small! There are millions of people out there in love with you, your personality, your eyes, everything about you! Including me :) So please don't feel insecure about yourself because you don't deserve to. You are beautiful and the world knows it!
posted by Paige Baker on Jan 01, 2012
They're beautiful! They're not small! I don't take ANY notice if they're big/small or whatever, I love that they're blue! I always look at them in every video and think "Are her eyes blue or grey or greenish hazel or are they naturally brown" They're blue and lovely! I wish mine was blue too! I am a huge Swiftie and I'm 13 and I'm a girl! I love any eyes shape! :D Be strong/brave... <3
posted by milly on Dec 16, 2011
you dont need to have big eyes to look good. there some one out there who have big eyes and are ugly.
posted by Indian Guy on Aug 07, 2011
U hv damn cute eyes dear, pls don't mind abt wt others said... luv u :P
posted by anasiangal on Apr 05, 2011
Mum says she has the perfect set of phoenix eyes when she first saw her mv. A girl can have small eyes and look ultra sensual and pretty. Big eyes are not a must.
posted by Me on Jan 28, 2011
You got sexy eyes, I love'em!
posted by amfabulouslol on Jan 19, 2011
you are BEAUTIFUL taylor!! DON"T EVER THINK OF YOURSELF AS LESS...your fans <3 you :)
posted by Tranizle on Jan 07, 2011
Beatiful eyes..looks like there smiling
posted by carlyjay on Jan 05, 2011
ha... oh taylor i try on a daily basis to get my ayes to look like yours.... silly celebrrity
posted by Didi on Nov 27, 2010
Dear Taylor Swift, You look absolutely FINE. Please read this. Ignore stupid comments. People can be so mean sometimes. Those are the eyes you were born with and they look beautiful. :-)
posted by wtf on Nov 13, 2010
How can you use "Chinese" to belittle her without being racist?? I'm Chinese. How dare you!!
posted by Zia on Sep 16, 2010
She's very pretty. I think she has some Native American blood, her face is wide, her nose is rounded and her lips are pouty. That would explain her eyes, which are kind of almond shaped. I hate how society seems to think small eyes are ugly. Small eyes usually have more beautiful shape and color.
posted by Drew (not ur ex) on Jun 28, 2010
Dnt lsten 2 them ..they only jleous with ur eyes .!!..mybe their eys alwy wide open..like suprizngly All the time.!! Ha..ha i cant imgine that..!!..8-)
posted by Joey on Jun 28, 2010
Thats nice eye taylor..!! Why u feel insecure..??
posted by Meela on Jun 28, 2010
Her eyes damned GOERGEUS..that mke my bf college crzy bout her..!im jeals..but like her msic..!;-)
posted by Meela on Jun 28, 2010
Omg...her eyes damned ..GOERGEUS..!!that mke all guys in my colege crzy bout her..!!
posted by ROTFL on Jun 14, 2010
So many snarky and negative comments, way to be the exact kind of person she describes in the piece ... and she says flat out that it hurts. This age of nasty comments on news and blog articles has to end, it's turning us all into mean-spirited inward spectators.
posted by meeme on Jun 10, 2010
she's not even pretty. people just like her because she's blonde!!
posted by ooo on May 10, 2010
why do you think that chinese eyes are ugly? no their not. yeah their not as big.. but you can't say ugly. thats racist. I find their eyes totally cool :)
posted by hs on Apr 30, 2010
she is beautiful ,and despite being very beautiful,she sings very well ,and his eyes are very beautiful
posted by hrs on Apr 30, 2010
Ela é muito linda e apesar de ser linda ela canta super bem.os olhos dela são muito lindos!!
posted by anonymous on Apr 21, 2010
"ihatetaylor" ur so racist. small eyes r sexy. n u dun need to be big eyed to b prety a lot of people hv small eyes n theyre stil HOT so shut d fuck up. n not all chinese have small eyes dumbass some chinese have rily HUGE eyes.
posted by amy on Mar 20, 2010
Taylor's eyes are gorgeous, they're really blue and I like the shape. I'd much rather have smaller eyes than big eyes that make you look like your surprised all the time. And also the people saying she's "ugly" because she has "chinese" eyes, that's racist and chinese eyes are pretty
posted by ARABELLE on Mar 12, 2010
Her eyes are so pretty. They aren't even that small? Maybe a little, but they suit her face. How can they look chinese when they are blue anyways???
posted by Katie on Feb 06, 2010
uhh i think her eyes are really pretty and unique soo idk what some of you are talking about
posted by lol on Feb 02, 2010
dont care about small eyes or anything like that, but her eye makeup needs to go. makes her eyes look ratty. if she ditched that whole black eyeliner look, her eyes wouldnt look that small. so stop complaining about small eyes if you're not doing anything to brighten them up girl!
posted by mel on Jan 23, 2010
she's beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, drop-dead pretty... her eyes are one of her best features and whatever she looks like i'll still love her for ever! she's my idol for life! go girl i love you!
posted by tee on Jan 21, 2010
hmm taylor's still pretty... not gorgeous, but she's definitely not ugly! yeah, her eyes are not as big as others, but i swear, she needs to fire that makeup artist of hers! she could also fix her eyebrows... they scare me.
posted by Kuroo on Jan 09, 2010
Those eyes are yep, small. She looks a bit of Nicole Kidman...
posted by jg on Jan 05, 2010
not gonna lie; they are smaller than some others. but they look like amazing cat eyes in a really smoldering beautiful way!
posted by Ihatetaylor on Jan 03, 2010
her eyes ARE small. They are what makes her ugly. she looks chinnese
posted by Odin on Dec 03, 2009
Insecure about her eyes? You gotta be kidding me, that's probably her best attribute. Just look at those eyes, they're scream sexy!
posted by dfgsh on Jul 22, 2009
aww boohoo, poor little rich girl.
posted by Lixulubu on Jul 14, 2009
posted by Tbudximm on Jul 14, 2009
posted by Floop on Jul 07, 2009
I love her eyes thats what makes her blue eyes and blonde hair pop out~
posted by secret on Jul 07, 2009
she's still beautiful whatever happens
posted by nm on Jul 07, 2009

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