Hilarie Burton Reveals Truth Behind 'One Tree Hill' Departure

May 15, 2009 05:08:04 GMT

In an interview with EW, the Peyton of 'One Tree Hill' said that every decision was made based on goodness and that she and Chad Michael Murray face it as grown-ups.

Hilarie Burton Reveals Truth Behind 'One Tree Hill' Departure
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The dismissal of Peyton and Lucas from "One Tree Hill" after 6 years of running had set up a roar among fans of the show. But here to provide the truth as well as some insights regarding the reason behind their characters' exit is Peyton's depicter herself, Hilarie Burton.

In an exclusive interview with EW, Hilarie wanted to deliver the message that she would never say bad words about "One Tree Hill" and that the decision was based on "adults being good to each other and being kind". She elaborated, "I think everyone was kind of agreeable about the situation. There were a lot of really wonderful conversations. It wasn't a rash decision; a lot of thought, emotion, and kindness was put into it."

When asked about the truth, Hilarie responded "There really wasn't a lot of turmoil. It was a fabulous six-year run, which is how long my contract was for, and I feel really lucky to have been a part of the show. So when I hear that there's turmoil or negotiations based on money it kind of hurts my feelings, because it's not what's been going on at all."

In February this year, Hilarie had posted a video message where she was chocking up in tears in and said that she wished she has creative control over what was going on. Explaining her purpose in posting the video, she said that it was "to dispel the rumors that were being circulated. ...People even back then were blaming it on money, and [on me] being high maintenance... Those rumors were really hurtful."

Warning! The excerpts below may contain spoilers to the May 18 season finale where Peyton and Lucas take a final bow. Speaking of her last day on the set she said, "We wrapped together. We were the last two in the last scene, and we opened up a tab across the street for our crew to say thank you and cried a bunch." Additionally, Hilarie mentioned that she is open to re-appearance because the writers "didn't kill" Peyton or Lucas.

Hilarie is looking forward to new shows while working on a undisclosed webseries that will start shooting on Memorial Day.


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posted by Terry on Apr 22, 2015
I discovered One Tree Hill on Netflix in 2014. Loved it until season 7. No Lucas and Peyton. What a shame. And a storyline about 2 brothers, gone. Until season 7 I was sad to think I had only 3 seasons left, but after the exit of the best characters on the show, I can now delete the rest of the series.
posted by Naley Forever on Oct 19, 2014
Ok yes Peyton and Lucas are great together and I was hoping to watch them raising Sawyer but honestly aside from Lucas having a thing for Peyton for years and Haley being his best friend the true plot from the beginning was always Lucas and Nathan going from rivals to friends and its all about following your dreams I have watched the show from day one and it was all incredible I think the first 4 seasons were the best but really wish they would of kept going with the kids each original cast couple had hoping one day they will have a One Tree Hill second generation.I think it would be awesome to watch the original cast kids going through allot of what their parents did in High School
posted by sophia lush on Aug 31, 2013
Î luv oth so much i love all characters in it î luv u oth and ppl of oth luv u alj
posted by leytonTLA on Aug 17, 2013
Lucas and Peyton. My all time favorite couple. I love them and miss them so much. It's just so sad that they had to go. It would be really fun to see how Peyton will do as a Mom to Sawyer.
posted by GrammarSnob on Aug 14, 2013
Just's spelled "choking".
posted by aradiastar on Sep 02, 2012
I love OTH, and think that is really touches in all aspects of life, growing up, the hardships, heartaches and forgiveness and a group who stuck through all of it. I was sad to see the characters of Peyton and Lucas depart from the show, but wished for their return, with the wedding of Brooke and Julian and the search for Nathan. It seemed that they were missing 2 in a story line that captured the hearts of all of us. The final run of season 9 episode 13 should of showed Peyton and Lucas. It wasn't a final farewell without the two. The show has not been the same for me and I loved the first 6 seasons, it defined all of us somehow and I will miss the show entirely.
posted by Nana on Jun 18, 2012
I love one tree hill i watched it every day n every night. I would wake up at 7am and watched it all day no sleep , no eating and i watched it on netflex. Lucas n peyton was what keep me watching the show they made it great. When peyton and lucas left the show one tree hill wasnt good no more in season 7 beacuse lucas and peyton left in saason 6. I was hopeing of seening lucas and peyton baby and life grow. They should of stayed on the show and the writer should re do season 7,8,9 and have lucas and peyton in it. Im a big fan of PEYTON SAWYER and LUCAS SCOTT.
posted by korven on May 27, 2012
I watched all 9 seasons back-to-back ( I only saw season 1 aliva) Loved it but I think she could have made an apperence in the last episode .. kind of rude sice so many people loved Peyton
posted by OneTreeHillLoverFore on Apr 26, 2012
I know hil busy filmin White collar (which so happy 2 see) but could wrote her out of script 4 few episodes while shootin OTH!Chad came back wich was so happy but his hair! Didn't even say hi to nate or brooke-they were family! If bring back character, at least Mark could made it worth while. Hope they show repeats of OTH cos show like that deserves to b out there.
posted by OneTreeHillLoverFore on Apr 26, 2012
Gonna miss it. Still watchin it on UK but is very depressing to know that has ended in America. Only watched it a year ago + I'ma huge fan in such a short period of time. I feel like I grew up with it. Gonna cry. Mostly the reason I'm still watchin OTh was bcos of Brooke (also james and joy).
posted by OneTreeHillLoverFore on Apr 26, 2012
Just to say something, I do miss peyton and Lucas because they showed messages on One Tree Hill and made it so unique. But i think the characters did change after a period of time. I still love Brucas and I will probably always will. WE love you! I hope hil and chad nver forget OTH cos I won't.
posted by mzpez on Mar 08, 2012
I really wish they were both back on OTH... they were so insightful - Peyton with her music and Lucas with his literature. I miss that and them.
posted by baba on Mar 12, 2011
this ruined the show big time. lucas and peyton made the show what it is. just like if brooke,nathan, or someone else like them would have left it would still be horriblee...
posted by Kimmy on Feb 16, 2011
What I miss most is Lucas's quotes that just run in the back of your mind and always replay in a real life situation that makes you smile and just do the right thing. at least it has for me, and Peyton's heart and soul that created many wonders there in OTH the art! the relationships and the miracles. She was a big part of it all. I was really hoping she'd return for Brooke's wedding
posted by The kid next door on Feb 05, 2011
You know what i really got into this series and when lucas and peyton left that was it for me i thought to my self as a upcoming director why would you want to loose interest from the show by killing such a spicy relationship. they blew it. big time in my opinion
posted by Theresa on Jan 26, 2011
I wish Peyton and Lucas were still on the Show!! They were tha reason I watched every week.. especially cause of Chad Michael Murray! Yummy! lol But forreal, in my opinion, they made the show! I miss them! I was always pull'n 4 them 2 to finally get together! I dont watch as much for that reason alone! All these "new people" ... i can do without!!
posted by stanely on Jan 25, 2011
i think the show writers should recognize what gives one tree hill that midas touch it is or it was simply lucas and peyton their characters were so human so lovable and so down to earth pls maybe ego should be swallowed and they be brought back
posted by Joanna on Nov 24, 2010
I love One Tree Hill, you guys are so awesome. I really wish that Lucas and Peyton would come back to the show. They were such an inspiration to so many lives. Please bring them back. We love you guys.
posted by Odorac on Nov 08, 2010
I wanahi say to haley bethany joy galeotti forher matured and encouraging character she and nathan are the reason am still watching the show they the most exciting, cause they dont believe in word impossility and that word never exisited and itwill never else it is proved otherwise.Ride on nathan,haley plus little jamie I love u guys
posted by Happy girl on Sep 05, 2010
I also feel like alot of people that one tree hill isnt the same.the show is good bt it was gr8 with peyton and lucas. Alot of fans grew to love the show and the characters. Plze bring them back even if its at least as guest stars:)
posted by Read This on Aug 30, 2010
They might as well change the name of the show to "Second Tree Hill" because it is not the same thing. My friends and the people in my city and school refuse to watch One Tree Hill or have anything to do with the show until Peyton and Lucas return. Thank you
posted by sadperson on Aug 30, 2010
WHEN LUCAS AND PEYTON WERE OFF THE SHOW, ONE TREE HILL DIED FOR ME. IT IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT THEM. They make the show. The original one tree hill clip was of lucas playing basketball. How could the writers do this to such devoted fans?
posted by hmmph on Jul 13, 2010
lucas and peyton need to come back, u can't just snatch em away n mention them once in a while n bring new people in n think its ok, its really like a different show, i dont really care about these people, they are not the people we have grown to love,and i just don't feel attached. it sucks without p&L, brooke needs peyton, nathan needs lucas, haley needs lucas, bring them back plssssss
posted by Looking forward on Mar 23, 2010
I have been watching One Tree Hill awhile now. Please bring back Lucas and Peyton. They really made the show for me, and from what I am reading I'm not alone.
posted by _Loved on Feb 26, 2010
I fell in love with this show. But i have to admit.. Payton and Lucus need to come back they were a big part of why i watch the show.. I lovedd hilaries character..i feel i can relate to her and thats why i love the show. This show needs them!!
posted by Andrea on Feb 23, 2010
They're gang is such an inspiration. There is so many differences between them, but they fill each other out in a perfect way. I admire them all, but now that Peyton and Lucas is gone, its like the season finally in season 6 is the finally in the show, and that from the 7th season is like a new show. I don't feel like i believe in the new characters because I felt like I knew everyones past, and their personalities and just.. Now I dont believe that much in the knew characters, so I don't get kind of touched when dramatic things happens :-S
posted by Peyton on Jan 04, 2010
Yup the show is not the same. I've been watching Season 7 and they had a good couple of episodes but it's pretty much gone downhill now. It's like they're scrambling to find some new material and making up the most ridiculous story Brooke can't have children?! How are they going to pull all of this off? OTH I love you but you're waaaaay over now. Time to bow out!
posted by otunba on Dec 18, 2009
peyton+lucas= one three hill.unless the writers and producers have a joker up their sleeves, the series is as good as fried.why give them such sensitive roles just to snatch them away from their fans at a very untimely and unannounced hour?it just is't guy's come on!let's hav the real gist.
posted by Shanezz on Oct 29, 2009
I watched the first 5 episodes of the new season. Thinking I owe it to the show to at least give it a chance without my fav characters in it. But....I can't bring myself in watching it any longer. OTH is not as good as it was, the writing is awful, the characters are giving their best, but omg...they should have ended it with season 6.
posted by Liz on Oct 24, 2009
Peyton and Lucas made the show, I think. I think that they should return to the show...but if not they will be missed very much! I don't like the show as much but i still watch it but they should still return!
posted by Peark on Oct 18, 2009
I simply hate oth without peyton. she has become more of an idol en i dn't wanna 4get her greatness.i want 2 keep remembering her lyk dat so i cn't possibly watch a season without her.sorry oth i'll mic u badly
posted by Teresa on Oct 14, 2009
Peyton and Lucas should return. Season 7 is not the same. Don't really care if I watch or not now. Bring them back so we can see their baby and life.
posted by mikehil on Sep 23, 2009
I LOVED THAT SHOW! Just watched a weak performance of how it will be... BOOO
posted by Ken on Sep 23, 2009
Why did they leave? that is bullshit... they should of at least had closure on season 6 I still think lucas and peyton are total bad asses but they should come back
posted by Lia on Sep 16, 2009
With Lucas and Peyton gone the show is not going to be the same. When you have a long running character and kick them off like Lucas and Peyton the show is going downhill after that. The other characters are great but just like friends you can't go on with out the beginning team. I myself won't be watching it any longer. You don't cut the fans off and not have a good explanation. Very bad writing on their part. I thnk that is probably the last season. They better rethink this.
posted by silverslayer321 on Aug 25, 2009
as everyone else has said, yes, i too am saddened by the departure of lucas and peyton. on the other hand, they show has other characters as well. Who knows, maybe in time Leyton will hopefully return, but as a true OTH fan, you gotta love the show regaurdless the change in the line-up
posted by Pourty Pie on Aug 09, 2009
Peyton's strength and persaverance, as well as Hilarie's genuine heart and positive attitude are an inspiration to anyone who takes the time to pay attention. She will sorely be missed from the show and it will not be the same without her. I would dare venture to say that I see the show bombing the way OC did when Marissa was killed off. I only hope the producers will realize this before it is to late and resign the girl who made her mark on so many hearts and in my opinion made the show!
posted by margo_xoxo on Aug 04, 2009
I am soooo sad that lucas and peyton are leaving the show b/c they are two of the 6 main characters the show will NOT be as good with out them and i really dont understand why they would leave just after haveing a baby it just dosent make sense to me! i really want them to come back they made the show whatv it is i just dont want them gone and whio ever says they didnt like them or they didnt mean anything to the show think about when brooke or hayley or nathan needed help they were always there! thats my view on the leaving!!!!!!
posted by Stefo Defo on Jul 30, 2009
I sm totally upset about Hilarie and Chad leaving the show!They have brought so much to the show and tbh i dont know how the show is going to continue!i reli hope they do guest appearances in season 7 as that wud be great!i have been through so many emotions watching oth and want to thank Peyton and Lucas for helping all us Leyton fans believe that true love can happen no matter what!will miss ya!Peyton and Lucas i love yoh both!xoxoxox
posted by John on Jul 29, 2009
Brooke you rock!!!!!! Cant wait for season7 when hopefully you will have more air time. Luv ya x you are the best and OTH rocks because of you!!!!
posted by Bips on Jul 29, 2009
SOPHIA BUSH is the best!!!! She is the best part of the show, and as long as she is there, then the show will rock!!!! Peyton & lucas can go, they are boring as hell anyway. Now with Brooke & Julian, the show will come alive!!!!! Go brooke & Julian!!!!!
posted by mary1939 on Jul 22, 2009
ilost my husband with cancer and i started to watch one tree hill i love luke and peyton they had a love that was real i guess i will miss them and watch for them on another show the will go down hill bring them back
posted by rebecca64 on Jul 08, 2009
posted by megapo!! on Jul 08, 2009
i am totally annoyed that peyton and lucas are leaving as i have watched the show for 6 years and the show is just going to be rubbish without them i mean , when uu are putting on OTH you are thinking whats going to happen with luke and peyton and now the're leaving they could of put it in the end of season 6 :'( TOTALLLY! GUTTED!!! THEY NEED TO COME BACK IN SEASON 7!!
posted by brendha on Jul 06, 2009
i have watched one tree hill since the very start and now lucas and peyton are leaving?wth!they're like the main!ish
posted by lost on Jul 05, 2009
I watch the show for so many reasons. But the main one is the hope that lucas and peyton give...I may sound like a sap but some of us don't believe in happily ever after. Or that people actually fight for each other. Lucas an peyton...It won't be the same with out them. I don't think I'll be able to watch anymore.
posted by B Davis is my girl on Jun 12, 2009
I'm only watching the show because of Sophia/Brooke she's by far the best character in One tree hill. But i hate when main characters has to die, i'll miss Lucas even if i'm not a big fan of him. Brooke can NEVER leave the show cause that would be the END! She's the best love her
posted by sextygril on Jun 05, 2009
i love one tree hill it rocks i fell in love with the show i am fan peyton and lucas Brooke i diffent love nathan haley james scott please dont go chad and hilarie
posted by on Jun 03, 2009
first of all i love one tree hill all becos of brooke davis so if peyton is leaving am cool with it am not exactly her fan.used to like lucas but not after he settled for peyton
posted by babiit@yahoo,com on Jun 02, 2009
i cant believe they wont come back.. dont gime that crap... if they liked their job so much it would be an issue wit money... foenies...n disgrace
posted by neekayla houston on May 30, 2009
the only reson i watch the show is because of peyton an lucas with out them its not going to be the same i watch the when it first came on so i hope they dont go
posted by me on May 25, 2009
i have been living for One tree hill and for the "lucas" character... i don't know whether i want to continue watching it if Hilarie and Chad laves..atleast for the fans don't give up!
posted by ; on May 24, 2009
I love Sophia Bush!
posted by LiSA on May 24, 2009
First of all, let me start off by saying, I love One Tree Hill! I still can't believe Chad and Hilarie are leaving! I've watched One Tree Hill from the very beginning and I own all 5 seasons on DVD, Chad was the reason I started watching it, and some where along the line, I fell in love with the show, I can so relate to it, so pleeease dont leave it won't be the same without them! :(
posted by kathleen on May 24, 2009
lucas and peyton ,is the main figures of all series are, it is my favories
posted by brucas_21 on May 24, 2009
please don't leave :( one tree hill has been my favorite show since i was a freshman in high school.. i'm now in university and it's still the best!! i skip class for this :( you guys have to stay!!
posted by on May 18, 2009
I have been watching the show sence the first season and have sene every episode. And i have all five seasons and fell in love with the characters and with that said it up sets me that 2 of the main characters are leaving i hope that they come back at some point of season 7.
posted by on May 18, 2009
I have watched one tree hill since I was a junior in high- school, I feel like I have grown up with these people and it hurts to see that two staples of the show are not ruturning. I love everyone on the show but it's not complete with EVERYONE not there.

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