Trace Cyrus Says He Loves Vanessa Hudgens With All His Heart

May 13, 2009 08:52:44 GMT

Metro Station's vocalist, Trace Cyrus, admits he loves Vanessa Hudgens very much and wants her to date him instead of current boyfriend Zac Efron.

Trace Cyrus, Metro Station
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Photo credit: Robin Wong/PR Photos

Trace Cyrus, the singer brother of Disney teen sensation Miley Cyrus, has made no secret about his love for Vanessa Hudgens, telling press during his recent trip to Germany, "I love her with all my heart." Greater than that, he even said it would be better if she is with him rather than dating her current actor boyfriend Zac Efron.

"He is not competition. Zac should watch out for me. I mean honestly, look at him and then look at me," Trace gushed. "Vanessa is mine .... I met her once at an event. Unfortunately, Zac was in the way," he recalled.

"I have an idea to steal Vanessa," Trace continued. "I will let my sister Miley arrange a meeting. Then Vanessa will realize I am right for her. Besides, she looks better in my arms!"

Trace Cyrus is recognized as Miley Cyrus' brother. He was adopted by Miley's father Billy Ray Cyrus when Billy Ray married his mother Leticia "Tish" Cyrus. Besides, Trace is also well known as the guitarist, songwriter and vocalist of band Metro Station.


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posted by iera on Dec 31, 2010
you know i like to see zac and vanessa..than trace and vanessa..i mean tranessa...yiks... i like zanessa you know
posted by ash on Jun 21, 2010
Zac all the wayy!! Zanessa <3
posted by JOJO on Apr 25, 2010
stop hating on trace he was only joking not that i hve anything against vannessa but it as just a joke ppl god
posted by Lala on Apr 24, 2010
OMG people! You really believe this!? This is bullshit! Trace never said such things xD BAHAHAHAHA xD
posted by K.J on Jan 19, 2010
and i cant belive ur uing miley she is my idol i LOOOOVE her
posted by K.J on Jan 19, 2010
i dont liketrace my best friend LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES him tho (i thinks she's crazy)
posted by K.J on Jan 19, 2010
I dont really like Trace never had, never will, and Vannessa NO WAY yeah she did those pic's but no need 2 H8 it was 1 time c'mon guys and there is no compertition and iff there was Zac has already won it 2 b honest trace u r WAAAAAAAAAAAAY outta her legue
posted by JoanneSpencer on Sep 28, 2009
Even though I am AGAINST the idea of Trace and Vanessa together,but Trace is probably joking,and it is his point of view,we can't do anything right?,coz i think she fits Zac better,but i dun think Vanessa would go for Trace,I mean 'Zanessa' is STILL going strong and is not breaking up soon.Although they dun look that close in the public right now is because they are busy and they are very private person.But honestly,I find Trace a bit too arrogant.Vanessa is a great girl,she is my idol and is admire by millions of people in the world.So haters,how could you say she is a slut,bitch and whore when you did not even met her in real life before?Just because of her nude photo scandal,thats why you hate her?I mean come on,everybody makes mistake,i know her nude photo scandal is a huge mistake,but she did learn her lesson right?Nobody is perfect,celebrities are also humans,huams make mistakes,dun tell me that you guys are soo perfect that you dun make mistake,plz just imagine you are her,look at her point of view,she is alr sorry,so jus stop all the hating,but that is you guys choice
posted by iloveu on Sep 24, 2009
trace cyres is better for demi not vannessa
posted by jonessafan123 on Sep 15, 2009
they make a wonderful couple NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she should go out with joe jonas.
posted by Kulli on Sep 10, 2009
WE LOVE YOU, TRACE!!!! We love his back of the head! We are your fanclub, and if anyone says you're ugly, he lies!!!
posted by Lady on Sep 05, 2009
Trace better back off! Zac && Vanessa are getting married and thats final. And i don't think that zanessa would like that if they invite the cyrus family over to there wedding that trace would say something.
posted by meh :) on Aug 22, 2009
tbh trace shud try and get with Vanessa i mean shes pretty but childish, completely annoying and her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard so he'd be doing zac a favour ;) xx
posted by Beth. on Aug 18, 2009
Tbh, I love Metro Station, and I think Trace is hot, but I don't think him and Vanessa suit. And I actually respect him for saying this, as I bet most famous guys are thinking stuff like this, but keeping it private. Atleast Trace is showing who he really iss. but PLEASE don't go after Vanessa! You look much better with Demi. XD
posted by mileyfan1 on Aug 05, 2009
I love miley she rules so dont go gettting tyoure sister into this isnt she in the publics eyes to much as it is plus zack is HOT and youre NOT vennesa and zack are soul mates plus venessa and zack ROCK
posted by icefairy on Aug 03, 2009
i luv Zanessa, buh if Trace is 2 steal ness, it would be really interestib 2 c wat appenz wiv zac nd dat
posted by Anch.Horror on Jul 27, 2009
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA WHAT COMMENTS ppl get a life : D Trace is hot Vanessa is beautifull why not ? goo Trace go Trace !: D <333
posted by emmigurl on Jul 27, 2009
OMFG! Trace,you don't belong with Vanessa! I have no respect for you! Jesus. I mean Vanessa belongs with Zac and that is final. Vanessa is better with Zac. Zanessa rules,Tranessa dosn't. Your ugly anyways,you have alot of tatoos and I don't think Vanessa would even like you!
posted by shush on Jun 26, 2009
trace cyrus... KEEP DREAMING MAN!! v is not yours, and will NEVER be yours... its zac's property duh!!! and how dare you use your lil sis name (yeah shes your sis but DUH!!!) you are freaking disgusting... well not really disgusting but u r disgusting w/ all those tatoos...anyway i know there are lots of guys wanting v but saying those words??? OUCH!!!
posted by bethany on Jun 12, 2009
Um, isn't anyone aware that he has been awfully sweet to Demi Lovato on twitter. I love Trace and all, but he has been known to start things. He might just want to start a fight. Vanessa and him are the same age ,so it could work...... I guess
posted by Chelsea Pham on Jun 02, 2009
Trace so ugly but i had a heart failure
posted by Chit Chit on May 31, 2009
i'm totally ZANESSA fan but...i love trace tooo im sure vanessa and trace would make a great couple
posted by metrostationrox8 on May 29, 2009
i think trace can get whoever the hell he wants u must be blind if u think hes ugly hes hot as fuck!
posted by metrostationrox8 on May 26, 2009
look as much as i dnt like to see trace with another gurl lol hes the love of my life haha i think he can get any friken gurl he wants i mena look at him hes gorgeous
posted by Nessa Lover on May 25, 2009
Oh puh-lease the the people who hate Vanessa get a life! damn all of you! duh you're just jealous because Vanessa has a great life hahaha If you don't like her then stop posting rude comments about her. Hey Trace have you seen all of the fans of Zanessa? duh you can't steal Vanessa from Zac and your sis will not do that geeh think about it! ZANESSA is way better than Trace and Vanessa... don't you even try to steal her!
posted by Nessa Lover on May 25, 2009
Oh puh-lease the the people who hate Vanessa get a life! damn all of you! duh you're just jealous because Vanessa has a great life hahaha If you don't like her then stop posting rude comments about her. Hey Trace have you seen all of the fans of Zanessa? duh you can't steal Vanessa from Zac and your sis will not do that geeh think about it! ZANESSA is way better than Trace and Vanessa... don't you even try to steal her!
posted by A on May 24, 2009
posted by Eva on May 22, 2009 wrong...Vanessa? so wrong! VANESSA SUCKS!!!
posted by brittneychaos on May 22, 2009
You guys are fucking nuts Vanessa huggens is fuckin ugly as look way better with trace then her..
posted by reply 2 Lily on May 22, 2009
If that DID happen, he'd be mine so back off!
posted by Georgina on May 22, 2009
Well, I hate (yes, I don't know her but shes annoying and just stupid on camera) his sis so I have no respect for the dude. Yer, look at him And Zac. Zac is, like, 1 million times cuter! If Vanessa had any brains (I'm sure she does!) she would pick Zac. Vanessa is decent so, back off weirdo!
posted by ivy on May 20, 2009
oh my god ! he's crazy !i think it's just joking
posted by HAHA on May 19, 2009
Ohmyyyy. lmfao. This post, and everyone's comments make me ROFL.
posted by wwaackk on May 19, 2009
omg, really? i love trace and metro station
posted by lilly on May 19, 2009
Oh yeah, right. Such a hard decision. Zac or Trace. Of course, if Vanessa did have a moment of insanity and go to Trace, I would be more than happy to step in and console Zac. :)
posted by Chace on May 19, 2009
Hey, TRACEISHOT and ilovekejoenick... don't u think TRACE is TOO UGLY and TOO DUMB for Vanessa?? Well, as I think, Vanessa is the most suitable girl for Zac.. and Trace, do not dream too high.. if you did, well, you're probably gon' save it for yourself u think you are perfect?! oh, man, please! snap your crap! just... go to hell u think u r soooo handsome? do you have any mirror?? or r u blind? i believe 99.9% people in this worls would say the same as me: U R TOO UGLY AND TOO OBSESSED WITH YOURSELF!! Geez... wake up, please, will u?? U R FAMOUS BECAUSE OF MILEY AND HER DAD!!! U R LUCKY BCOZ U HAD BEEN ADOPTED BY THE CYRUS!!
posted by sisca on May 17, 2009
oh my gosh... u are not in the same level with ZAC.. and Trace is too ugly for vanessa........
posted by HudgensHomie09 on May 17, 2009
ok I absoultly love vanessa. I'm her biggest fan EVER!!! None of u r as big as me.:p LOL trace is fucking ugly ok he looks like the child of a pelican and a beaver. Zac is fuckin hot. Trace u have no chance at all. Zanessa forever<3<3 ps I highly dout trace said that that's just stupid if he did and if he did say that he was probably joking
posted by lara on May 17, 2009
I am a big fan of vanessa and i have all her posters.zac and she are beautiful together.
posted by Nicole on May 17, 2009
All this is real. He really feels the way he does, okay? First, Trace isn't a douche, or emo, and neither is he ugly. And either way, if most people think that, who cares? I guess who must date whoever is hot only, huh? And, second. Do you honestly believe that she and Zac are going to stay together for another 10 years? He refuses to marry until at least 10 more years, and as much as I love Zanessa and hate to say this, chances are, they're not going to be together forever. And lastly, he sounds genuine in the interview. Trace seems open for it and so am I. She deserves a good guy to be with, and though we don't know about Trace and Vanessa obviously, we can base it on the relationship Zac and Vanessa have now, which isn't as good as it was two years back.
posted by Lisa on May 16, 2009
Stop hating, he was just joking. Geez.
posted by TRACEISHOT on May 16, 2009
ohh fuck no bitchesss! I highly dout trace ever said that. vanessa is an ugly disqusting whore and trace would not do that! and hes not only famous because of his sister to bad on the top 100 metro station was rated higher than miley!! there for he obviously is not famous becauuse of miley, fuck there both famous because of their dad and they have some damn good talent! Trace is not a low life stupid mother fuckers!! and vanessa a good girl? she posed naked that fucking whore!! dont say shit about trace that you dont know is true or not omg just because he has percings and tatoos dosent mean he does drugs wtf!! And all you bitches who say vanessa is your idol id rather my kid idol trace who has pericings and tatoos rather than makes nasty porn pics on the internet fucking cunt whore slut bitch!
posted by Sharon on May 15, 2009
U don't hope that u can steal vanessa cos she dosn't even like u and i think u are worst than a jerk u didn't even look like a guy but GANGSTER!! Mua ha ha ha
posted by Vanessa on May 15, 2009
Yeah, the same name... I don't like Trace cyrus...he's not handsome enough for Vanessa..oh my...zac is better better better than HIM !
posted by vaN on May 15, 2009
Hi VANEsSa! We've d same name.. :-D i reALLy2x like you! As a matter of fact, i haVe posters Of u in my roOm. Keep it up gurl! I promise to suPport u In every projects uL have!! Mwaaaah..
posted by cc on May 15, 2009
Zac efron anydaaaay! Trace, Nowaaaay haha no offence, i like his music. But hes no match for zac efrom in the looks department!
posted by what on May 15, 2009
i cant believe that instead off trying to win a girls heart he will use his sister to'I have an idea to steal Vanessa," Trace continued. "I will let my sister Miley arrange a meeting. Then Vanessa will realize I am right for her. Besides, she looks better in my arms!" omg mate trace you were my idol my most favorite hardcore favorite guy then you just say that shit i cant beieve im going to say this but "mate get a fu**** life and stop trying to steal other boy's girls
posted by wow on May 15, 2009
man that was so dumb i cant believe that trace would actually say that. i was a big metrostation fan until i read this trace he's just likepractically using his sister to gain popularity and trying to steal another mans girl wow he's quite pathetic but his sister she great
posted by ilovekejoenick on May 14, 2009
okay... all of you are sticking up for vanessa?? omygawd/ trace's band is amazing.. and he is not famous because of miley. their band is amazing. why dont you guys learn to have respect for everyone. even if you dont like them,. kay. you guys dont know either of them. just because someone is "ugly" doesnt mean they shouldnt be respected. okay. so just back off. you guys probab;y shouldnt even be talking. he is probably way better looking than you.
posted by Money on May 14, 2009
It's not true!
posted by cam3 on May 14, 2009
I agree with ley, STOP HATING!!!! Vanessa is not a perfect princess, so get over your selves, many of u r probably a lot worse. Love u V, don't listen 2 haters, u r beautiful and a lucky girl!
posted by ley on May 14, 2009
Vanessa is awesome. Haters get off her sh*t! She made a mistake, so you hate her, gmafb, im pretty sure most of u have made plenty, so stop hatin on sumthin that happened along time ago dam. Anyway, Vanessa is beautiful and i like metrostation...
posted by plez on May 14, 2009
Hardly so, dude. Did you see how hideous you look, folk? It seems like your face has been trashed by a giant truck and no bone is on its right place. And tattoed body are hot, but not when tattoes are placed over an overskinny completely unmuscled fell. Slim is good, but you're like a stick with horrid face (and teeth) to match. Vanessa Hudgens is no one, but even her deserve better than a monster like you. Plus, honestly, Metro Station are a joke. Disney call for emo retarded? Pity anybody giving these jokes any decent attention.
posted by em on May 14, 2009
you are goth she would have stupid to fall for YOU
posted by em on May 14, 2009
you are to ogly for her
posted by em on May 14, 2009
and you have 2 whortes
posted by em on May 14, 2009
she is way out of your lege
posted by maddy on May 14, 2009
i think he is totally mad !!and even hez using his sister to gain vanessa !!vanessa would never look good in a arms of a boy who dresses uo like a ghost !!
posted by cocktail on May 13, 2009
eww... vanessa is nasty!! =p
posted by cocktail on May 13, 2009
eww... vanessa is nasty!! =p
posted by mar on May 13, 2009
lol well im a big metro station fan im not a big vanessa fan but i have respect 4 her...i think zac is absolutely beautiful...idk i think that trace and vanessa would b a cute couple but i think vanessas type is more zac. no offence trace but ur kind of scary...but u rock so w/e!!! I LUV METRO STATION!!! AND ZAC IS GORGEOUS!!!!
posted by Kristen on May 13, 2009
um. . .ew. thats kinda disturbing. And vanessa isnt disgusting. She took a few pics and it leaked. i bet all the celebs do that but only she got caught. And i thought zac and v were getting married?
posted by mbarrie on May 13, 2009
i totally agree with taytay on everything, vanessa is one of my idols on what kind of person she is and her style!
posted by Macey on May 13, 2009
thats just gross tbh why write that on here its got nowt to do with this. vaneessa is gross for doing wot she did on internet. and i hate her for it
posted by craig on May 13, 2009
she doesnt shave her (coughss) yah
posted by p on May 13, 2009
omg i hate vanessa.
posted by angel cakes on May 13, 2009
eww you are gross and zac is HOT so there and vanessa is so pritty as if she'll go with you YUK
posted by Anonymous on May 13, 2009
I find Trace too cocky. If I were him, I wouldn't even be spilling this. It makes him sound like a real jerk. You never know, he might just be saying this to get attention. If so, he's not doing it the right way and Vanessa and Zac are 100% meant to be. No offense Trace, you aren't right to be with Vanessa. You don't deserve her.
posted by taytay on May 13, 2009
to the person thats name is cocktail if anyone is nasty here its defintly NOT VANESSA!! ITS YOU AND TRACE!!!
posted by taytay on May 13, 2009
and all of u ppl still going on about the nude pictures get over it allready that was wen she was younger they obvisoiusly didnt mean to get out its not like she let them out NOBODYS PERFECT EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES are you too perfect that you cant forgive her??? no and WE HATE YOU FOR SAYING YOU HATE VANESSA!!!!!
posted by stylishfriends on May 13, 2009
Plz leave Vanessa alone,she is a good girl now,she stopped taking those slutty pics,plz.and im sorry trace but u are only famous cuz of your sissy.
posted by taytay on May 13, 2009
the comment by the person name L i agree with u!!!
posted by taytay on May 13, 2009
UM TRACE IS DISGUSTING VANESSA IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL EVER all u haters on here fuck off VANESSA IS NOT NASTY she is admired my MILLIONS of ppl so keep ur rude comments to urself ur probly just jealous of her becuz her talent and her beautyy i mean look at trace hes like a low life atleast VANESSA has a life and doesnt waste money on stupid shit like him LOVE YOU VANESSA NEVER LISTEN TO HATERS BECUZ U HAVE WAYYYYYYYY MORE FANS THEN HATERS and he could never get VANESSA!!!1
posted by L on May 13, 2009
i now have absolutley no respect for this guy (not that i had much before)

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