Robert Pattinson Speaks Up About Rumors of Him Dating Kristen Stewart

April 24, 2009 02:43:32 GMT

Robert Pattinson says he tends to perceive the persistent false rumors of him dating co-star Kristen Stewart as "bizarre" and "ridiculous".

Robert Pattinson
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Taking a brief break from filming "The Twilight Saga's New Moon," Robert Pattinson sat down for an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, April 23, during when he opened up about the persistent rumors of him dating on-screen lover Kristen Stewart. "It's really bizarre," he said of the false romance rumors.

"It becomes a joke," he continued. "There was some magazine the other day about me and Kristen, and when you look at it and realize it's on the front of a magazine... You realize that people are actually reading that even though how ridiculous it is."

Speaking further about how his fame affects his private life, Robert frankly admitted he is afraid that his sudden popularity might ruin his relationships with the people he loves. "I'm always really worried about ruining their lives," he testified, adding, "Especially with people that aren't famous. It's such a massive change. I'm kind of a paranoid wreck."

Robert, moreover, claimed media spotlight makes it harder for him to deal with his routines. "It's getting photographed. You have people who analyze your facial expressions to the tiniest degree. So you're just trying to avoid getting photographed. You're like, 'Jesus, you can't win,'" he explained.

Robert's full interview will be aired on Entertainment Tonight on Friday, April 24.

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posted by beatriss robinzoon on Jun 13, 2009
love the twisaga and excited about new mon. looks like rob and kisten have a great futuree. bye bye. i love
posted by la la la on Jun 12, 2009
well this what I think! PARAMORE should me in the New Moon sound track!!! =p
posted by deanna on May 04, 2009
i recon thay are cute together but its there life and i cry in the movie where he says ill make it go away bella.and im gonna become and actres to theres lots i want to do but there not together so im gonna let it go te he
posted by tinamaries on May 03, 2009
i hope rob doesnt go with kristen hes to good for her, she should stik with her borinq bf
posted by summer seasons on May 02, 2009
ROB&KRISTEN have the right to NOT date I mean sure rob liked her at the time of shooting TWILIGHT but they even said 'we were just getting into caracter.'
posted by ashkinita on Apr 30, 2009
It is not impossible for Rob & Kristen to be together, they will be filming a lot, also remember what happpened when Brad and Angelina were filming Mr.& Mrs. Smith? They kept denying rumors that something was going on, he was still married to Jennifer Aniston for 7 yrs.! So Kristen and Rob getting together is a definite possibility. Also not one Papparazzi was ever able to take a phot of Brad and Angie together during that time. Just a thought!
posted by ihateantihero on Apr 30, 2009
u shouldn't be talkin, ur just jealous cause people likes him and if you have anything against his hair you should really keep it 2 urself cause u hav no right to make comments about his hair!
posted by Hehe on Apr 27, 2009
I met and those people who make up rumors just hav a boring life lol x)
posted by Hylee on Apr 27, 2009
well you see if your gona acted thats what gona happen if your in a hit movie ... And that make up rumor's just have a dumb life lol well its not kool to make rumors about other people any way =)
posted by sai on Apr 26, 2009
well i agree with miss independence.....and shes right.....
posted by miss_independent on Apr 26, 2009
i am so much surprised to see people can STILL be so naive and childish!..you see a couple on the screen, they fit well - of course they do, they were chosen and approved by a huge team of filmmakers! - and you believe they should live together happily, for the rest of their lives. People do still believe in fairy-tales!... well, maybe it's indeed something we're missing in our lives right now. Anyway, no matter how much you like the movie and the actors, you shouldn't turn their lives into a nightmare. They are normal people, and they have the right to privacy. All this fuss, maniac screaming, chasing, taking photos, even this discussion and this comment of mine - it inconveniences them, makes life harder for them. Not everyone is vainglorious after all...
posted by antihero on Apr 25, 2009
he needs a new hir style
posted by chapper on Apr 25, 2009
People should take an inward look at their own relationships before scrutinizing others.Robs a talanted actor/musician with a huge future!
posted by Kat on Apr 25, 2009
How in the heck do you know they would be a good couple? Are you a personal friend? GROW UP AND LET ROB LIVE HIS LIFE.
posted by SomeOne on Apr 25, 2009
yee but when he was doing that interview he should of said kristen has a BF to like full on clear it up in a way . but he didnt so maybe kristen is single now . BTW I THINK THEY MAKE A GOOD COUPLE ROB AND KRISTEN.
posted by jess on Apr 24, 2009
so no one has posted the full interview the ... means their is parts missing but what is it
posted by Moemoe on Apr 24, 2009
I think its high time to leave Rob and Kristen alone!Whatever is going on in their love lives, whether they are togther or not just let them be. They are both adults.JUST LET THEM ALONE!!!
posted by J.R on Apr 24, 2009
I really wished Robert would not worrie so much. He has to live in the moment, and pick and choose his battles.
posted by katieg on Apr 24, 2009
love the twisaga & excited about new moon. looks like rob & kristen have a great future. please come to nc, usa.

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