Two Brothers in 'Vampire Diaries' Pilot Cast

March 27, 2009 08:36:07 GMT

Paul Wesley will play the younger and good vampire while Ian Somerhalder will tackle the older evil brother in 'Vampire Diaries'.

Two Brothers in 'Vampire Diaries' Pilot Cast
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The CW's "Vampire Diaries" is taking shape with the casting of two actors. PFC Logan Atwater of "Army Wives", Paul Wesley, has signed for the role of Stefan while Ian Somerhalder who played Boone in "Lost" has struck a deal to fill in for Damon.

Stefan and Damon Salvatore are vampire brothers who have Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev) as their object of passion. The 200-year-old Stefan is described as "gloriously, amazingly, epically beautiful young man" who has a strong connection with Elena. Damon meanwhile is an older brother who can go from playful to evil in a split second.

"Vampire Diaries" is based on LJane Smith's series of novel which first book "The Awakening" was published in 1991.

Also on board the project which is developed by Warner Bros TV, are Zach Roerig who will play Elena's ex-boyfriend Matt Honeycutt, Kayla Ewell who plays Matt's sister and Steven R. McQueen.


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posted by annie on Oct 01, 2013
get over it harry potter doesnt have blue eyes but hey, everyone loves it
posted by yahaira on Oct 07, 2010
with animal so cute person nice
posted by yahaira on Oct 07, 2010
sory your cute paul pit bull so cute an ian
posted by aleesha on Aug 26, 2010
i l0ve vampire diaries is so cool i watch evry time its on
posted by elsha star on Jul 01, 2010
These movie is realy cool every one should see it!!! demon is the best acter i have seein in vampire daire!!!
posted by SNOOOPY on Nov 06, 2009
posted by DELMY on Nov 06, 2009
posted by Me on Sep 12, 2009
It;s nice to see the book made into a tv show but why mess with a good thing? The book deals so much with her hair colour why change it?
posted by Rashel on Sep 10, 2009
omg!...I just watched the pilot!..its aweful..vicky as matts sister?..what the heck?...and where he heck is meredith?....and stefan isn't neaarly as hot as he should be but he's a lot better than the guy they got to play damon!...but neither of them are hot enough...and stefan living with an uncle?...and its fells church not mystic fals...?....hello...I just have to pretend its not vpd and its something else to not ruin the books for me...but lj asked her fans on her site to stick with it for a few episodes cuz it gets better so I will at least do that...but as of now im not too happy with it...
posted by hannababeyy on Sep 07, 2009
theyy ent thaa samee as thaa books cuz there better discripeted (Y)
posted by Aleshia on Sep 05, 2009
I haven't picked up the vampire diaries books yet but i think they were trying to make them seem less pedophile like I mean a 5oo years old vampire and a 17-barely had any life expirence girl?sick
posted by amanda on Aug 23, 2009
this annoys me. elena looks completely wrong. nina's pretty and all but she's not even similar to elena. plus, elena had a sister, and bonnie and meredith didn't look like those girls at all. and is caroline even in it? i hate why tv ruins all good things because i really wanted the show to be as good as the books were. and, im annoyed that they keep making these weird changes and adding more things. you all know why, because the producers want the vampire diaries to appeal to the twilight fanbase. i think they should have left the story how it was supposed to and if people wanted to watch it for how it really is then they could. i mean, hello? elena has brown hair and brown eyes, doesn't that sound like bella. god, twilight's annoying. oh yeah, and vd took place in falls church not mystic falls.
posted by Bianca on Jul 16, 2009
NOOOOO this is sooooo wrong Elena does not have brown hair she has blond and blue eyes change it!!!!!!!!!!!! ok steafan is ok i guess i think hes cute but needs to be hotter but plz plz plz change Elena shes soooooo not right it ruins it cuz of the brown eyes and brown hair she needs to have blond and blue like in the book PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Bianca on Jul 16, 2009
NOOOOO this is sooooo wrong Elena does not have brown hair she has blond and blue eyes change it!!!!!!!!!!!! ok steafan is ok i guess i think hes cute but needs to be hotter but plz plz plz change Elena shes soooooo not right it ruins it cuz of the brown eyes and brown hair she needs to have blond and blue like in the book PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by bubblez1947 on Jul 16, 2009
i really agree with heystefilol cuz i didnt imagine any of them lookin tht way and right Elena does not have brown hair she has blond hair n blue eyes but i am kinda lookin forward to seeing if the shows anything like the book cuz if its not then tht wuld suck lol but yeah i totally agree with Luzi 2 cuz shes right there both 500 yrs old and no u shouldnt put in a sis for Matt and a bro for Elena tht wuld totally screw it up but wutever! I LOVE THE BOOKS
posted by mandi on Jul 01, 2009
ok first thing noone can reallly say anything bout the male casting EVERYONE has diff like but elaina COME ON GET SERIOUS the whole book is based on her having LAPUS TAZULA {sp} eyes and blonde hair ...... wheres merideth{best friend} margarite{sister} y dont they just change the name of the show instead of getting everyones hopes up about an awsome classic and destroying it on tv infront of millions......dissapointed
posted by Vampire Diaries rox! on May 26, 2009
The books were soooooooo freaking amazing and the characters were a whole lot hotter in the books wen i pictured them!!!!! Stefan and Damon are supposed to b HOTTT vampires not "boys next door" types of guys!!!! This sux!!! Elena has blonde hair blue eyes so they better fix tht!!!! And Stefan is supposed to be cute and hott not ugly and boring!!!! Damon is supposed to b all dark and mysterious and so is Stefan and they got the characters all wacked up!!!!! get some emo looking vampire type actors with long black hair and look alot alike they describe them in the books for the tv show!!!!!!!!! These people have it all messed up!!!!! The books are amazing and I was so excited for the tv show.........until now!!! The characters suck and don't fit like they did in my head or alot of other teenage girls imagined them either!!!! So they better make changes or this tv series is not gonna last very long and no ones gonna watch it!!!!!!!!
posted by TeamStefan!! on May 24, 2009
ok this is soooo sadening!! I PISSED ABOUT ELENA DAMON AND STEFAN!! damon had the dark eyes and stefan had the green eyes not the other way around!!(altough i think the damon guys are blue BUT STILL!!) the stefan guy would have made a better damon and then get a completely new guy for stefan hes soooo noot hot enough!! totally killed the books!! i hope this doesnt make in onto the tv schedules here in NewZealand so im not tempted to watch it just cus ill probly cry the whole way though!! ELENAS BLONDE WITH BLUE EYES READ THE BOOKS!!
posted by heystefilol on May 22, 2009
Are you serious? They shouldn't even make this show. The guys look nothing like the way I imagined them, Elena is NOT brunette, she has blue eyes and blonde hair. Somone has obviously not read these books. There isn't even a poin to it if it's not right. And why change the names? Stefan and Damon Whitmore? Are you serious? THEY'RE LAST NAME IS SALVATORE you know as in SAVIOR? Yeah Stefan and Damon both say it in the book. Get real, I've never been so upset in my life. Whoever is in charge of this either needsto quit or be fired. I was excited, now I'm just dreading it. Someone's going to watch the show on TV then be like this is dumb, I don't think I even want to read the books. There goes LJ Smiths sales. Get real. I hate this. END OF STORY.
posted by Sasha on May 21, 2009
Um who the heck is supposed to play Merideth?? ELena didnt have a brother SHE HAD A SISTER named Magret Are they even going to mention her at all?? What about MERIDETH!!
posted by Spellbinder628 on May 17, 2009
So disappointing. Elena as a brunette? They better break out s new hair color. She is BLONDE with BLUE eyes. I'm sickened.
posted by rebel on May 08, 2009
I AM SOOOOOO PISSED OFF!!! Y do ppl like to mess up the good bks?! SOOOOOOOO UNfair!!!!!!! Stefan- NO Damon-NO, Elena-DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!
posted by tink on May 08, 2009
does anyone know when the tv show is going to come out?????
posted by Bre on May 04, 2009
Iíve seen the people playing the characters such as, Elena, Stephan, and Damon. So far, the CW has already ruined it. Since when is Elena Bulgarian-Canadian? And since when does she have a brother? Television ruins all the good books.
posted by damongurl666 on Apr 25, 2009
i know yall r gonna love what i just heard in the series elena is going to be a brunette they arent changing anything about her lj if your reading this please talk to these movie peeps and tell them to find a better suiting cast!
posted by damongurl666 on Apr 25, 2009
i think that damon is really hottt!!!! but it seems that these people havent even read the fricken book! i mean hello why dont they pick steven straight for stefan, just stick green contacts in his head and viola! but i am pretty cheesed off that elena now has a brother what the crap what about margaret? and dosent elena have blonde hair blue eyes that fricken whats-her-face dosent even resemble her! i guess that i will watch the series but just pretend it isnt vampire diaries its just a show in which the characters just so happen to hav the same names gosh they screwed up the cast of twilight and now they r going to frick this up too oh well :( and if you havent read the books and plan on watching the series then dont even bother with the books because you will end up in a tempermental rage like me and so many other people. i feel bad for lj smith
posted by Patricia on Apr 18, 2009
It is nothing like the book ): Not even Ljane approves of it! They changed everything! It totally loses the point of the story... It is entirely different. It SUCKSSSS!!!
posted by NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!! on Apr 16, 2009
Hello!! Have they ever even read the book. that is totaly wrong.FIX IT!! That is terible. Horable and any other word. The vampires are suposed to be good looking (no ofens)not them. And scince when does matt have a sister. HELLO! he doesn't. aren't shows and movies based on books spposed to be like the book. YES THEY ARE. that is messed up and wrong. No one will watch it if it is nothing like the book. I mean come on, if you try to make it like the book it is better.
posted by Patrice on Apr 15, 2009
WTF! Nooo, Stefan is supposed to be beautiful! I do not like this actor to represent him!!!NOOOOOOO! I do not like Damon either, i do not like any of them! Matt is ok, but the others are all wrong!!!! I did not know that Matt had a sister S: I am confused.... Please change the cast!!!
posted by OMG on Apr 14, 2009
Omg i didnt picture stefan and damon or Elena like that. That is totaly wrong. PLEASE FIX THAT.
posted by TVD on Apr 13, 2009
posted by damon+elena on Apr 12, 2009
NNNNOOOO I DID NOT IMAGINE STEFAN OR DAMON THAT WAY. you people have completly screwed this up. im excited that there is a movie like was freaking out when i heard about this but plz pick more smexyer ppl to play them and i dont even wan to know who is going to play katherine. plz just do better casting... :(
posted by twilightfan on Apr 03, 2009
cant wait for the vampire diaries to come out im dying to read the books and im really excited becausee they sound like good books and tv series i really wanto see
posted by Audrey on Mar 30, 2009
I like both casting but I absolutely hate Nina Dobrev's! T_T She's not blonde, hopefully she'll at least perform well. ilovebooks, LJS is actually working on Strange Fate! It's planned to be released this year!
posted by njgrl36 on Mar 30, 2009
I knew they would mess this up!!!! I was really hoping they would pick good characters so it would be a great show to watch,dont like who they picked for steafan ( needs to be way cuter) the Damon pick is ok (nice eyes) the Elana pic NO!!! umm... shes a blonde in the book didnt they at least read it? And howd she get a teenage brother?? Thank God the books were soooo good . At least when I read them the characters will fit just right in my head :)
posted by ilovebooks on Mar 27, 2009
OMG. this is so awesome. that series is one of my all time favorties. hopefully if this works out we will finally get Strange Fate, the last book of the Nightworlds series. I have been waiting for that book for like 10 years.
posted by Caro on Mar 27, 2009
Kudos for getting the author's name and publishing date right. Personally, I'm upset about the many changes they're making but I'll still give the show a chance.
posted by erin on Mar 27, 2009
thats definately wrong. i meann, i like nina dobrev, but elena is supposed to have blooonnndddeee hair. not brunettee. and i pictured damon kinda pumk richie u know? with longer hair. and i got pissed when i saw that stefan wasnt NEARLY as cute as i pictured him. and i pictured him yooouuunnngggeeerrrr. and i pictured him 2 have curlier hair. this show is definately going 2 be cheezy. (in my opinion.) it seems like theyre just picking random people.i hate it when they do that. u know. . . when u picture something PERFECT in ur head, and they get it all wrong. its like theyre changing eevvveerryyythiinnggg.
posted by Luzi on Mar 27, 2009
First, I was really excited about gettig my all time favorite books on screen... now I'm just thinking: ok, it's only about making money, not getting things straight and right...I mean 200 year old Vampire??? Hello???? They are both over 500 years old and than a sister for Matt and a teenage brother for Elena??? Both sooooo wrong. So I just stay with the books, thx to LJ Smith she wrote book 5 and is going to write No 6 and 7.

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