Robert Pattinson Not Injured During 'New Moon' Filming

March 25, 2009 08:52:25 GMT

Responding to report that Robert Pattinson has suffered a head injury while filming 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon', the representative to the 'Twilight' star claims that it is a false one.

Robert Pattinson Not Injured During 'New Moon' Filming
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Robert Pattinson was not injured during the shooting for "The Twilight Saga's New Moon". Quick to throw cold water to the circulating report was the "Twilight" star's representative. "This story is completely false. Robert has not been injured in any way and no version of the story ever occurred," the rep said as quoted by Radar Online.

Earlier, news that the actor who plays Edward Cullen has been hurt while filming in Vancouver for the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster vampire drama has surfaced. National Ledger's columnist Mike Walker said that a gush of wind suddenly blew at Pattinson's direction and a loose metal advertising sign caught him on the head. Pattinson was knocked down and the camera stopped rolling.

"...It shot across the location so fast no one even managed to shout a warning at Pattinson, who was just opening his mouth to emote when... WHAM!...the unguided missile smashed into the back of his head," Walker wrote.

Ambulence was called but the actor allegedly insisted that he was fine although "looking like he'd had the blood sucked from him - began moving feebly, disoriented, but able to speak." The director, Chris Weitz, reportedly shut down the filming for the day and ordered the crew to come back the next day where Pattinson was spotted with a "lump" on his head.

Shooting of the sequel to "Twilight" has begun this month, with Kristen Stewart pointing on date 23. In May, the shooting will be brought to a Tuscany region called Volterra in Italy. The Summit Entertainment movie itself is aimed for November 20 U.S. release.


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posted by rose.. on Dec 09, 2009
i love this guy
posted by christine o. on Aug 16, 2009
yuck!! robert patinson my sis love him so much..duh!!!
posted by monique on Jun 18, 2009
own all the books and read them all 3 times. rob is a hottie but thats not the only reason why i love the saga. its a beautiful story line (L) cant wait till new moon, im on the count down!
posted by EN=0 on Jun 05, 2009
i love rob too!!! i have all the books i read them all. i cant wait till new moon comes out!!!
posted by hotpie on May 13, 2009
luv him to bits
posted by hotpie on May 13, 2009
he is buff and handsome from all the movie characters
posted by Kevin on Apr 20, 2009
Hot! Hot! Hot!
posted by MrsRobPattinson on Apr 16, 2009
I LOVE Robert Patinson, he is soooooooo fit and sexy and phwoar!!!!!!!!!! i sooo want to meet him, i almost had a panic attack when i saw that he might be injured, am sooooooooo relived he's not. MARRY ME ROB PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Twilight*New Moon*Ec on Apr 13, 2009
I LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE everything about every Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by A big fan on Apr 11, 2009
I luv Rob his HOT CUTE N SEXY u dd a gr8 job luv u NICOLE
posted by Robert\'s#1fan on Apr 10, 2009
well if its true i hope he is alright. He is so handsome.
posted by jacob black lover on Apr 10, 2009
posted by loser on Apr 10, 2009
i cant wait till new moon comes out
posted by sallie on Apr 02, 2009
yh! does any1 no if dat rumor of bad smelling etc! is true plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me! wen i found out i woz so shocked i woz lyk ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!lmfao
posted by Edward Cullen WANNAB on Apr 02, 2009
posted by mrscullen4life on Mar 28, 2009
gahhh! i'm meeting robert pattinson this summer!
posted by IloveRobert22 on Mar 28, 2009
i think that these B.S. rumors need to stop
posted by ugh on Mar 28, 2009
Lucky! I want to meet him!
posted by ugh on Mar 28, 2009
These jerks have got to got to get a life!
posted by liza on Mar 27, 2009
Robert's soooooooo handsome!!!he drivn me crazy
posted by Edward cullen lover on Mar 26, 2009
I love robert sooo much & he is so HOT!When I seen the name Robert Pattinson & the word injured I just freaked & it wasn't a small freakout it was huge!Im so relived to here that Rob isn't hurt!
posted by tracee on Mar 25, 2009
I guess there is not much to report on twilight/new moon so someone had to make it up. Hope it's all rumors. But what's up on his smell?
posted by Linz on Mar 25, 2009
Why do people have to start all these B.S. rumors!
posted by tezza on Mar 25, 2009
i love twilight loads and robert is so fit lmaoo:)love ys loads
posted by robertbaby1019 on Mar 25, 2009
people have no life if they start rumors like this. its a waste of time.

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