Robert Pattinson 'Really Fascinated' by Natalie Portman

February 26, 2009 07:59:27 GMT

"I'm really fascinated by the grace and beauty of Natalie Portman," Robert Pattinson openly admits.

Robert Pattinson
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Amidst the many rumors claiming Natalie Portman has a crush on Robert Pattinson after meeting him at the 81st Annual Academy Awards on February 22, the "Twilight" heartthrob himself confesses he is "really fascinated by the grace and beauty of" the actress. Both stars, according to various sources, met again after the prestigious awards show at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, which was held later that day.

In another Robert Pattinson news, he reportedly is expected to attend the 22nd Annual Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, which is slated to be held at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion on March 28. It is not yet known what part he will have during the event.

Some other Hollywood celebs who are also set to attend the Kids' Choice Awards include Jonas Brothers, Hugh Jackman, Amy Poehler, Reese Witherspoon, and Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove just to name a few.

After the success of his hit vampire drama flick "Twilight", Robert will next reprise his role as Edward Cullen in its sequel "The Twilight Saga's New Moon", which will be released in the U.S. on November 20 later this year.


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posted by Amariama on Mar 03, 2009
Hey, Boo (first comment), Natalie married Darth Vader! She can handle the dark side!
posted by Boo on Mar 01, 2009
They dont suit each other. Rob has both bright & dark side, yeah like everyone else but the point is Natalie wont be able to deal with his dark side. I insist he needs someone really smart, graceful but also funny... Camilla is the best example, could think about, just that they're friends.
posted by # 1 fan of Robert to on Mar 01, 2009
Rob is so hot and is REALLY good at acting! he does really good playing Edward!!! thanx Rob!!!!!!!!!
posted by Cher on Mar 01, 2009
Yeah..Rob's really a gentleman and a decent guy indeed..He is a really one heck of a guy! His talent and personality will go a long way..
posted by MrsCullen93 on Feb 28, 2009
I think they would be cute together but i think Rob and Kristen are soo CUTE together <3! They have such great chemistry. That's nice of Rob to say that of Natalie :). Natalie is beautiful :).
posted by V.A on Feb 28, 2009
robert it's much more than a the live have more important thing han face(haert).it's your choise Robert
posted by Rebecca. (: on Feb 27, 2009
Both Robert and Natalie are wonderful actors/actresses. Good on Robert for making such a lovely comment about Natalie too!
posted by Cher on Feb 27, 2009
Im not really a fan of natalie portman..But she has a really fascinating background..28s not that old..I just cnt see d chemistry between them..Like wat i see with rob and kristen or rob and camilla..I think robert pattinson's just starstruck with natalies..Who doesnt?..Lets just wait and see if goes to another level..
posted by daisy on Feb 26, 2009
I think Natalie Portman is an arrogant spoilt brat!!.. Keep well away from her Rob!
posted by Mrs Robinson on Feb 26, 2009
She would be a wonderful person of interest for Rob. Natalie has class and the experience of being a star. She also handles the media and knows how to maintain low profile. Every relationship should start as friends...
posted by de de on Feb 26, 2009
It's about time it would make sense for him to be date an actress and a respected one none the less.... but who am i to say ........ with his amount of fame it would be extremely hard to find a girlfriend not just another crazed fan good luck rob
posted by hgghg on Feb 26, 2009
posted by shantilly on Feb 26, 2009
I think she will b good 4 him.
posted by zespri on Feb 26, 2009
i think she is too old for him...isnt she 28? but i think she´s a wonderful actress ans a really fascinating person.
posted by on Feb 26, 2009
God bless you for this site.Glad that Robert find her exciting. She is fine person to get to know on and off screen.
posted by cam on Feb 26, 2009
I love Natalie,I think she is awesome. :D If he does't end up with me (laughs), I'd rather see him with Natalie. Plus, Natalie is a fine young woman. Very talented and beautiful.
posted by Alicia Nicole on Feb 26, 2009
oh shut up nataile is not spoiled she is beautiful and sets high standards ; and on top of that he would look good with either her or kristen....cut the guy slack your not his mother
posted by Alicia Nicole on Feb 26, 2009
oh shut up nataile is not spoiled she is beautiful and sets high standards ; and on top of that he would look good with either her or kristen....cut the guy slack your not his mother
posted by Coraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa on Feb 26, 2009
She's wonderful! I'd rather like HER to date hi than Kristen. Natalie is a great actress, beatifu woman, sympathetic and has brains!
posted by LVelite on Feb 26, 2009
I think its hysterical that Rob meets both Natalie and Paris and has nothing good at all to say about Paris. Who is his publicist? lol

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