Video Premiere: Taylor Hicks' 'What's Right Is Right'

February 18, 2009 01:40:53 GMT

As seen in 'What's Right Is Right' music video, Taylor Hicks performs in a dark lounge with his trademark soulful sound.

Video Premiere: Taylor Hicks' 'What's Right Is Right'
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A music video promoting Taylor Hicks' new song "What's Right Is Right" has been released. Filmed in Chicago and directed by Jake Davis, it mainly provides a look into the crooner performing in a dark lounge with his trademark soulful sound.

"What's Right Is Right" is the first single coming off Taylor Hicks' upcoming second studio album "The Distance". The track peaked at number 25 on Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart since being released for digital purchase on January 27.

"The Distance" is produced by Simon Climie, who previously helped Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and Faith Hill making their hit singles. Planned to be dropped across U.S. on March 10, the record will contain sounds by guitarist Doyle Bramhall II, bassist Nathan East and drummer Abe Laboriel Jr.

Taylor Hicks' "What's Right Is Right" music video

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posted by soulme on May 07, 2009
Wow! Taylor went all cool and retro! Love the vibe of the video. Great song!
posted by kendal on Apr 22, 2009
Taylor is an amazing singer and i love his new cd. great job!!!!!
posted by marie on Apr 02, 2009
I'm getting married this summer, and this is our wedding song
posted by BJinFLA on Feb 28, 2009
WOW TAYLOR you leave us in a state of woooo,it is a beautiful song and this beautiful man, together is MAGIC thank you Jake&Taylor
posted by Jenny D. on Feb 19, 2009
I forgot how hot that guy is!! Sweet song, nice voice. Don't know if this video will burn up the charts, but it does create a nice mood I guess.
posted by toffee on Feb 19, 2009
Wonderful video full of depth and suggestive meaning. Hicks voice delivers the message with passion and feeling. Can hardly wait for the CD.
posted by raylindy on Feb 19, 2009
Canada -- "once he tours" -- where have you been!! That's ALL Taylor has been doing for three years. You obviously haven't been following his career. And "make a CD of the AI songs" You've GOT to be kidding!!
posted by taylorfan06 on Feb 18, 2009
I LOVE Taylor Hicks and will ALWAYS be a fan! I wish him the best with everything!!!
posted by suze4158 on Feb 18, 2009
Visually intoxicating! Like the song but love this video. Good job, Taylor!
posted by Englishbme on Feb 18, 2009
Perfect for the blues man - what an amazing video. Taylor, Ray and Keb must be VERY proud of you. Excellent - can't wait for the CD to come out in March.
posted by Gr8fulheart on Feb 18, 2009
I knew this video would be 'smoldering'! Great Job! The setting~Taylor's vocals~the mood & sax made a perfect blend! This makes the waiting for The Distance release a bit easier♥
posted by Pat P on Feb 18, 2009
I love the bluesy feel of this video...it showcases Taylor's beautiful voice. Great job Taylor and I am so looking forward to the new album.
posted by Barbieflausa on Feb 18, 2009
I have so missed this man, and his incredible voice. OPA!
posted by Nadine on Feb 18, 2009
Like the video. Kinda dark and moody. It had lots of quick cuts and unusual visuals. Interesting to watch more than once.
posted by Girl4 on Feb 18, 2009
I'm always VERY proud to be a Taylor Hicks fan. Have been since the start. He is a stand up guy with an amazing voice. Loved the video and his performance. Way to go Taylor.
posted by kato on Feb 18, 2009
Great video. Has a sexy and romantic look. The song is enhanced with these stunning visuals.
posted by Lubiana on Feb 18, 2009
Sexy and beautiful video, and a gorgeous song!
posted by Simon on Feb 18, 2009
Love Right is Right and look forward to hearing the rest of the album - personally I think he won because he is an entertainer...bottom line is that AI didn't really give him a chance on the album that they produced for him - he shines in Right is Right
posted by BonBon on Feb 18, 2009
This is the kind of music that Taylor has been aching to get back to -- check out his Early Works album -- great music from his two pre-Idol albums. Most of the songs & musical arrangements were his own. Can't wait for The Distance & abolutely love this song & video -- congrats Taylor!!!
posted by Canada on Feb 18, 2009
Winning AI was because of the songs he sang and how well he performed. Since then he has sang entirely different music and has not risen to stardom. Return to the same type of music, or make an album of the AI songs, only the full songs and it will skyrocket!!Once he becomes way up on the charts, and tours etc. then he can choose other types of music, and still be popular. I'd like to see him as an entertainer in Vegas, singing songs such as "YOU SEND Me" and "YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL" and he would pack the house!!
posted by Lib on Feb 18, 2009
Taylor Hicks........My type of music and my type of guy. Love the video and waiting for the CD. to go the Distance!!
posted by Jack on Feb 18, 2009
Song and video seem perfect fit for Hicks. B-52 and sax are killer. Good show.
posted by tygrlillie on Feb 18, 2009
I think this is a great video. It is exactly who I think Taylor is. Thanks for the sweet words.

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