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Taylor Hicks - What's Right Is Right

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Love that voice and OMG that dude is beautiful.

posted by katy21 on Jun 09, 2011

Taylor Hicks is an amazing person and deserves alot more credit for his talent!!!!

posted by aj on Apr 22, 2009

great song-love Taylor Hicks

posted by kendal on Apr 22, 2009

Taylor certainly has come a long way from the chunky kid who won season 5 of American Idol. Good song, good rendition.

posted by Perry on Mar 25, 2009

This is Taylor at his very best. His voice is both expressive and sexy. He looks sooo sensuous in the video. Just love him.

posted by Candy on Mar 25, 2009

Taylor's voice expresses the deep feeling of love in its different stages. What a beautiful and sensuous rendition. Looking forward to more.

posted by toffee on Mar 09, 2009

I've seen this in other spots and I just love it. Has a classic look and feel to it. Love the song.

posted by lillyan on Mar 09, 2009

I love this song more every time I listen to it. I wish the video would have shown Taylor's face more.

posted by Ratcat on Feb 19, 2009