'Transformers 3' Possibly Having a Summer 2011 Release

'Transformers 3' Possibly Having a Summer 2011 Release

The suggested follow-up movie to 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' has reportedly got its release date in June 2011.

Rumor has it, the third "Transformers" movie has been given its release schedule. Unveiling several film release schedules, Dark Horizons reported that an upcoming release schedule for Germany has uncovered that a second "Transformers" sequel has been set to be debuted in theaters on June 29, 2011.

The news came before words on a follow-up movie for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" even make their rounds, in fact "Revenge of the Fallen" itself won't be available on the U.S. big screen until June 26, 2009. DreamWorks have yet to issue any confirmation nor denial on the proposed release date of "Transformers 3".

Meanwhile, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" comes from director Michael Bay and the screenwriting team of Ehren Kruger, Alex Kurtzman and Orci. Starring once again Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, the action fantasy follows the story about two clashing robot clans on Earth. This time, the heroes will be facing a stronger and more powerful villain, the Fallen, which forces them to bring back their fallen foe, Megatron.

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    Oct 14, 2010

    TRANSFORMERS 3 rise of unicron is a bad title for it.it should be TRANSFORMERS 3 war for cybertrone to see how it all started from the beginning to now that is what i think !!!!!!!.

    Mr. 1976
    Aug 24, 2010

    80's cartoons are Golden. Megatron was a gun...the new song sucks...the new gay looking robots look like mechanical ass....the love story,gimme a break! Great try Mr.Bay ...but c'mon.

    Apr 30, 2010

    they should add in Diablo SV autobot car in some transformers movie.

    Jan 22, 2010

    part 3 of transformers should be called transformers rise of hot rod or rise of rodimus prime

    Dec 15, 2009

    I love the transformer series from the eighties. It would e kinda nonsense to go to the minicons that were introduced in 2002 in Armada, which has nothing to do with the original storyline. So please. There are only a couple of villains left that should be introduced. Megatron becomes Galvatron with Unicrons help. Hot Rod is introduced and becomes Prime's substitute and megatron kills prime before megatron is transformed into Galvatron (voice by Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek :p). Just watch the original cartoon movie.

    kamran kalou
    Dec 15, 2009

    kamran kalou. Transformers 3 would be awesome!

    Nov 21, 2009

    Michal said that it would have more emotion in the third one(they said that on the blue ray disc)

    Oct 26, 2009

    so whats in the other pyramids?

    Oct 24, 2009

    The third one should be called Transformers:The Matrix of Leadership...

    Oct 24, 2009


    Oct 24, 2009

    Transformers III:Rise of the Prime

    Oct 15, 2009

    i can't wait till that one comes out

    Aug 15, 2009

    I think that for the third Transformers movie, they should basicly make a more michael bayish version of the original cartoon movie with Unicron. Transformers: Rise of Unicron isn't a bad title for Transformers 3 in my opinion.

    Jul 23, 2009

    have megan fox and shia lebouf in transformers 3

    Jul 19, 2009

    Transformers 3 : Ultra Magnus - Ultra Magnus replaces Optimus,the death of Optimus Prime by the hands of Galvatron..

    optichris prime
    Jul 17, 2009

    dude unicron is sick but in the original movie hot rod was the kids guardian not bumblebee so im not sure how they are going to incorporate hot rod in to all this since he is chosen as leader after optimus and ultra magnus are killed NOT to mention the end of the second movie ended with optimus detroying the matrix to stop the machine which was what hot rod used to defeat unicron....so basically in order for unicron to be incorporated is to make a film apart from the original

    Jul 07, 2009

    transformers 3 should be called "Till all are one"

    Jul 04, 2009

    humanspecies is an idiot. the autobots had a cassette player named blaster. Soundwave had always been a decepticon. in fact, Shockwave, Megatron and Soundwave were created at the same time. Thats why they were both loyal to megatron in unlike the other deceptiocons in the G-1 cartoon.

    Jun 28, 2009

    Actually, Unicron not actually a deceptacon, in the original movie where soundwave is a autobot and he transforms into a cassette player and Megatron is a pistol, Megatron stumbled upon him and joined forces as the Starscream-led deceptacons betrayed him, which i think would make sense because megatron treats him like crap through these movies. Anyway i think rise of unicron would be a bad title. rise of the fallen makes u think of the fallen deceptacons but it is a deceptacon called the fallen. i think it should be called: Transformers 3: The Wrath of the Unknown.

    Jun 26, 2009

    I saw RotF today, and seeing as the fallen is Unicron's first soldier, it would be fitting to see him in the 3rd one. After all (spoiler) Megatron and Starscream retreated after Optimus kicked Fallen's ass, and for the record, seeing as they were beaten up, this is a good entry point for megatron's transformation into galvatron. Funny thing is "Rise of Unicron" is the title I was thinking of.

    Jun 24, 2009

    Please stop using Linkin' Park for the Transformers. When will you start using the old Transformers theme songs for these movies? We're begging to hear them.

    Jun 24, 2009

    Transformers 3: The Darkest Hour. Unicron.

    Doc da Rippa
    Apr 07, 2009

    There should a scene where a car jacker tries to steal a car. Then a transformers fist comes out of one of the door doors and punches him into the ground.

    Jan 27, 2009

    Ha ha ha ha ha I released this date a few months ago and now it is bieng treated like real news! The third film will most likely be releasd on june 29th as i followed the pattern of the previous two films which were 2 years and 3 days appart. Also i came up with the cool title Transformers 3: Rise of unicron I think this would be a good title if Unicron is in a third film please make this the title!

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