Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ross McCall to Dress Up as Brangelina for Halloween

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ross McCall

Jennifer Love Hewitt says she is going "to look really sultry and really drop dead gorgeous" to match the real Angelina Jolie.

Admitting to love Halloween and consider it as a big thing, Jennifer Love Hewitt has revealed her Halloween plans, telling Entertainment Tonight that she and her fiance Ross McCall will dress up as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The actress even insisted she's serious with the plan.

"We're just gonna have lots of babies!" the 29-year-old beauty jokingly said. "And I'm going to look really sultry and really drop dead gorgeous."

Ross, on the other hand, admitted, "I don't know how the heck I'm going to pull it off." But, Jennifer told him, "You're gonna' be cool, 'cause Brad Pitt's cool!"

Jennifer and Ross shared their planned Halloween costumes with Entertainment Tonight at the Halloween party which they hosted at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. Besides their Halloween costumes, the celebrity couple also shared their thoughts about children in the hospital.

Here's the video of them talking about their Halloween costumes, the children at the hospital and the kids' parents.



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