'Twilight' Sequel Geared Up

October 14, 2008 09:47:21 GMT

Words are, Summit Entertainment have officially given a go ahead nod for the sequel, 'New Moon'.

'Twilight' Sequel Geared Up
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Though "Twilight" won't be hitting the big screen until November, Summit Entertainment have been reported to move ahead with the making of its sequel. Breaking out the report on Monday, October 13, Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily noted that the sequel will be based on Stephenie Meyer's next book of the series, "New Moon".

Though mentioning that the studio have officially gone ahead with their plan for the sequel, no further details about the sequel is shared. About the book from which the second movie will be based on, it has been said to be focused on losing true love. In the follow-up story, Isabella "Bella" Swan has grown to be an eighteen-year-old young woman.

On "Twilight" itself, it is a modern day love story between a vampire and a human. It resolves around seventeen-year-old Bella, her mysterious vampire classmate, Edward Cullen, and their unlikely romantic relationship. Finding acceptance from one another, their romance blossoms. However, it puts Bella's life in grave danger as Cullen's nemesis comes to the town and sets his eyes on Bella.

The Catherine Hardwicke-directed flick features the likes of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Edi Gathegi, Rachelle Lefevre and many others. Penned by Melissa Rosenberg, it is set to blast off in the big screen on November 21, taking the slot left by "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".


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posted by Aro Volturi on Dec 12, 2008
The movie New Moon is going to be better because of all the action and new characters in it.The Volturi and the wolves,that is of course they get a better writter that will cut off some of the overky repetitive mourning of Bella over Edward.
posted by caleb on Nov 30, 2008
you have to admit it was pretty chessy, well they have to make it chesse. omg cant wait!!!!!if sumit makes new moon they have to make breaking dawn and eclipse!!!
posted by caleb on Nov 30, 2008
you have to admit it was pretty chessy, well they have to make it chesse. omg cant wait!!!!!if sumit makes new moon they have to make breaking dawn and eclipse!!!
posted by Twilight_lova on Nov 09, 2008
SERIOUSLY????? awesome <3 :)
posted by erikarocks on Nov 06, 2008
hmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... interesting! actually all the books are equally satisfying!! so there!!!! so what edward leaves.... he comes back!
posted by lol on Nov 06, 2008
posted by Jenna on Nov 05, 2008
AWESOME! Hopefully in the movie they will show what Edward and Cullens actually did when they left. I agree about the beauty of New Moon and the absolute love it is aimed at between Bella and Edward and a different kind of love between Bella and Jacob-
posted by Megan on Nov 03, 2008
Ok so I guess none of you heard about Midnight Sun, which is basically Edwards story starting from the beginning. The twilight books are all about Bella and her thoughts. You want more edward and what goes on with him, we need to push Stephanie Meyer's to finish it, which is on hold indefinatly. there is one chapter of it completed on her official web page and Im already hooked! PLEASE FINISH IT!!
posted by AshleyKnight on Oct 26, 2008
Although i haven't read all of the comments i dissagree with most that i have moon is ment to be sad .Who gives if edward is not in it ,with out him in it ,it gives the readers/watchers more reason to watch the next common the movie is about bella and HER srtuggles about edward leaving , and jacob being there for her...stop being selfish about edward
posted by Kerry on Oct 17, 2008
Yeeeah!lol. New Moon is my second-favourite book in the saga! It just offered something different than Twilight, with Bella's friendship with Jacob. And even tho Edward was hardly in it, you never doubted Bella's love for him, nor his for her, thanks to the way Bella yearned for his 'voice', and the amazing reunion scene in Italy! I finished the entire book in just over a day!
posted by Ashley on Oct 17, 2008
They have to make a movie for Breaking Dawn I want to see nessie and see them get married, I am stoked for the movies;}
posted by VanessaC on Oct 14, 2008
Totally agree w/Kristy. Although it's my least favorite book of the series, I'm SO happy it will be made into a movie- b/c that means Eclipse will be too (almost for certain), and Breaking Dawn possibly, which are my two favorite books of the series, so that is AWESOME. Plus, hopefully the movie will include a lot more of what goes on w/Edward and the Cullens when they leave, which will make it better, b/c the reason I don't like New Moon as well is b/c it doesn't have enough of Edward and/or the Cullens in it. I think it would be awesome if they did that, since the movie doesn't have to be limited to Bella's point of view like the book does. You just can't have too much Robert Pattinson- even if he is miserable and moping the whole time:)!
posted by Kirsty on Oct 14, 2008
OMG! OMG! OMG! I am so xcited i almost peed my pants, this has made me so damn happy! wow!!! (really how could they not make a sequel the first is going to rock and they know it)
posted by Chrissy on Oct 14, 2008
Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the confirmation we have all been waiting for. This means that all the books will be made into movies, there's no way they would only make 1 or 2
posted by Wendilynn on Oct 14, 2008
Well, you can't do New Moon without doing Eclipse. The story lines are continuous.
posted by braindeadteengirl on Oct 14, 2008
Will the werewolf sleep with the baby in part 5?
posted by Twi-Tard on Oct 14, 2008
Yes, this world needs much more crap in it.
posted by Kristy on Oct 14, 2008
OME ive been waiting for this confirmation, even though its my least favourite book of the series, it will still be awesome to see it all come to life, especially all the stuff with the Warewolves & the volturi etc Cant wait!
posted by Claire on Oct 14, 2008
I think its going to be awesome. I love all the books equally. But new moon was sad! :(. but i heard the cullens will be in the movie more then the book. =)
posted by Cherry on Oct 14, 2008
New Moon is probably my third fav in the series. It's not as good as Twilight for sure, but it's so much better than Eclipse. It has true heart and emotion there. All of the Italy stuff is amazing...and Bella's passion and yearning for Edward is heartbreaking. The majority of it is Bella in mourning for Edward, so hopefully the screenwriters possess a brain and will stick to the story and not try to force Jacob (already!) on poor Bella. There's enough manipulation in Eclipse...leave it there, where it belongs. She's in love with Edward...she never even loved Jacob...Breaking Dawn said that (many times) so it would be a waste to try to force together some romance when all Bella wants is Edward. Seriously, creating some Bella///Werewolf romance that doesn't exist will just lost fans' support. And make them very, very angry if you try and screw with the beautiful Bella/Edward love, Summit!!! It's all about the EdwardBella ness...They are what 95% of the fandom wants to see. So seriously, less Failcob and more Cullens please.
posted by reeanna. on Oct 14, 2008
i really like "new moon" (and i am deff. not a jacob fan) im all edward; but i think that new moon doesnt show edward that much but it makes up for it in the end in italy! Although i have read up to like chapter 14 in Eclipse i havent found it very interesting yet :[
posted by Tina on Oct 14, 2008
I am so happy about this great bit of twilight news, but I wonder. In new moon there is little to no Edward in the book. Won't that help decrease of twilight fan who just want to see Edward,) not end up seeing the movie? That would be too bad if that ended up happening!!! Also if there is to be a movie for new moon, than there has to be a movie for Eclipse!!! Those two books are so connencted to eachother, there would be a problem if both books weren't made in movies. Than there comes the four movie. If you make book one, two and three into a movie, than you just got to make book three into a movie as well. It is just common sense. Do you think so?
posted by Mrwigglesjean on Oct 14, 2008
I am so happy about this. =D Even though when Edward leaves I know I'm going to cry. But who isn't? lol Yay for new moon
posted by chelsayyy! on Oct 14, 2008
Wooo! I'm totally stoaked. I've been counting down fro Twilight to come out ever since I heard it was gunna be a movie! Even though New Moon is my least favorite, it's just closer to Eclipse & Breaking Dawn! Exciteddd : )
posted by EdwardxBella on Oct 14, 2008
I think Kristen Stewart can Really do better at more Emotional movies.. Like Speak, etc.. She seems to be much better equipped for those scenes, so New moon will be great- since it's such a focus on the one character, and her struggle to live without her love. I do hope we get to see some more of Edward though, as long as they don't get a daft scriptwriter, who has him off hiring call girls, or anything bizzare like that. We wanna see him, and his struggle too. I think that would just make me weep. I don't think fans should slate this, New moon is a GREAT book, some people say it's bad because they are not into jacob, or that Edward is gone, but New moon- really has the most real emotion, and is aching with true love. Well done Summit, teens need to see this.
posted by Lulu on Oct 14, 2008
Eclipse, then Needs to be made. and BREAKING DAWN (ha, ha) I am more excited about Eclipse, but new moon will be really great. PORSHE 911 TURBO ;) I love ALICE!! a
posted by Niamh on Oct 14, 2008
I agree with 'orla'. New Moon is TEN TIMES better than Twilight. Thank you Summit, and lets hope they get a Good screenwriter. I hope it's not Melissa again. She's too, fluffy. We need someone who's good with ANGST. and the otherworldly aspect.. and the Volturi- need to be cast right. and I am so not sure about Launter as Jacob, he's cute, but he just doesnt seem like the 'werewolf' type. Thanks also, Aceshowbiz for this news update. But I think Summit are being a bit ambitious saying all this, before Twilight is even out yet. but.. New moon=epic. xo
posted by Christopher on Oct 14, 2008
Kristen Stewart is amazing, she needs more credit, than that Pattison guy.
posted by Juliet <3 Romeo on Oct 14, 2008
I think I'm going to Cry. I don't know if it's out of happiness or sadness. New Moon is the most beautiful tale, since Romeo and Juliet. Robert&Kristen really can pull it off, as Bella&Edward. I hope.
posted by karrie and Max 4ever on Oct 14, 2008
YAY, new moon is amazing.
posted by Orla on Oct 14, 2008
NEW MOON IS TEN TIMES BETTER THAN TWILIGHT so this movie will be EPIC EPIC-NESS because it's raw, and beautiful, and moving, and so true, and not one bit cheesy. It's something that NEEDSto be on the big screen. and THIS will rake in the money for Summit- even If Twilight doesnt. Because NEW MOON really is the one that's written the best- SERIOUSLY guys, read it again, the Italy scenes etc.. are SO moving, and I think Kristen Stewart- who's an amazing actress- really can pull off the emotional scenes the best, So this will be interesting to see. and that also means, MORE twilight tuesdays, more MTV mania, and More Twilighters going insane! =)

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