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Promotional Pictures of 'Gossip Girl' 2.06: New Haven Can Wait

September 24, 2008 08:22:43 GMT

Several promotional pictures from the episode 2.06 of "Gossip Girl" have been released by The CW. The episode is slated to air on Monday, October 6 under the title "New Haven Can Wait".

No official story plot has been dished out but extras from the set have shared out that there will be a major scene about Chuck annoying Serena and him being taken away by a man dressed all in black. There will also be scenes involving Serena and Blair. The former reportedly does something to upset Blair, that is by trying on Yale. The girls got into a fight only to say sorry to each other in the end. Dan also gets his share of scene, but the only information about him is receiving a telephone call that makes him a little distraught.
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Demi Lovato to Star in Disney's Series 'Sonny with a Chance'

September 24, 2008 08:07:31 GMT

Having her debut LP "Don't Forget" hit the stores Tuesday, September 23, Demi Lovato is adding yet another project into her acting resume, a new Disney TV series, titled "Sonny with a Chance." In an interview with Spanish magazine Para Todos, she reveals some details about the upcoming project.

Demi told the publication, the story of "Sonny with a Chance" follows "a girl named Sonny having a chance to make it in [show] business." She went on revealing that she and the other cast and crew have finished filming the first episode of the series and "will continue to film the series through the next few months."
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Joker Spin-Off Being Considered

September 24, 2008 07:20:45 GMT

Talking about his dream job to direct any "Batman" movies, helmer Brett Ratner suggested that the first spin-off movie made from the bat-themed superhero series should be about Joker. To MTV News, the man behind "X-Men: The Last Stand" said that exploring Joker's origin as the Red Hood would be "really cool".

Emphasizing on how grand Joker is as a villain, the 39-year-old filmmaker suggested that there are other actors, who can interpret the psycho as great as Jack Nicholson in "Batman" and Heath Ledger in "The Dark Knight", putting Robert Downey Jr. name as one of them. Ratner explained. "...Joker is a great villain. That's why Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger had so much to work with. And I think there will be another actor who can interpret that. It would be great to see [Robert] Downey [Jr.] as the Joker, for instance."
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Michele Williams Refuses to Rejoin Destiny's Child

September 24, 2008 07:06:05 GMT

Former member of Destiny's Child, Michelle Williams (II) has spoken out about her reluctance to reunite with the R&B and pop girl group. "I haven't heard anything about a Destiny's Child reunion. I'm focusing on me now and want to stand on my own two feet," the singer says.

The 28-year-old singer, furthermore, reveals that she is on the way of slowly building a strong basis for her solo career. "I'm definitely carving out my own niche. I don't look to them for anything. I've got a long way to go cos I'm starting over but I'm happy for it to build slowly," she adds in a statement.
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New Clips From Third Season Premiere of 'Brothers and Sisters'

September 24, 2008 07:00:19 GMT

On Sunday, September 28, the new season of "Brothers & Sisters" will hit the small screen, and ABC have given four clips from the first episode. Entitled "Glass Houses", the episode resolves around the growing interest between Justin and Rebecca, and the internal problems faced within Ojai Foods Co. as well as other problems faced by the family.

The first clip shows Kitty talking to her husband Robert to discuss about the child adoption while finding the testimony letter sounding fake. Kitty later confronts Sarah about this on the clip four. Meanwhile, Sarah, Tommy, Saul and Holly are finding out ways to save the company from bankruptcy, with Tommy suggesting to cut some forces.
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'Saw V' TV Spot Hints New Deathly Trap

September 24, 2008 06:39:03 GMT

The first TV spot for "Saw V" has been brought forward. The television promo outed firstly by Joblo teases fans with more heart-pounding footage. For those who have seen the red band clip of this horror thriller, some snippets from this video helps to find out the conclusion of the Pit and the Pendulum-inspired sequence and the fate of the man strapped below the sharp pendulum.

Though most scenes of this TV spot still highlight on the tattooed man like the previous clip, it manages to reveal brand new and never before seen clips. One of them reveals another deathly trap set by Jigsaw for Meagan Good's character, Luba. Desperately attempting to escape alive, Luba who is tied in the neck to a thin piece of string yells out that it is not the time yet to the woman in front of her.
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DMX's Hospitalization Due to Fear of Stroke

September 24, 2008 06:27:57 GMT

DMX's recent hospitalization has been all over the news and new claim has emerged that he was rushed to the hospital for fear of stroke. TMZ which broke the report claimed that the star was brought to the emergency room at a hospital in Aventura, Florida on Monday, September 22 and because of that wouldn't be able to make a scheduled court appearance in Arizona related to his ongoing animal-cruelty and drug-possession case.

Bradford Cohen, DMX's lawyer, confirmed his celebrity client's hospitalization, but wouldn't confirm it was due to fear of stroke as Internet reports have claimed. "It was serious enough at the time but ultimately he should be OK," Cohen said in a statement.
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Kanye West and Adam Levine Teaming Up for Barack Obama's Campaign Soundtrack

September 24, 2008 06:09:02 GMT

Rapper Kanye West will collaborate with Maroon 5's vocalist Adam Levine in a compilation album to benefit Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Entitled "Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement", the soundtrack album will be released in conjunction with Hidden Beach Recordings and sold to raise money for Barack's campaign until November 4.

Joining Kanye and Adam in single "Promised Land" is African-American spoken word poet, Malik Yusef. Meanwhile, other stars who will lend their voices to the theme songs collection include Stevie Wonder, who will sing "Signed Sealed Delivered" and John Legend who will perform "Pride in the Name of Love".
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Jenna Jameson Confirms She's Pregnant with Twins

September 24, 2008 05:04:25 GMT

Jenna Jameson is wasting no time to confirm rumors that she's pregnant with twins, making an official announcement about it on her MySpace blog. In addition to the verification, she also reveals on her cravings, gratitude for the support that people have given her, and how she's feeling about the babies.

"Yes everyone, I can officially confirm that Tito and I are expecting twins!" she began her post. "I had my second ultrasound today and was greeted by two big healthy babies with pounding hearts. I can't even express the extreme serenity that came over me once I saw my children inside me. It has been my dream to have children for an extremely long time, and I truly feel like finally ... the time is right and god has blessed me. I have never felt more like a woman, or more alive."
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Two Previews of 'Bones' 4.05: Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

September 24, 2008 04:53:25 GMT

FOX have provided two clips from tonight's (September 24) episode of "Bones". One will see Booth and Bones discussing the case in a car while the latter drives and the second clip sees Jack and Zack also discussing the case with the latter solving one part of the mystery.

12 pieces of a dismembered body are found lying in a purple pool of water, except the head is missing. The team finds that the body belongs to Jared Addison, a science fiction writer who had several mental problems. With Sweets' help, several suspects are hunted down, however the team has trouble finding enough evidence with the victim's head still missing, that is until they turn to Zack for help.
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'American Dad!' Previews Season 4 Premiere

September 24, 2008 04:51:37 GMT

With season 4 premiere lurking in the corner, FOX have let out a sneak peek into the new season of "American Dad!" through a video preview. The footage exposes that Francine is packing her bag and planning on leaving the house. Then, it flashes back to the time when Haley went through her puberty and the chaos she put her parents into during the time. In the end, it is revealed that Francine's emotional state is triggered by the fact that Steve is going through puberty.

Season 4 of "American Dad" will be kicked off on Sunday, September 28, at 9:30/8:30c on FOX with the airing of episode 4.01 entitled "1600 Candles". The episode tells that Steve announces he is finally going through puberty. Having experienced the pains of having a teenager in the family, Stan and Francine put aside plans for Roger the Alien's 1,600th birthday and try to go through their fears with experimental medicine.
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Update: Travis Barker's Latest Condition After Plane Crash

September 24, 2008 04:41:46 GMT

Surviving the weekend plane crash and mourning the death of his assistant Chris Baker and bodyguard Charles Still, Travis Barker is staying strong and "trying to stay upbeat," his friend Bill Nosal has testified. "If you make it out of a crash of that magnitude, somebody's looking out for you," Bill told The Associated Press Tuesday, September 23.

It is reported that Travis has been undergoing multiple surgeries following the tragic incident that left him and DJ AM badly burned. His ex-wife Shanna Moakler is staying with him since the first hours she got the bad news.
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Big Boi Drops Longtime Manager, to Join Grand Hustle

September 24, 2008 04:40:55 GMT

Big Boi of OutKast reportedly decides to end his contract with Family Tree Entertainment. If the rumor were true, Big Boi will no longer be controlled by his longtime manager, Blue Williams who is also the CEO and founder of the Family Tree Group.

The gossip swirls even deeper with a claim that T.I.'s current manager, Jason Geter, has approached Big Boi and asked him to join Grand Hustle family. Unfortunately, there hasn't any words from Big Boi referring to both issues.
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Sneak Peek Into Episode 1.04 of 'Fringe'

September 24, 2008 04:08:04 GMT

The promotional video for the forthcoming episode of sci-fi TV series "Fringe" has been put forward. Giving out glimpses into episode 1.04 which is entitled "The Arrival", the footage starts showing a suited man writing an unreadable text in his notebook. Then, it shifts to an explosion sequence in New York City after which a man-in-black reports through his phone that "it has arrived".

"The Arrivals" will deal with the team's investigation over a mysterious cylinder retrieved from the blasting scene completely unharmed and the disturbing events following. It is said that after Olivia uncovers an unbelievable commonality between disturbing events, Dr. Bishop takes matters into his own hands and Peter is forced into field duty.
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Video Premiere: Snow Patrol's 'Take Back the City'

September 24, 2008 03:46:58 GMT

Snow Patrol have dropped a music video to support their first single "Take Back the City". Written by Gary Lightbody, the song is confirmed to appear in the rockers' upcoming fifth effort, "A Hundred Million Suns", which is expected to come out on October 28.

Reportedly directed by Alex Cortes, the music video starts rolling with a scene of a city view. Then, the band's members are shown wandering in the town at night and going on a sightseeing while performing the tune.
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