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February 08, 2007

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Mark Romanek Stalking "The Wolfman"

February 08, 2007 10:49:35 GMT

Wolfman, The picture
Back to directing field after his last effort in "One Hour Photo" (2002), Mark Romanek is on board to helm horror flick "The Wolfman", a remake of the 1941 Universal Studios classic "The Wolf Man", The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Written by Andrew Kevin Walker, the project will hew to the period pedigree of the original version, in which a man gets bitten by a werewolf when he returns from America to his ancestral home in Victorian-England. Walker previously was reported to expand on the original story by adding new characters and plot points that would utilize modern visual effects technology.
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The 8th Annual Black Reel Awards Winners Listed

February 08, 2007 10:06:07 GMT

Dreamgirls picture
Consistent in celebrating the achievements of African-Americans in feature, independent, and television films since 2000, the Foundation For The Advancement Of African-Americans In Film's has delightfully picked up titles and names as the honorees of its Black Reel Awards yesterday, February 7, 2007.

Top scorer was musical drama "Dreamgirls" as it successfully swept six prizes altogether, notably the Best Film title with its star, Jennifer Hudson, taking home two of them for winning the Best Supporting Actress and Best Breakthrough Performance categories. Other three were awards for Best Original Score, Best Original Soundtrack, and Best Song for "And I'm Telling You."
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Adam Shankman Collects "Bedtime Stories"

February 08, 2007 09:09:52 GMT

Bedtime Stories picture
On the heels of "Hairspray", Los Angeles-born filmmaker Adam Shankman has given agreement to helm a live-action comedy entitled "Bedtime Stories" for Walt Disney Pictures.

Written by Matt Lopez, the flick focuses on an architect whose life is turned upside down when the bedtime stories he reads his niece and nephew to begin to come true. Apart from handling directing matters, Shankman will also executive produce alongside Jennifer Gibgot and Ann Marie Sanderlin.
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Rapper DMX Is Taking A Stab at the Clothing Industry

February 08, 2007 09:05:57 GMT

A rapper and actor, DMX is adding one more occupation into his career resume, fashion designer. The man, who is well known more because of his legal troubles than his music work, is preparing to launch his DMX Authentic and Earl Simmons Signature Collection clothing lines, an effort that promotes "real clothing for real people," according to a source from DMX's design team.

The product, according to a press release, will be "edgy, gritty graphic t-shirts" for those looking for tough, durable quality clothing with contemporary style. The company says the line will go after the niche of the young, aggressive, and hip market looking for clothing to match their lifestyle. They, furthermore, say they use such high-quality fabrics with state of the art graphic treatments and designs that reflect what people want in contemporary clothing today.
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Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler Are Still An Item

February 08, 2007 08:34:52 GMT

Though tabloid reports suggest otherwise, Mischa Barton and boyfriend Cisco Adler are still together. The couple has become a hot commodity in Hollywood following the emergence of his nude photos on the Internet.

Rumors on the street say the actress just can't stand with her boyfriend's "naked truth". She was reportedly shocked when pictures of him turned up among Paris Hilton's possessions when the contents of her storage locker were posted online at ParisExposed.com.
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Dan Fogler and Anna Faris Raise "Kids in America"

February 08, 2007 08:31:04 GMT

Filling up bright comedic talents in the cast lineup, Universal Pictures has signed both Dan Fogler and Anna Faris to highlight its dramedy feature "Kids in America (2007)", Variety has revealed.

A collaborative project between Universal and Imagine Entertainment, pic chronicles a night in the lives of recent college grads as they have one last fling before facing the job responsibilities of adulthood. It has already had Topher Grace on board to play one of the grads named Matt Franklin.
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"Pulse" Sparking Two Sequels

February 08, 2007 07:53:31 GMT

Pulse picture
Despite the modest result of "Pulse" on the box office, the filmmakers of the horror flick appear to still eager to continue the story on the big screen. Moviehole has reported that figures behind the film are aiming to produce not only one but two sequels to the picture, which was released on August 11 last year.

The site points out that producer Joel Soisson will return for the follow-ups and has already had Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton onboard to pen the two scripts while aiming to make two straight-to-video sequels in addition to the movies. As for the cast, it is unlikely that Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder will reprise their roles there.
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Beyonce Knowles Records Duet with Alejandro Fernandez

February 08, 2007 07:38:39 GMT

Music lovers will have at least one new song from Beyonce Knowles. The R&B singer has recorded a duet with Latin singing superstar Alejandro Fernandez. The song, titled "Amor Gitano," is described as a sensual, flamenco-pop track.

It, moreover, has been slated for a February 12th debut on the premiere episode of Telemundo's "El Zorro" novella, which is produced by Sony Entertainment Television and airs Monday to Friday at 9:00 pm for 120 episodes.
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City Lights Flashing on "Brooklyn"

February 08, 2007 07:19:39 GMT

Brooklyn Rules picture
Already launched in limited theaters last year, Michael Corrente's "Brooklyn Rules" now is set to have its wide release through City Lights Pictures.

Variety has reported that the New York-based company has successfully obtained the mob drama with a platform release schedule starting in May. The flick, written by Terence Winter, features Alec Baldwin, Mena Suvari, and Freddie Prinze Jr. in the cast and revolves around three friends in the mob world circa 1985.
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Celine Dion "Knew She Loved Ennio Morricone"

February 08, 2007 06:44:08 GMT

Celine Dion knows best how to show her appreciation for Italian composer Ennio Morricone. The Canadian singer is going to sing her new song, titled "I Knew I Loved You," during a tribute to the legend at this year's Academy Awards.

Morricone will be receiving an honorary Oscar at the February 25, 2007, ceremony for Lifetime Achievement. Reports mention that lyrics have been written especially for Dion's performance of Morricone's score from the 1984 "Once Upon A Time In America," directed by Sergio Leone.
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Jamie Foxx Utters "Nasty Word"

February 08, 2007 06:36:27 GMT

Picking up a different take on filmmaking, Jamie Foxx is gearing up to make a really unusual film feature: a flick about the ultimate mother----ing curse word, MTV has learned.

Titled "MF: The History of a Nasty Word", the big screen work will be directed by "CB4" scribe Nelson George who described the picture to present "a top 10 of the greatest MF-sayers of all time" with Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Pryor being tipped to take part.
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Jermaine Dupri Made President of Island Records' Urban Division

February 08, 2007 06:24:17 GMT

Jermaine Dupri, a Grammy-winning producer and R&B mogul, has been appointed as the president of Island Records Urban Music, a new division of the Island Def Jam Music Group (IDJ).

Due to such fact, Dupri, who quit Virgin Records last year, will now oversee Island's entire urban music operation. He will, moreover, produce artists on IDJ and the entire Universal Music Group family of labels.
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More "Departed" Sequel Details from Mark Wahlberg

February 08, 2007 05:01:56 GMT

Departed, The picture
Continues to provide interesting info on the follow-up to his latest vehicle "The Departed", Mark Wahlberg has eagerly given Empire Magazine several additional details about the project, notably on progress to attach Robert De Niro in as a key character.

"They're talking about bringing in De Niro to play a senator or a congressman," the actor spilled the bean. "You know, the corruption obviously going deeper and higher up the ranks - reaching up the political chain. So it'll be fun. And if it's a success, they're gonna do a prequel and bring everyone back... make it a trilogy."
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Kylie Minogue, The Exhibition

February 08, 2007 04:31:51 GMT

It, indeed, takes more than just a broken heart to keep Kylie Minogue away from the showbiz. The pop singer, who has just split from longtime boyfriend Olivier Martinez, looks more than just okay Tuesday Feb 6th during an exhibition of her stage costumes, awards and accessories at the Victoria and Albert Museum in central London.

Minogue moved on from her split, launching "Kylie-The Exhibition", which among others feature the dungarees she wore as Charlene in the Australian soap "Neighbours" and the gold hot pants she wore in her "Spinning Around" video. Minogue was cheered by fans as she arrived for a private viewing and said she was "honored" by the exhibition.
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The Billboard 200 Albums Chart Wednesday February 7, 2007

February 08, 2007 04:30:37 GMT

Norah Jones is still a favorite. The jazz singer/pianist has her first album in three years "Not Too Late" opened at No. 1 on the U.S. pop charts Wednesday Feb 7th, sold 405,000 copies in its first week on the charts. Jones' last album, "Feels Like Home," debuted at No. 1 in February 2004 with 1.02 million copies; her 2002 debut, "Come Away With Me" reached the top the following year.

Behind her on the 2nd spot is Katharine McPhee's self-titled debut album, which sold 116,000 copies. Holding on to No. 3 is DAUGHTRY's "DAUGHTRY" sold 77,000 copies. Celtic Woman's "A New Journey" debuts at No. 4, taking in 71,000 units, ahead of Pretty Ricky's "Late Night Special" at No. 5 with another 62,000 copies.
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Jessica Biel Becomes "A Woman of No Importance"

February 08, 2007 04:23:01 GMT

Woman of No Importance, A picture
Snatching the chance dropped by Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Biel has given a positive sign to take over a role recently left by her fellow starlet in "A Woman of No Importance."

MTV reports that Myriad Films, the studio where the project is produced at, has confirmed that "The Illusionist" star is joining the cast to replace Lohan for the role of Hester Worsley. Lohan quitted the flick last week following her decision to focus more on her rehab which she has been undergoing since January.
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Britney Spears and Isaac Cohen Are No Longer An Item

February 08, 2007 03:35:48 GMT

She's back on the market. Britney Spears is single again.

Spears and model-turned-temporary beau Isaac Cohen have called it quits, it has been reported. "They are no longer an item," Brandi Lord, Cohen's agent at L.A. Models, confirmed to OK! magazine.
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Columbus Short to Be One of "The Great Debaters"

February 08, 2007 03:17:06 GMT

Great Debaters, The picture
Appears to be determined enough in making more marks in film acting, "Stomp the Yard" star Columbus Short is engaged in talks for a starring slot in Denzel Washington-directed drama feature "The Great Debaters", the actor himself has revealed to MTV.

"If that goes through, it could very well be my next movie," so he said. "It's a great script... One for the Oscars, possibly."
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Ellen Degeneres or Portia De Rossi? Which One of Them Will Carry A Baby?

February 08, 2007 03:13:30 GMT

Ellen DeGeneres or Portia De Rossi? Can you please help them decide which one of them should carry a baby as the same-sex couple is planning to start a family?

The talk show host revealed during a recent interview with fashion magazine W that she and Portia are planning on starting a family, but have yet come to the decision on which one of them will carry the baby.
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Winona Ryder Speaks Out "The Last Word"

February 08, 2007 02:44:54 GMT

Last Word, The picture
Finally, she's back for some romance. Production Weekly has revealed that Winona Ryder has signed on to be the female lead in offbeat romantic dramedy "The Last Word", which is currently being set up at Deviant Films.

Starring opposite Wes Bentley and Ray Romano, the beauty will play the sister of a recently deceased client of Bentley's character, a reclusive writer who makes his living composing suicide notes for other people. As for Romano, it is still unclear yet what role he is to portray.
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Stars Teaming Up for A New Vanity Fair Vintage Hollywood Movie-Cum-Magazine Photo Spread

February 08, 2007 02:38:18 GMT

Famous celebrities, including the likes of Robert De Niro, Penelope Cruz, Jack Nicholson, Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Affleck, are all teaming up for a new Vanity Fair vintage Hollywood movie-cum-magazine photo spread, shot by celebrity snapper Annie Liebowitz.

Besides them all, there is also Oscar nominee Forest Whitaker who plays beaten boxer Downey Jr.'s ringside agent in one shot. Edward Norton and Kate Winslet, in addition, also pose together in short film noir titled "Killers Kill, Dead Men Die". The film reportedly features 39 big names in total and can be seen at VanityFair.com.
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Rapper LL Cool J Tapped to Host the 38th NAACP Image Awards

February 08, 2007 02:23:22 GMT

Rapper LL Cool J will host the first ever live 38th NAACP Image Awards, set to air live on Friday, March 2 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX, organizers announced Monday Feb 5th.

"We are pleased and honored to have LL Cool J host our first live telecast," said Vicangelo Bulluck, executive producer of the telecast. "His humor, intelligence and incredible talent will make the awards an exciting evening to remember."
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Ellen DeGeneres Just Wouldn't Feel Comfortable in A Dress

February 08, 2007 01:58:02 GMT

Don't you dare to misinterpret her. Ellen DeGeneres, who is famous for always wearing trousers/pants, reveals she does like fashion. In an interview with fashion magazine W, the talk show host revealed that people usually think she hates fashion because she doesn't like wearing dresses.

"Whenever [girlfriend Portia De Rossi] and I are on the red carpet, they're yelling out for her to tell them what she's wearing. But nobody cares [about what I'm wearing] because I have a suit on, even if it's a Gucci suit," said DeGeneres to the magazine adding, "That to me is frustrating, because I put effort into getting ready too. But I guess it's not as important, and I'm not as dressed up somehow."
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Kristen Wiig to "Walk Hard"

February 08, 2007 01:54:43 GMT

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story picture
Aiming to surge deeper into film industry, Kristen Wiig is holding final negotiations to join John C. Reilly and Jenna Fischer starring in "Walk Hard", a comedy feature of Columbia Pictures production.

If a deal is reached, the beauty will likely be billed to play the wife of Reilly's character Dewey Cox, whose life journey becomes the film's center. Fischer, on the other hand, has already been reported to portray a June Carter Cash-like love interest for the man.