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October 06, 2005

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Madonna to Reveal Her First Confession at the EMAs

October 06, 2005 09:53:09 GMT

Pop superstar Madonna has confirmed that she's about to perform at the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards, which will take place in Portugal on November 3. She will at that event perform live her new single for her new album "Confessions on a Dance Floor."
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Babyface & Tracey Announced Permanent Separation

October 06, 2005 09:21:28 GMT

Sad to say that nowadays Hollywood couples seem to miss something in their life. They're no longer having the tenet to hold on to. Love has becoming something of a cheap sort. They don't appreciate the vow they've made in front of God. What's wrong with them?!
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Elton John Producing Boy Girl Thing

October 06, 2005 08:57:47 GMT

Singing apparently isn't the only thing Elton John can do. The star, just say his production company, is in hand to develop a new film. It will be a drama comedy presents such famous, as Samaire Armstrong, Kevin Zegers, Sharon Osbourne, and Maury Chaykin.
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Find the Living Gnomes in the Theater

October 06, 2005 08:36:36 GMT

What if the gnomes in your backyard are actual, living gnomes? What would happen? And what would you do? Don't you ever think about that even just once coz it surely frightening. Or amusing in some other ways? It depends somehow.
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Ozzy Osbourne Covers All Under

October 06, 2005 08:07:10 GMT

The prince of darkness covers almost all under his new effort. Ozzy Osbourne is set to cover John Lennon's "Woman," Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way" and the Moody Blues' "Go Now" under his new album. Dubbed "Under Cover," the set is a Dualdisc and will marry the street November 1 via Epic Records.
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Gretchen Wilson Beats All to Up the Charts

October 06, 2005 07:29:42 GMT

She did it. Gretchen Wilson really jacks all to up the charts, landing at the very top safely. The singer's sophomore effort titled "All Jacked Up" successfully debuts at the top of the Billboard 200 and Billboard Top Country Albums charts this week after moving 264,000 units in its first week of release. Sheryl Crow's "Wildflower" secures the 2nd rank with 140,000 copies.
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'Not Other' But Valderrama & Pressly

October 06, 2005 07:14:26 GMT

Contrary to the divorce that many Hollywood couples are facing nowadays, "That '70s Show" star Wilmer Valderrama has just started his another new romance. It's reported that Valderrama was spotted kissing actress Jaime Pressly at the trendy Tao restaurant at Las Vegas' Venetian Hotel over the weekend.
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Big Day for Big Musicians

October 06, 2005 06:56:02 GMT

The 'big' day is coming and 'big' musicians are preparing themselves to welcome the 'big' event. We're talking about the 2006 Big Day Out festival tour of Australia and New Zealand.
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A Mother and Daughter Reconciliation

October 06, 2005 06:19:52 GMT

Everything has meant to be. Nothing happens in your life or to you is a coincidence, even a bad one. Can't you simply believe it? I hope you will. If don't here is an evidence that Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston provides.
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Paparazzi Have Nothing to Do with Lohan Crash

October 06, 2005 06:00:26 GMT

In relation to the car smash happened to Lindsay Lohan, on lookers said that paparazzi caused it to happen. During the incident occured Tuesday the teen actress was reported to being followed by paparazzi who wanted to take her picture. Concerning this, a representative for Lohan, Leslie Sloane, stated "This is another example of the paparazzi endangering citizens, both Ms. Lohan and the other driver in the collision."
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MTV's "Newlyweds" Split

October 06, 2005 05:11:34 GMT

Just day after the love story of Hollywood golden couple officially ends in a divorce, MTV's "Newlyweds" also is reportedly end their marriage in a divorce. With such fact, it seems that there won't be an everlasting love story in the state. What a pity.
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Emmerich Helming "10,000 B.C."

October 06, 2005 05:01:07 GMT

"10,000 B.C." is time to which Roland Emmerich will go. He reportedly has signed on to direct the film, which original script he wrote alongside Harald Kloser, for Sony/Columbia Pictures.
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Surprise: Katie Holmes Is Pregnant

October 06, 2005 04:43:24 GMT

Let everybody jumpin' in hearing this one. No, they aren't mishearing. It's true. Katie Holmes is pregnant with her first child with fiance Tom Cruise. News of the pregnancy was first reported by People magazine on Wednesday.