Carmen Electra Filmography

  • Carmen Electra
    • Famous as : Model, TV personality, actress, singer
    • Birth Name : Tara Leigh Patrick
    • Birth Date : April 20, 1972
    • Birth Place : Sharonville, Ohio, USA
    • Spouse : Dennis Rodman (basketball star, 14-Nov-98 - 6-Apr-99), Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction's guitarist, 22-Nov-03 - 20-Feb-07)
    • Claim to Fame : As co-host of MTV game show "Singled Out" (1995)
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  • Ex-Isle2016 TV stars as Herself - Host
  • Chocolate City (2015) stars as Imani Hakim
  • Lap Dance (2014) aka "Monica" stars as Lexus
  • Book of Fire2013 stars as Theodora
  • 90210 (2012) TV stars as Vesta
  • 2-Headed Shark Attack2012 VI stars as Anne Babish
  • The Axe Boat2012 stars as Veronica
  • Mardi Gras: Spring Break (2011) stars as Herself
  • Barry Munday (2010) stars as Iconic Beauty
  • Back Nine2010 TM stars as Judy
  • Perfect Catch2009 TV
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust2009 VG stars as Ginger Vitus (voice)
  • Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!!2009 stars as Sybil Williams
  • Bedtime Stories (2008) stars as Hot Girl
  • Disaster Movie (2008) stars as Beautiful Assassin
  • Meet the Spartans (2008) stars as Queen Margo
  • I Want Candy2007 stars as Candy
  • Christmas in Wonderland (2007) stars as Ginger Peachum
  • Epic Movie (2007) stars as Mystique
  • Scary Movie 4 (2006) stars as Holly
  • Date Movie (2006) stars as Anne
  • Hot Tamale2006 stars as Riley
  • Summerland2005 TV stars as Mona
  • Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005) stars as Sarina Murtaugh
  • Getting Played2005 stars as Lauren
  • Dirty Love (2005) stars as Michelle
  • Lil' Pimp2005 stars as Honeysack
  • Searching for Bobby D2005 stars as Rebecca
  • Starsky & Hutch (2004) stars as Staci
  • Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon2004 stars as Debbie
  • Tripping the Rift2004 TV stars as Six
  • Celebrity Temps2003 TM stars as The Temp
  • My Boss's Daughter2003 stars as Tina
  • Uptown Girls (2003) stars as Celebrity
  • Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding2003 TM stars as Lani McKenzie
  • Rent Control2002 stars as Audrey
  • Whacked!2002 stars as Laura
  • Perfume2001 aka Dress to Kill stars as Simone
  • Get Over It2001 aka Get Over It! stars as Mistress Moira
  • Sol Goode2001 stars as Treasure
  • Won-G2000
  • Scary Movie2000 stars as Drew Decker
  • The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human1999 stars as The Female (Jenny Smith)
  • Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay1998 VI stars as Lani McKenzie
  • Starstruck1998 stars as Iona Shirley
  • The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven1998 aka The Raven: Chosen One stars as McKenna Ray/The Raven
  • Hyperion Bay1998 TV stars as Sarah Hicks (1999)
  • An American Vampire Story1997 aka American Vampire stars as Sulka
  • Baywatch1989 TV aka Baywatch Hawai'i stars as Lani McKenzie (1997-1998)