'The Masked Singer' Hints at Tom Brady's Appearance Despite His Denial
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New footage of upcoming season 8 insinuates that the seven-time Super Bowl winner may be one of the masked contestants competing in the new season of the hit FOX series.

AceShowbiz - Speculations that Tom Brady joins season 8 of "The Masked Singer" as a contestant are not over just yet. Despite the NFL star's denial, new footage of the show's upcoming season insinuates that the seven-time Super Bowl winner is one of the masked contestants competing in the season.

Obtained by TMZ Sports, the video sees panelist Ken Jeong trying to guess who is in the Hummingbird costume. The comedian says, "I don't know. This is screaming out like a football legend. … Someone like Peyton Manning, who has football in his DNA." He continues, "If you look at his face, it kind of looks like Peyton Manning. So I think I'm right!"

After he gets booed by the audience, Ken quickly changes his guess. "Let me finish! Or, I think this could be the greatest of all time! He just got fined for not showing up to training camp because he is here on 'The Masked Singer'," he adds. "This is seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady!"

The audience and fellow panelists, including Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, look excited if that's really the case. Unfortunately, the video ends before the Hummbingbird reveals his real identity.

While the show hints at Tom's appearance, the athlete denied the speculations. On Monday, he took to his Twitter account to address wild rumors that he's filming for the hit FOX show amid his unusual absence from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers camp. While promoting his upcoming apparel brand, BRADY, he wrote, "Wasn't on the masked singer last week. Was wearing a mask though."

Tom's post arrived after a conspiracy theory about what he was up to during his break emerged online. Twitter and Reddit users were convinced that he was filming the show as he signed on to broadcast with FOX after his career is over. Additionally, his pal Gronk previously appeared on the popular show.

It should be noted that contestants of "The Masked Singer" had to keep their involvement on the show secret until they're eliminated. Even if Tom appears on the show, there's no way he will admit it.

Season 8 of "The Masked Singer" is set to premiere on September 21 on FOX.

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