Internet Goes Berserk as Kim Kardashian Is Credited for Bringing Back the Side Part

After the SKKN BY KIM founder makes headlines with pictures of her styling her hair in side part, social media users insist that the style never went away in the first place.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian may have been a trendsetter in so many ways, but her new hairstyle is definitely not something new. The reality TV star has made headlines after she debuted her new hairstyle, ditching her trademark middle part for the deep 2000s-inspired side part, on her Instagram page.

On Tuesday, August 23, the aspiring lawyer shared a slew of new images featuring her rocking a brown leather jacket on top of a white tank top and a semi-sheer skirt, teamed with gray boots. Her long blonde hair was parted on the side. "time will always tell," she captioned the snaps.

In the comments section, the likes of Emily Ratajkowski and Tracy Romulus admired Kim's new hairstyle. Nylon even credited the SKIMS founder for bringing back the hairstyle, publishing an article with a headline which read, "Kim Kardashian Is Using Her Influence to Bring Back The Side Part."

Twitter quickly went berserk after reading the headline as many disagreed that Kim is single-handedly responsible for bringing back the side part. "The side part never went anywhere," one person argued. Another similarly declared, "It never went away. Y'all post anything on the internet."

A third user reacted, "Kim Kardashian cannot bring back the side part, because I never gave it up. It was always here, only to be pried from my cold, dead... head." A fourth person claimed, "My side part never left. I have been an uncool geriatric millennial for a long time." Another person rocking the side part said, "I've been wearing a side part more than half my life and I've seen plenty more people as well. Y'all enjoy capping about this average woman.."

Another falsely blamed Kim for the headline, "It's funny how #KimKardashian wants to claim to 'own' everything. People have been wearing this style even before you were born. #StopIt," while someone else wanted to correct the headline as writing, "Let me help, 'Kim Kardashian has now again been influenced by an already existing, never losing momentum, been here, staying here, side part."

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