During a virtual appearance on 'Leah's Lemonade', the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star appears to be naked and tells the host, Leah A. Henry, that she is 'beautiful.'

AceShowbiz - Stevie J has caught heat for his cringey interview. The estranged husband of Faith Evans has been slammed online following his virtual appearance on "Leah's Lemonade" where he seemed to be naked and flirted with the interviewer.

In a video of the interaction, Stevie was lying in bed and went shirtless, showing his bare chest. At one point, a woman's hand was caught on camera. Noticing this, the host, Leah A. Henry, exclaimed, "It's that hand right there? Hold on."

The record producer did not confirm whose hand it was seen next to him in bed and flashed a sheepish smile. Meanwhile, being caught off guard, the person, whose face was not shown, moved her hand away from Stevie.

After she managed to regain her composure, Leah began talking about Stevie's stint on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" and praised him for his honesty on the show. In response to the statement, Stevie remarked, "I'm being honest. I'm saying you're a beautiful black woman. "

Later, Leah jokingly told Stevie, "You're a distraction," because he kept showing his naked chest. When the on-air personality asked him to adjust the camera angle so it won't show his naked chest, he asked back, "Where you want me to take the camera to?"

In another part of the interview, Stevie got up from bed and teasingly told Leah that he's giving her an "exclusive" while he moved the camera angle lower. When the interviewer said she was uncomfortable seeing him naked with a tattoo of his wife Faith Evans' face staring at her and told him to put his panties on, he replied, "I'm doing this for my wife, too."

Upon seeing the interview, many social media users were left disgusted, with some people calling it "Sad" and "Cringe…." Someone admitted, "i'm so uncomfortable," while another claimed, "This is why faith left."

Another critic slammed Stevie, "Disrespectful to the lady who's doing the interview. Not funny." A fan admitted, "iLike Stevie…but this was so disrespectful. The disrespect of black media outlets have to stop."

"He too old for the bs," another critic said, while some others suspected that he was "high" on "drugs." One of them went as far as suggesting, "He's snorting cocaine again."

Meanwhile, some others were talking about the hand that was accidentally caught on camera, with one speculating, "That hand was 3 shades too dark. That is not Ms. Evans." Another said, "That hand looks manly…," as one other person similarly guessed, "Was that a mans hand!?"

Stevie filed for divorce from Faith in November 2021 after three years of marriage. Just days afterwards, the estranged couple sparked reconciliation rumors as they hit the beach together.

Later in the same month, a video surfaced of Stevie accusing Faith of having sex with someone else in their home and repeatedly calling her "b***h." He later apologized to the singer, saying, "I'd like to apologize and say sorry that I would allow someone to come in my home and steal a computer and be able to do that to us."

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