Queen Naija to Get Gun License After She's Approached by a Random Man

After detailing her unpleasant experience on her social media account, the 'Medicine' songstress laments, 'It's crazy how dangerous it is to be a woman.'

AceShowbiz - Queen Naija has taken a serious step to protect herself. Revealing that she was approached by a random man during an outing, the "Medicine" singer declared that she's getting a gun license "ASAP."

The 25-year-old detailed her unpleasant experience on Twitter on Tuesday, October 5. "Okay. I'm getting my gun license ASAP, this the second time a man has walked up to me & gotten in my space to make weird conversation," she first shared.

"I hate that I automatically get nervous because of the stories of women who rejected someone & got killed. WHEW!!" Naija further elaborated. She then added in a separate post, "I'm waiting on a food order and he walks right up to my window while it's down & says 'orange sweater..I noticed your shoes matched your sweater!' Like WTH."

A concerned fan then asked the YouTube star why she was not accompanied by her bodyguard. In response, she replied, "I only went to rehearsal I don't bring bodyguards to places like that." Around one hour later, she lamented in another post, "It's crazy how dangerous it is to be a woman."

Aside from Naija, Hilaria Baldwin once experienced a similar situation. Back in March, the wife of Alec Baldwin revealed that she was approached by men who said "inappropriate things" on the street. She, however, managed to make them run away.

The fitness expert then turned to Instagram Story to spill her secret to get rid of hecklers. "Walked my dogs, per usual had a few men approach me saying the typical inappropriate things... Now all I have to do is say: I have 6 children. And they practically go running away," she said at that time.

"If you ever need to get out of an awkward situation, I'll lend you the rights to pretend claim my children as yours (from afar)," the 37-year-old yoga instructor told her followers in another snap. "And it works like a charm."

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