Queen Naija Talks Being Clowned on Twitter: 'It's a Trend'

During her appearance on 'The Breakfast Club', the YouTube star-turned-RnB sensation shares that those Internet trolls actually like her because they speak about her so much.

AceShowbiz - Queen Naija is speaking on negativity surrounding her on social media. While the YouTube star-turned-R&B sensation has royal fanbase that always defends her against trolls, it doesn't apparently stop someone from launching the "Blame Queen Naija" trend which sees Naija as the butt of a joke on Twitter.

Through the trend, Internet users jokingly blamed for cluttered timelines. The phenomenon obviously caught the star's attention as she spoke about the fascination that some people have with hating on her in a new interview with "The Breakfast Club".

"I don't know. In all seriousness, on Twitter, Twitter's a whole different world for me," she shared in the Monday, April 11 episode. "I get lots of love everywhere but Twitter, they cannot stand me."

When DJ Envy asked what she did to make people dislike her on the platform, Naija replied, "Nothing! They'll blame me for something that happened between a whole 'nother like, situation. They blamed me 'cause [Nicki Minaj] couldn't go live or something before. 'It's all your fault!' "

"It's a trend. It's a trend. I'm the joke on Twitter," she said, adding that people blamed her for the whole Oscars drama involving Chris Rock and Will Smith. "They said I told Chris the joke," she shared while laughing. "I just go right along with them. I'm about to make some shirts 'I Blame Queen Naija'. Y'all hate me so go get your shirt."

Angela Yee then noted that it was just a joke, to which Naija responded, "I think some people really don't like me, just a small percentage. But it's just the bandwagon thing that everyone likes to jump on because they want to be seen and feel popular. … I think they really do like me though, that's the crazy thing. I think they actually like me because you speak on much."

Upon watching the clip from her interview, some people shared their two cents about the matter. Claiming that the trend never had ill-intention, someone wrote, "That's how you know people love you. It's all love." Someone else joked, "Blame @queennaija for the end of the video being muted and saying no connection on YouTube love u naija."

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