Logan Paul Reacts to Jimmy Kimmel Labelling Him as One of the 'Very Worst People in the World'
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The YouTuber and boxer catches wind of the comments and fires back at the late night show host on his 'Impaulsive' podcast, saying, 'You f**king a**hole, Jimmy Kimmel.'

AceShowbiz - Jimmy Kimmel took aim at YouTube star and boxer Logan Paul in a new episode of his late night show. During his monologue in the Tuesday, September 14 episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", the host named him as one of the "very worst people in the world."

Likening Logan to former President Donald Trump, Jimmy joked, "Who would pay to listen to Trump BS his way through a boxing match?" He was referring to Trump serving as a guest commentator for the Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort fight on Saturday, September 11. "Between Logan Paul and Donald Trump, boxing is once again the top source of income for the very worst people in the world," Jimmy added.

Logan caught wind of the comments and fired back at the late night show host on his "Impaulsive" podcast. "I feel like I'm a very easy butt of a joke," Logan said in the Wednesday episode. "My name is just like thrown out there. ... I'm upset with Jimmy Kimmel, dude, for real."

The brother of Jake Paul then recalled when he was invited to the show back in 2017, on which he talked about missing "15 percent" of his left testicle. Logan said that while he could understand Bo Burnham's diss on his song, the YouTube star didn't feel the same for Jimmy.

"Bo? I get it. I'm upset with Jimmy Kimmel. I went on his show. I was fortunate enough, he invited me on his late night show," he said. "I opened up to him, dude. I mean, I talked about me missing my testicle. It was some serious conversation."

"[Jimmy] went on his show recently and made a joke, he said me and Donald Trump are the worst people on earth," he continued saying in the podcast episode. "You f**king a**hole, Jimmy Kimmel. Honestly Jimmy, f**k you bro. I'm not…f**k that!"

He went on slamming the TV host, "How are you about to invite me on a show, and have like a cordial, friendly, familiar relationship, and then a year and a half later…f**k you Jimmy Kimmel, why now?"

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