Gabrielle Union 'Broken Into Pieces' Knowing Dwyane Wade Had a Child With Another Woman

Talking about the traumatizing moment publicly for the first time, the 'Bring It On' actress says that she's left 'devastated' and 'shattered into fine dust scattering in the wind' after her husband welcomed his son Xavier with Aja Metoyer.

AceShowbiz - Gabrielle Union has gotten candid about how she felt upon learning that her husband Dwyane Wade had a baby with another woman before they got married. The "Bring It On" actress recalled the traumatizing moment while reflecting on her journey to welcoming her daughter Kaavia James Union-Wade.

For the first time ever, the 48-year-old actress shared her "trauma" in an essay for Time. "In 2013, before we were married, Dwyane had a baby with another woman. It should go without saying that we were not in a good place in our relationship at the time that child was conceived," she wrote. "But we were in a much better place when he finally told me about the pregnancy."

"To say I was devastated is to pick a word on a low shelf for convenience. There are people - strangers who I will never meet - who have been upset that I have not previously talked about that trauma," Gabrielle added. The "L.A.'s Finest" alum went on to highlight, "I have not had words, and even after untold amounts of therapy I am not sure I have them now. But truth matters."

Gabrielle then noted that she "didn't receive" Aja's pregnancy news "as a concern" at the time. Instead, she felt that "it sounded like an acknowledgment of failure." On the reason why, she explained, "Because at that point I would have sold my soul to get out of the endless cycle of loss. What was the going rate for souls? What was mine worth, anyway? The experience of Dwyane having a baby so easily, while I was unable to, left my soul not just broken into pieces, but shattered into fine dust scattering in the wind."

"Clearly, my feelings weren't originating from a healthy place. So much of what made the decision so difficult was that if I didn't submit to a surrogacy," Gabrielle admitted. The actress then shared that she once was convinced "to let Dwyane go." She added, "Even if he didn't want to, I had to let him find someone who could give him what he wanted."

Gabrielle began dating Dwyane in 2008. The retired NBA star welcomed his son Xavier, now 7 years old, in 2013 with "Basketball Wives" star Aja Metoyer. At the time, the former athlete and Gabrielle were on a break. After ups and downs in their relationship, Gabrielle and Dwyane decided to tie the knot in August 2014.

Then in 2018, Gabrielle welcomed her 2-year-old daughter Kaavia via surrogate after struggling with infertility, "eight or nine" miscarriages as well as multiple IVF cycles. In her essay, the Hollywood star said that she was overcome with emotion when she saw her unborn baby girl through the ultrasound. "It was suddenly incredibly real," she confessed. "Dwyane took my hand, and there was so much happiness on his face, I lost it. My cry was a choke stopped up in my throat, tears streaming down."

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