Michelle Williams Admits to Having PTSD After Her Infamous '106 and Park' Fall

When recalling the incident in a new interview, the former Destiny's Child member jokingly urges people to stop calling her 'so clumsy' because she only 'fell one time.'

AceShowbiz - Michelle Williams (II) has once again addressed her infamous "106 and Park" fall. The former Destiny's Child member, who took a tumble while performing "Soldier" with the group more than a decade ago, admitted that she has PTSD following the incident.

The 42-year-old recalled the moment when appearing on "Larry Reid Live" on Tuesday, August 17. "First of all I need people to stop saying 'she's so clumsy.' I fell one time. You ninjas have to stop! That's like causing PTSD; that's probably why I ain't 'gon do no music," she jokingly stated. "Y'all gon hear me talk."

"There is no evidence of me falling any other time. I fell one time... That happened in 2005... it probably took me 12 or 13 years to watch it. It was bad," the musician continued. "I need people to give me grace because I might fall in another area, not necessarily physically on stage. But give me grace! And it's 16 years old."

"Do you know how many people [have done the same]? Robbie Williams has fallen, Usher has fallen, Madonna has fallen, [Beyonce Knowles] has fallen, [Kelly Rowland] passed out," she then asked. "Why do y'all single me out?"

Michelle went on to divulge the reason why she fell during the performance. "My heel got caught. I think I was wearing cargo pants or something and you know the little loopity loop; and baby I put one foot in front of the other. The other foot didn't retreat back," she elaborated.

This was not the first time Michelle addressed her fall. In February 2020, she made use of Twitter to share a fun fact about the incident. "Every bruise on my lower leg is from when I hit my shin or from when I fell on 106 and Park....... ok bye!!!!!" she penned alongside a crying laughing emoji.

"Well y'all remind me 10x's a month about it so I thought I'd join in on yalls fun!!" Michelle wrote in another tweet, before adding hashtag, "#ithappened16yearsagothough."

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