Kaleidoscope 2009: Important TV Events (Part 1/4)

Kaleidoscope 2009: Important TV Events (Part 1/4)

Rating-challenged 'Prison Break' came to an end, 'Desperate Housewives' lost one of its blondes, and Jason Mesnick created a scandalous 'Bachelor' finale.
Struck by recession, the TV world ceased to inflate a full-blown season in 2009. In order to keep the budget slim, many shows reluctantly reduced the number of star appearances and the networks were forced to carefully select those which will gain them profit and ratings. This led to many actor exits as well as mediocre show cancellations. AceShowbiz is taking its readers for a time travel to the year that was particularly hard on entertainment industry, beginning with the first quarter.


Prison Break ends its four-year run

What started with a big bang, "Prison Break" had to swallow bitter pill when FOX decided to pull the plug after four years in the running. The series starring Wentworth Miller took a sharp plunge in the transition from third (8.2 million) to fourth (5.3 million) season, which prompted the network to order two additional episodes as a mean of conclusion to the whole drama. "The show is just played out," FOX Entertainment president Kevin Reilly announced on January 13.

  • Other major events of the month:
  • Jan 07: Tori Spelling confirms her return as Donna Martin in "Beverly Hills" spin-off, "90210".
  • Jan 11: Paul Giamatti earns his first Golden Globe award through "John Adams".
  • Jan 12: Melissa George, in her own words, confirms exit from "Grey's Anatomy".
  • Jan 13: "Prison Break" did not survive FOX shuffle.
  • Jan 20: Barrack Obama, second most-watched televised American Presidential inauguration.
  • Jan 21: "Samantha Who?" bumped to Spring and eventually driven out by "The Bachelor".
  • Jan 22: George Clooney's on-set picture as Doug Ross verified his return to "ER".
  • Jan 26: USA over Australia and South Africa on "Superstars of Dance".


Edie Britt killed on Desperate Housewives

Driven in and out of "Desperate Housewives", Edie Britt finally took her last breath in the fifth season. What's behind the character's elimination was none other than Nicolette Sheridan's desire to move on from the show. She released a statement through her spokeswoman on September 11 that she was happy being in the show but was set to begin a new chapter.


Bachelor Jason Mesnick had a change of heart

Deemed as the most controversial "The Bachelor" finale ever, Jason Mesnick's edition brought so many tears on the season finale dated March 2. Viewers witnessed Mesnick proposing to his final choice, which was Melissa Rycroft, only to be shocked by his change of mind that put Rycroft to shame in front of national television. He broke up with her in "After the Final Rose" episode, revealing that he has feelings for Molly Malaney whom he let go in the final two.

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