Celebrities Having the "Best Legs"

Kelly Brook's perfect legs catapulted her to the top of the "best legs" chart.
British actress Kelly Brook has a pair of better legs than that of Victoria Adams'. In the survey of over 3000 men and women conducted for Lambrini, which is searching for the sexiest legs for a new fashion campaign with Pretty Polly, the model has been voted as having the "Best Legs" among any other celebrities.

The poll puts supermodel Kate Moss' legs as the second best followed thereafter by Beyonce Knowles' at the 3rd spot. Next on the "Best Legs" list are Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz at No. 4, Mischa Barton at 5th, and hotel heiress Paris Hilton at No. 6.

Others in the list include Elle Macpherson, Christina Aguilera, Coleen McLoughlin, and Cheryl Cole, all of whom securing the 7th to 10th spot in sequence.

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