P. Diddy Trivia
  1. Having his wax replica unveiled at Madame Tussauds Museum in New York on December 15, 2009.

  2. In March 2008 he launched a car service for fellow Hollywood drunk celebs.

  3. Voted the 3rd in Forbes Magazine's "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list in August 2007 with an estimated earning of $21 million by 2006.

  4. Ranked 3rd in US Weekly's list of Celebrities with the Biggest Ego in Hollywood for boasting about being "one of the greatest entrepreneurs and entertainers the world has ever encountered" (April 2007).

  5. Signed a multi-year deal with Diageo PLC in October 2007 to promote the company's Ciroc vodka brand for a 50-50 percent share in the profits, which could earn him more than $100 million.

  6. Partnered with G-III Apparel Group to launch a new women's collection, dubbed Sean John Women's collection, which will be sold range from $59 to $299 (August 2007).

  7. Posted a one-minute clip on MySpace, encouraged fans to apply for an audition to become his new personal assistant (PA) by recording a three minutes-or shorter video telling him why they would be good at the job (July 2007).

  8. Made piece with former rival Snoop Dogg by appearing on the same stage for 2007 European tour.