Two and a Half Men

Episode 6.02 : Pie Hole, Herb

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

September 29, 2008





Show Period

2003 - 2015

Production Company

Chuck Lorre Prod., Tannenbaum Co., Wolf Films, WB

Cast and Crew


James Widdoes


Eddie Gorodetsky, Susan Beavers, Chuck Lorre, Lee Aronsohn

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Lisa Jay


On his way out for the night Charlie realizes he's out of tip money and asks Alan how much cash he has on him. Alan has $38 which Charlie basically begs to borrow. Ever the tightwad, Alan wakes Charlie up early the next morning to get his money back, but Charlie still doesn't have any cash on him. Shocked by Alan's stingy attittude, Charlie decides to have fun with it by paying Berta back $100 for a pizza right in front of Alan, but still refusing to pay him back. This drives Alan nuts and he decides to siphon gas out of Charlie's car. An argument ensues and Alan tells Charlie he's moving out. While dropping Jake off at Judith's house, Herb (Ryan Stiles) tells Alan he can stay with them. Wanting Alan out of her house, Judith finds a way to get Charlie and Alan to reconcile. Meanwhile, Evelyn gives Jake a part time job as a sign twirler for a new condo development. Jake is horrible at it and ends up being replaced by a monkey.

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